John Mui invested over Sh1 million [9,850 USD] in a ‘promising money-oozing’ farming scheme.

This, he says, was a risky but worthwhile investment — at least going by the positive reviews he received coupled with an elaborate contract agreement. However, his desire to grow his purse has remained a pipe-dream.

Mui claims he has been left badly out of pocket after he ploughed his money into a greenhouse farming project dubbed Kilimo Poa — managed by Wealthsmith Limited.

In the agreement signed between Mui and Wealthsmith Limited, copies of which are in the possession of The Nairobian, the company was to carry out farming activities on the farm using greenhouses, with returns paid to Mui after an agreed period of time.

As part of its obligation, which is captured in the agreement, Wealthsmith Limited was to; “Pay the owner a return of Shillings eight hundred thousand (Sh800,000 [7,880 USD]) (The Returns) in two installments for every twelve (12) months of successful farming... the first installment payment of the returns shall be six (6) months from the date of planting crop in the greenhouse. Thereafter, all consecutive payments shall be made every six (6) months consecutively.”

However, it’s been almost 14 months, and Mui, who invested in the Wealthsmith’s Kilimo Poa project in September, 2017, having met all the requirements as stipulated in the contract (including paying Sh51,000 [500 USD] processing fee), is yet to receive any returns or profit as was indicated in the contract.

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