In Gurgaon, the second largest city in the Indian state of Haryana, a 'high-tech greenhouse', is nearing the date of its inauguration. According to sources, the facility was awaiting the sanction of a power connection for the last few months, and with this job now done, talks have begun to make the greenhouse operational.

According to the blueprints of the project, the Gurgaon-based greenhouse will be used to improve agricultural production in Haryana by growing high-yield and high-quality fruits and vegetables. "The plantation will be done using a new Israeli irrigation technology that was very recently introduced in Haryana," said an official.

Instead of being dependent on the heat produced by the sun, as greenhouses generally are, the new facility will have a temperature regulation unit of its own. "Depending on the kind of crops, and the amount of heat needed, the temperatures within the high-tech greenhouse will be controlled," the official added.

Setting the greenhouse-spread over an area of more than 2,000 square metre - has cost around Rs 76 lakh, according to official reports. A similar electricity controlled greenhouse is coming up in the Rohtak district. "Such setups are important as they will help the state improve its crop yield. It will also make available seedlings of better quality to Haryana's farmers," the official said.