The Ukrainian government is working to provide grants to promote the horticulture sector of the country, among other things. The programs of grants include, for instance, berry growing and viticulture, as well as greenhouses. The project is designed to support businesses, and agricultural producers, create jobs and provide food safety. 

"The program of creating greenhouses provides for grants for five to seven million hryvnias. We expect 1,000 grants per year, and the total amount of the program is supposed to be seven billion hryvnias. Private entrepreneurs, agricultural companies, and farmers that own or lease land also can be participants," the minister said. 

He also explained that the grant funds can be spent on the construction of the complex and the purchase of technical equipment. For the first thousand participants, 70% of the project is funded by the state and 30% by the employer himself. 

In addition, the state will assign a total of four billion hryvnias for a program to support horticulture, berry growing, and viticulture. Roughly 150,000 to 400,000 hryvnias per 1 ha of orchards will be provided to farmers, which is about 70% of the average planting cost. 

The minister explained the grants for planting new orchards on 10,000 hectares. The grant recipients must either own land or engage land for at least 25 years. Funds will be provided not in cash but to a bank account for the transparent purchase of seedlings, equipment, irrigation systems, and fertilizers.