Trader Cees van den Heykant of á Bon Vegetablelinq from Grubbenvorst believes the leek market has fallen too far back. "The price level is at around 40/45 cents at the moment and I believe this is a little low. I expect the price to rise in coming weeks. Although leek isn't the first luxury product that comes to mind at Christmas, we traditionally see the demand increase a few days before the holidays."

According to Cees there is a wide demand for leek at the moment. "The United Kingdom is buying, but there is also leek heading towards Germany, Spain, Scandinavia, Italy and Eastern Europe." The supply of leek will be a lot lower than last year until March, says the exporter. "The biggest question is what the weather will do. The weather is the biggest factor. Is the winter passed or is it still to come?"

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