The largest and most modern horticultural project in Britain is undoubtedly Thanet Earth in Birchington, Kent. Three Dutch growers, together with Fresca Group, started a new company in 2008, with the intention of supplying quality vegetables to UK retailers. With success. Therefore, last year the growers decided to expand business with a joint fourth complex of 7.6 hectares, named Thanet Growers One Ltd. Arend-Sosef International is responsible for the installation of electricity, water technology and process computer. 

Rainbow UK Trade & Growing, Kaaij Greenhouses UK and A & A UK Cucumbers and fresh trade Fresca Group, the four companies with which the story of Thanet Earth began a few years ago. 

The Thanet Earth concept is catching on. Despite the economic crisis, Thanet Earth was able to record a profit after just two years. Now, the fourth greenhouse, Thanet Growers Ltd. One, has a size of 7.6 hectares and is designed for lit tomato cultivation. In the first three locations Tebarint, the export division of Van der Arend, satisfactorily provided electricity, water technology and process computer. Arend-Sosef International is again first choice in regard to the new construction. 

CEO Gert van Straalen is pleased with the result: "This site has all the qualities that are necessary for a good tomato production. It really is a milestone." Meanwhile, construction of the offices and business premises is being finalized. Of note is the large training room, intended for educational purposes, cooking demonstrations and workshops for product promotion. 

Source: Arend Sosef Ideas
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