This year, due to adverse weather conditions in the Spanish east coast, vegetable production volumes are much lower.

"During September and October, Murcia and north Almeria suffered severe floods and it has taken a while to plant again in the most affected areas," explains Philippe de Leusse, of Verafruta S.L. "In November we had abundant rains and intense cold temperatures, which slowed the vegetable growing process."

With this drop in production, the impact on prices has been remarkable, according to Philippe. "Broccoli and cauliflower prices have never been this high! They are well above 2€ per kilo. Artichoke and Iceberg lettuce prices are not as shocking, but they are also steadily increasing."

With growing demand in northern Europe, it will be very difficult to meet all demand, especially now that Christmas is around the corner. "Broccoli and cauliflower demand keeps increasing in northern Europe as temperatures go down. It will be quite complicated to supply those products from Spain," affirms Philippe, who also warns importers: "Clients (the chains) who have annual supply contracts, for example, will receive lower volumes, but they will get them; however, the rest will not have access to it. For this reason, firms and big chains should make their purchases with contracts and agreements, to avoid these situations."

Verafruta mainly exports fruit and vegetables to France, Switzerland, Italy and Poland. At the moment, the Vinalopó Designated Origin grape season, of the Aledo variety, is at its peak, as well as that of aromatic herbs through partnered producers from Murcia and Almeria.

"I have tried working with citrus fruits, such as clementines, lemons and oranges, but demand has completely halted for weeks," concludes the exporter.

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