Slamotra in Kruibeke (BE) grows various lettuce varieties on more than 3 hectares. It has very successfully done so for a number of years using Oreon LED lighting. Owner Franky Hens is now having a large number of fixtures in his current lighting installation replaced by the new Oreon Grow Light 3.0.

This new setup with the latest generation of LED fixtures will increase light intensity with the same installation. "We were looking for a high light output and we have found this in the new Oreon fixture. With an increase of more than 20% in light intensity, the yield will significantly increase as well," says Franky Hens.

Because the LED fixtures are actively cooled with water (through means of a closed system), a real separation between light and heat has now been achieved. The heat absorbed by the water cooling will be reused (instead of destroyed) and via pipes will be channeled to below the mobile gutter system, where it is needed. With this approach, Slamotra will achieve even higher yields, for example with the ‘Multicolor’ variety.

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