A Sicilian seed company, a Spanish company that wants to specialise in courgette for the Italian market and an Italian support company for the logistics located in Spain are collaborating after a very successful market test in Spain, Italy and UK.

In the Cadice area, the Mercado Montilla company plans to improve the courgettes’ size and durability. Additionally, the business aims at the Italian market and therefore it is looking for an adequate-sized produce. The Cinturrno Fruit Management sales manager Gaetano Cinturrino, “I contacted the Sicilian company Southern Seed. During this month, the first Giovì F1 varieties will be transplanted. This is a bright white cylindrical courgette”. This initiative took shape during the last edition of the Fruit Attraction.

The Spanish market is very interested in this variety, which indeed has been very successful. The plant is very tough and luxurious, it constantly produces fruits throughout the production cycle. This variety prefers fall-winter cycles. Cold temperature and little light do not affect the quality of the produce. According to the company that developed it, Giovì F1 is very resistant to manipulation, thus allowing it to be packaged in different ways while keeping the high preservability.

Also, Southern Seed is testing a Star Courgette. Gaetano, “This is a true discovery. At the moment, we are carrying out some market tests in Spain and Italy – but we also checked London’s market. The results were definitely satisfying, for now at least. The star shape of this produce is certainly very captivating. Our idea is to develop a market brand or a specific packaging in order to promote our produce.

“This courgette has the consistency of a red pumpkin, but the taste is more delicate – similar to the taste of the white or green courgettes.

The plant has long and regular internodes and a good productivity. The star-shaped produce is yellow and green. It has always been used for ornamental purposes, but, thanks to its unique taste, this variety is particularly suited for traditional or gourmet dishes.