Enza Zaden is presenting to you their new Vegetable Seed Catalogue, full of descriptions of the complete range of vegetable seed varieties they have to offer worldwide. Take the time to browse through and take note of the many well-known standards, as well as the wealth of new varieties coming onto the markets. For further information, and descriptions of our varieties in many languages, please refer to Enza Zaden's website www.enzazaden.com where you can find many different country brochures and catalogues.

Vegetable Seed Catalogue

The Enza Zaden research teams, based in the key vegetable growing areas around the world, align their breeding objects directly to the needs of the vegetable producers and consumers. Improved product quality, resistance to diseases and increase in yield capability remain the three main research targets. The application of modern breeding techniques is the key to the success of Enza Zaden today, investment based on a clear vision of the future needs of the all the links in the modern vegetable production and marketing chain.

Enza Zaden has built its position and reputation in 75 years of existence on the strong feeling of partnership it has with all its customers, and today we emphasize the importance of partnership in its many forms and styles. Partnership emphasizes the strength of independence with the spirit of successful collaboration.

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