"Water quality is key to hydroponic vegetables"

In modern society, there is an increasing demand for high-quality, environmentally friendly, and safe vegetables. With the changes on the market and the planting side of things, the new category of hydroponic vegetables has also become a mature, common, high value-added, and indispensable category in agricultural planting. With more than 75 years of history and experience, Quick Plug, a high-quality substrate brand under DummenOrange, with the mission of "giving crops a good start," as a high-tech customized substrate brand, continues to provide advanced and unique products for seedling and planting customers. Technology and quality service. Today, Jim Grob, technical support expert at Quick Plug shared with us one of the keys to hydroponic vegetables - water quality.

Good water quality is the foundation of everything for a hydroponics planting system. Therefore, when we consider how to choose a suitable substrate for hydroponics, how to effectively test and analyze the water quality of the water source is also very necessary.

"For hydroponic growers, one of my most important suggestions is to conduct a scientific and comprehensive water quality analysis of the water source. Water is a crucial element for any planting system. Water quality analysis can determine all the elements contained in the water source, which are necessary for the growth of plants, and may also help find any harmful elements. If any harmful elements are found, effective and essential treatment can be carried out. At the same time, based on the water quality analysis of the water source, the nutrient solution plan of the hydroponic system can be further formulated to ensure the best growth of plants. "

"Well water (such as groundwater) or municipal water (tap water) are the two water sources that hydroponic vegetable growers usually go for. No matter what water source you choose, scientific and comprehensive water quality analysis is essential. Only through analysis and testing can you truly understand the advantages and disadvantages of different water sources. If the boron content or alkalinity of the water source is relatively high, and if it is only for short-term planting, no adjustment treatment is required. But if it is for long-term planting, then reasonable adjustments must be made, such as circulating filtration treatment for water sources with high salinity, boron content, and alkalinity to ensure optimal growth of plants. "

“If the water source is too high in salinity, boron content, and alkalinity, at the same time the water source is insufficient, and the irrigation system used is low in the water, such as Nutrient film technique(NFT). Then growers must consider a variety of water treatment options, such as installing higher-end reverse osmosis membrane systems or adding acid to reduce alkalinity. When using a deep flow system, adjust the pH only to ensure adequate nutrient availability. "

It is worth noting that Grob suggested that growers of ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables must use river water with caution. If only river water can be used as a water source, the water must be disinfected and cleaned before irrigation. "I do not recommend that you use river water for hydroponic vegetable cultivation. Many scientific studies have proven that in the process of flowing river water, Salmonella (which easily causes food poisoning) and Listeria (which is prone to acute infectious diseases) will continue to accumulate, so unfiltered river water cannot be used for drip or sprinkler irrigation, or bacteria in the water can enter the irrigation system.”

In the planting process of hydroponic vegetables, in addition to the water source, the substrate is also an essential part. The hydroponic substrate of QUICK PLUG has a stable and sturdy structure and can be irrigated repeatedly. Even if it contains water, it will not deform and disintegrate to produce impurities, thus ensuring that the water quality is not polluted and the entire irrigation system operates well. It is worth mentioning that, as an ideal hydroponic vegetable substrate, the composition and shape of Quick Plug can also be customized according to the actual needs of customers. If you have any questions, you can contact us, we will give scientific and effective technical support in time.

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