The biggest high-tech greenhouse in the region, at 3.3 hectares, was opened in the Gvardeysky region in Kaliningrad. The minister of agriculture for the Kaliningrad area, Ms. Natalia Shevtsova, reported that the complex by LLC Orbita-Agro aims to grow 900 tons of tomatoes and greenery per year.

It is worth noting that earlier, in 2014, LLC Orbita-Agro launched a greenhouse complex for tomatoes and cucumbers. The greenhouse complex has an overall acreage of 2.2 ha and production capacity of 550 tons of cucumbers and over 500 tons of tomatoes.

The overall greenhouse acreage in the region has amounted to 24.4 ha in 2018. As of November 26, 2632 tons of greenhouse vegetables have been collected, which is 13% more compared to the results of the equivalent period of last year.