Since January this year, Dutch nursery De Kabel has access to an additional location. To the existing ten hectares, a further eight were added through the acquisition of another tomato company. The new operation was relatively up-to-date, but the water utility room needed replacement. With the installation of an innovative water unit by Arend-Sosef, De Kabel can boast a novelty: is the first of a new product line. "The unit has a compact and beautiful design," says CEO Richard Hartensveld.

To De Kabel, a company mainly dedicated to the growing of Capricia and Brioso vine tomatoes, careful use of water is imperative. Wanting to be as sustainable us humanly possible, the takeover demanded the complete overhaul of existing utility rooms. Pressed for time, De Kabel turned to Arend-Sosef. 

"Arend-Sosef was confident that they could make the deadline,” says Hartensveld. “The team also came up with a good alternative to the silo. The solution suggested by Arend-Sosef involved placing boost pumps in the tanks, giving the water a push. Even with the existing suction line, the distance of four hundred yards was easily bridged. The silo then became redundant and there was room for the new installation."

By the start of February, the new unit was ready for use. Hartensveld: "You can see that considerable thought went into it. The compact design is what clinched it for us. Now there is enough space for the new equipment and we can even store the fertilizers.” 

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