Belgium Tomato grower Tomatenkwekerij Stoffels has been in business for over 15 years and has developed into one of Belgium’s most modern and innovative tomato growers. Recently the company extended its assortment with two new acquisitions. Besides the successful varieties Sunstream, Juanita and Summersun the range was complemented by two tasty cherry tomatoes. The new honey-sweet topper is the Rivoli tomato. This cherry, like brother Picolo, stems from seed house Gaultier. It is a sweet, fresh vegetable with a shiny red look and a crunchy bite.


Black berry

Also worth mentioning is the introduction of the Black berry. A cherry tomato with a very dark purple, almost black color. This breed is harvested separately and has a weight of 15 grams. This tomato is sweet with a rich grapelike flavour.


Paul Stoffels and Petra Veldman came up with the idea to market the red and black cherry tomatoes and the yellow Summersun in a single pack under the brand Tricolore. A name not just referring to the tomatoes, but to the Belgian flag. “This combination of colours in tomatoes is unique and too good not to use,” the couple says.

IFS certification

To the company, food safety is vitally important. In addition to the maximum use of biological pesticides aiming for a residue-free product, the company finally attained the coveted, but difficult-to-obtain IFS certificate in November. The International Food Standards include requirements (standards) to ensure that food safety is maintained. IFS is essentially the German / French equivalent of the English BRC standard. “Most customers are increasingly demanding an IFS certification,” the couple explains. “With an IFS certificate suppliers can demonstrate that they meet the IFS standards.”

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