Weekend Unlimited announces that its previously announced acquisition target, R & D Pharma in Jamaica, has advanced its breeding program in anticipation of further expansion.

The R & D Pharma property, branded Tropicann Jamaica, comprises 98 acres, 60 acres of which are usable for cultivation. Currently there are 5.2 acres of terraced outdoor cultivation being used. This includes 3.2 acres of commercial cultivation which is capable of producing 5,750 kg of dry material per year. The remaining 2 acres is used for research and development, producing 3,000 kg. An additional 5 acre outdoor plot is set to be prepared for cultivation commencing in 2019, which should triple production.

The site has a 6,000 sqft. greenhouse which includes a 1,000 sqft. mother room, 400 sqft. stacked clone room, 1000 sqft. veg room and 3,600 sqft. flower room (2500 sqft. of which is canopy), which has the capacity to produce 600 kg of dry material per year for the fully owned on-site dispensary, which is planned to serve the tourism market.

“Currently, the site is in production with 13 acclimated strains & 120 mother plants,” said Mr. Cody Corrubia, Weekend Unlimited Inc. President and CEO. “Another 37 strains are being cultivated and 'phenotyped' as a part of an in-depth program to produce unique equatorial and tropical cannabis varieties for both medical and recreational markets,” added Mr. Corrubia.

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