With a size of 9 hectares, Paradajz - the Slovenian word for tomato - is the biggest of the country. The company started specialising in high-flavour tomatoes production in 2011. The tomatoes are sold in major supermarket chains in Slovenia under the very suitable label ‘Lust’.

The third phase of 2.5 hectares that was recently conducted, has led to a total acreage of 9 hectares being built by KUBO. One of the other major greenhouse horticulture companies in this country is also a KUBO customer: Ocean Orchids, a company growing Phalaenopsis.


Deliberate focus on flavour
Martin Zigo, Kristjan Magdic and Ales Okorn are the management of the company. The choice of the Slovenian management to produce high-flavour tomatoes was very deliberate, says Henk van Tuijl, KUBO’s export manager. ‘The region in which Paradajz is located is directly on the Austrian border. Slovenia also has a high standard of living. This guarantees sales. Focusing on premium tomatoes sold in retailers, the private label Lust has realised significant brand loyalty. This translates into a higher price for the tomatoes.’

Shop and demo greenhouse
Paradajz also sells its tomatoes directly to private consumers in the area. They can come to the farm shop. Visitors are also welcomed for a tour of the demo greenhouse specifically created for touring interested people.

The first 4 hectares were built up in 2011. In 2013, this was expanded by 2.5 hectares, and adding the 2.5 hectares in 2018 takes the total area to 9 hectares. The required heat is derived from a geothermal source.

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