Going to the supermarket to buy lettuce, washing it, cutting it... are all part of the process of preparing a salad; a nutritious dish for a healthy diet. However, nowadays it seems that we do not have the time to prepare such dishes due to our "fast-paced" lifestyle. This is why the ready-made products industry has grown in all sectors, including that of ready-washed and made salads. 

"Demand for ready-made salads has hugely increased in the last few years, so we could say that processed leaf vegetables have gained ground on those for fresh consumption," explains Gorka Cirauqui, Commercial Director of Huerta de Peralta. However, consumption has now halted a little due to the recession, despite the fact that prices are now much lower than 5 or 6 years ago. Back then, prices were excessive, but due to competition in the market, they adjusted to the real value of the product. Huerta de Peralta, in any case, continues to grow at a rate much higher than the sector's average." 

Gorka Cirauqui at his stand in Fruit Attraction 2012.

Located in Peralta, in the Spanish province of Navarra, Huerta de Peralta S.A.T., an area producing 85% of the lettuce in Spain, started as agricultural firm and has progressed industrially to offer products with great value added.

"We control all stages, from the seed to the packed processed product," affirms Gorka. "Our products grow around the production plant, so we guarantee a very fresh and safe product. The process of harvesting, cutting, washing and packing takes an hour at most. We work with small vehicles, so that the product is brought in as it is being harvested."

The firm produces leaf vegetables for salads, such as lettuce, escarole, chard and 'baby leaf', spinach, mustard, arugula, lamb's lettuce, watercress, etc.

According to Gorka, the 'baby leaf' products, such as arugula and watercress, are starting to be discovered and consumed a lot more, as they have softer, tastier, higher-quality leafs. They are also more complicated to grow; very sensitive and delicate."

Huerta de Peralta ships its processed products to supermarkets, catering services, hospitality firms, greengrocers, etc., under the brand EL HUERTICO.

"We are now focusing on our range of fresh shoots with three references: MEZCLUM, PREMIUM and SUMUM."

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