Vegetables that were only imported for a long time are now being cultivated here as well. This is due to, among other things, climate change. You can expect a lot, driving through the Burgenland over long dirt roads past countless, oversized cultivated areas. Potatoes, peppers and tomatoes thrive in the fields and greenhouses. However, the plants that emerge from the soil in a foil tunnel in St. Andrä am Zicksee are likely to astonish even experienced vegetable farmers. Giant green perennials, which at first glance look like bamboo, are rooted deeply in the earth.

The countless, lush green leaves, however, are of little interest to Gerald Kern. He is aiming for their roots, which have not yet been seen in this form in this country. This year, the vegetable farmer planted his own ginger for the first time - a pilot project he seems more than satisfied with. Due to global warming, the small tubers in Seewinkel thrive excellently. "The summer was great, of course."

Source: Der Standard