Cora Seeds is a young Italian company that is dedicated to the research, production and marketing of professional vegetable seeds. It has used the commitment and energy of people specialized in the seed sector for more than 25 years.

The company has its own structure in Cesena (Emilia-Romagna region), at the heart of an important seed production area, where in its facilities, greenhouses, nurseries and land, it carries out breeding, evaluation and demonstration of products resulting from the research sector into which it invests energy day after day. The genetic improvement work is carried out by a group of breeders and biotechnologists who select and constitute hybrids for the Italian and other various world markets with the support of new biotechnologies and beyond.

The Cora Seeds team.

The level of professional horticulturists is constantly evolving, so in order to obtain the best products in terms of quality and quantity, and more and more healthy, the Cora Seeds research team strives to provide products that are more advanced, to meet the needs of industry and the growers themselves.

The products offered are the result of intensive research and experimentation along with partners Pop Vriend Seeds and Agrisemen that Cora Seeds intends to propose to the Italian market.

The range of the 2013 catalog is directed to various products such as onions, celery, tomato fresh and processing, watermelons, melons, peppers, brassicas, spinach, green beans, basil, sweet corn, eggplant, climbing beans and products for baby leaf production such as rucola, beets, lettuce, oriental green.

The general catalog (click here) includes: baby leaf, basil, arugula, lettuce,climbing beans, green beans and sweet corn (developed together with Pop Vriend Seeds), lettuce (developed together with Agrisemen), eggplant, pepper, tomato fresh and processing and celery.

Other products are presented in dedicated books. Such as the onion, an item on which Cora Seeds has chosen to invest economically and energetically from birth through the most advanced methods in the field of research, as well as with watermelon and melon, processing tomatoes and brassicas, the past year's investments have allowed Cora Seeds to propose new varieties to the market.

All the sales staff, agents in the different areas of the country and the technical staff are available for any technical and commercial support that you will require. The catalog contains information for the correct choice of variety and the information necessary for the best use of the products.

Cora Seeds hopes to contribute to your greatest successes!

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