The winter season is here and with the holidays there is some talk of an increasing demand for certain fruit and vegetables, such as for instance alternative lettuce varieties of wholesaler Keirsmaekers. "We offer the whole assortment and we notice now already with the lettuce varieties an increasing line in the sales. We expect this to increase further during the coming weeks," Nico Keirsmaekers explains.

"The demand foriceberg lettuce decreased over the last few years and people prefer alternatives, such as curly lettuce on their plate. We offer lollo rosso, lollo bionda, red and green oakleave, red and green frisee. The larger part of these comes from France, from where we import direct. The season runs till the end of March, but from the beginning of next year we will combine French and Spanish lettuce varieties. The lettuce varieties are packed in high EPS cases with six or eight items." 

According to Nico prices are normal for the time of the year. "Apart from market prices we have arranged fixed prices with some clients and these are about the same at the moment. I expect prices to increase towards next week. We will have to wait and see how the season will end. The production in France appears to be normal even after the problems with frost."
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