The head of Tarumovsy region of Dagestan, Mr. Aleksandr Zimin and his deputy have visited the greenhouse complex Kamil that started operating near Tarumovka village.

60 thousand pieces of cucumber seedlings are being planted in the greenhouses.

The head of enterprise Kamil, Mr. Kamil Magomedov reported that the greenhouses would be working all year round.

“Currently we are planting the seedlings of self-pollinating Courage cucumbers. In greenhouse conditions with proper observation of technology, we could collect up to 20 kilos of cucumber per square meter. The given variety should give crops in 35-40 days. After the planned crops are collected, we are going to grow tomatoes. The produce will be sold both internally and outside the region”, reported Mr. Kamil Magomedov.

The company have hired locals for planting, about 30 people and 40 more are needed for the production process.

The head of the region, Mr. Zimin has inspected the equipment installed in the greenhouses, drop watering system and equipment for maintaining temperature conditions.

He also met with the employees and discussed household and logistic issues with the head of the enterprise.