Senmatic has been work with light fixtures for 9 years and greenhouse climate computers for 40 years. Based in Europe, most of their business has centered around Scandinavia and Europe. But now they're on verge of introducing new light fixtures for the US market.

The last three years have seen Senmatic overhaul their climate control computers. The changes have all been to simplify their systems so they're easy to use while retaining robust features in the advanced models.

“We've changed the hardware and software on our climate computers,” said Morten Hjorth, sales manager for Senmatic. “This will make our computers easy to handle.” Their smallest system is the LCC 1, and it's one machine can control a single room. Their mid-level system is the LCC 2, which is a unit that can control more variables than the LCC 1, and an additional computer can be attached to it. The LCC 4 is their most sophisticated system, and it's the one made for large-scale commercial growers.

“With the LCC 4, one machine can control up to 16 departments,” said Hjorth. “It can do a lot of things, and it's designed for big operations, but it also has an easy-to-use touchscreen interface.” He noted that one of the big trends in climate control computers over the last several years has been the switch to digital touchscreen controls, so Senmatic wanted to keep up with the latest technology by including that interface. Along with the simple interface, he noted that, because their computers run on an open system, changes and repairs can be done by technicians outside of Senmatic. The all-in-one system can also control both the light levels and the type of light that's emitted.

“I think lighting will be big for us in the future,” said Hjorth. “Our computers can control all the lights, the amount of light and whether it's red or blue, and we're running tests to see which kinds of lights work best with different crops.” "That focus on lighting has included introducing new light fixtures to the US market. We're working on introducing it in the US at the end of this autumn.”

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