According to official figures by the regional government of Andalusia on the 2012/2013 season, the prices of cucumbers and aubergines increased the most, namely with 45.2% and 57.1% respectively.
The price for cucumbers this season was on average 0.62 Euro per kilo, which is a high figure compared to last year (0,427 Euro per kilo). When the harvest in the Netherlands and France was over, November to February showed the most favourable prices. The price of eggplant rose with 57.1% from 0.42 Euro per kilo in 2012 to 0.66 Euro per kilo at the moment. There was also a decrease in production in the winter due to the unstable weather conditions between October and November. The highest price was paid between December and February.

Products like the zucchini and peppers also increased in price, but to a lesser extent. The zucchini with 16.5% and peppers with 16% compared to the previous season.

Moderate increase
The tomato had a 3.6% increase in price from 0,579 EUR per kilo in 2012 to 0.60 EUR per kilo at the moment. According to figures from the regional government of Andalusia scarcity of tomatoes at the beginning of the season in Morocco and the premature end of the harvest in Europe have led to price increases in Spain. 

In Winter and early Spring, the unstable weather conditions slowed down the production cycle, resulting in a price increase, with the highest price ever in March. In April and May exports fell and prices began to fall. Many companies removed production from the market in May and June to improve the quality, according to the report.