There's an increasing demand for new cucumber types in Sweden. Vegetable supplier Ă…rstidernas test breeders have therefore been experimenting with cucumber taste and texture in order to develop unique new varieties.

Different varieties
One interesting new variety they came up with is the Salt and Pepper, a firm, small, oval-shaped cucumber. It has light-green skin and is covered in small black dots, has a juicy core and firm flesh. The Crystal Lemon, or lemon cucumber, looks like a cross between a lemon and a melon. The ripe lemon cucumber ranges from pale green to dark yellow.

The Khira Balam, or Little Potato cucumber, looks the most like a potato, as the name suggests. It has a unique flavor with a finely balanced bitterness. The Mexican mini-cucumber is the size of a large grape and looks like a tiny watermelon. The taste can vary a little and is slightly more acidic than the traditional cucumber.