An increasing number of business people and tourists from at home and abroad are taking a peek inside Dutch greenhouses. The demand for tours with a professional guide is growing fast.

Aad Verduijn and Wilma Verkade of Westland HortiTours started almost four years ago with organizing tours to the greenhouse industry led by a professional guide. This year they have already shown around 1,700 people, ranging in groups from a few visitors to large groups of 20.

Aad Verduijn is one of the enthusiastic and professional guides. He takes the visitors along to horticulture companies and suppliers in the Westland. Here he talks about the latest innovations in crops, logistics, technology, energy and the like. He shows that horticulture is high-tech and an important engine of the Dutch economy.

Interested individuals come from all over the world. Regularly there are requests from the ministry, trade associations, trade fairs and municipalities.

Thanks to the cooperation of renowned horticultural companies in flowers, potted plants, vegetables and horticultural suppliers, Westland HortiTours has the opportunity to organize business tours at innovative companies. There is also good cooperation with Westland Marketing, HollandDoor, Delphy, World Horti Center, Kenlog and WUR.

Aad Verduijn and Wilma Verkade: "It is our challenge to unburden companies with our professional tours. They can leave the organization of a business visit to the Dutch greenhouse industry to us with peace of mind."

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