Edible bonsai vegetables have become a trending topic for citizens in Shanghai. The pot-sized vegetables are as colorful and fresh as flowers. They are not only suitable for the house, but also fit very well in the decor of a restaurant. South of Songjiang District in Shanghai, one well-known vegetable farmer realized the commercial opportunity and introduced these novel bonsai vegetables into the lives of common people. The bonsai vegetables immediately found a warm welcome with consumers and demand greatly exceeded supply.

Zhang Jun, a spokesperson for bonsai vegetables, explained that "the farmer stopped using pesticide, fertilizer, or catalysts, but physically prevented plant and insect disease to guarantee the food safety and health of the bonsai vegetables. Furthermore, these methods were researched and perfected over a long period." The production is limited to seasonal vegetables, about 8-10 product varieties per season. The selected bonsai vegetables are easy to manage and do not easily attract insects. The new owner only has to water them regularly, which is convenient.

Citizens of Shanghai have taken to this new gardening trend with enthusiasm. The inventor of bonsai vegetables hopes to spread this trend to more neighborhoods.

Source: E-Village