The Delphy soft fruit team has grown since October 1 with the arrival of Paul v.d. Meulengraaf. Paul has gained a great deal of knowledge and experience during his career in the field of maintaining varieties, plant propagation, keeping plant material healthy and propagation through tissue culture. In addition, Paul has extensive knowledge of phytosanitary matters when it comes to maintaining varieties and plant propagation.

Within Delphy, Paul will focus on deploying this knowledge for the customers of Delphy and the sector. With the growth of the sector, the maintenance and keeping the varieties healthy is becoming increasingly important for plant growers, breeders and propagators. Paul is looking forward to using his knowledge for the sector.

With attracting Paul v.d. Meulengraaf as a consultant in the soft fruit sector, Delphy strengthens its position as a leading knowledge company in the soft fruit sector.

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Paul v.d. Meulengraaf
Tel: +31 (0)6 30 327 191