Wageningen University in Holland, in a recent study, searched for the optimal greenhouse design for cultivating vegetables in Taiwan. A systematic design procedure was followed, identifying all of the sub-functions of greenhouse systems. A computer simulation adhering to the KASPRO model tested each of these sub-functions. The KASPRO model simulates the greenhouse climate and the growth of crop. The study was backed by the Ministry of Economics.

The results were then applied to an economic model, comparing the viability of several designs. The resulting design has proven itself in the Taiwanese climate, characterized by high temperatures and humidity.

The major characteristics of the proposed design are a naturally ventilated nursery, with large windows (0.5m2 per m2). To prevent whiteflies from entering the windows have to be sealed with special nets. The hazed overarching foil must be hazed but still transparent to IR-radiation.

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Source: Wageningen UR