CIH Ambassador David Domoney, TV Gardener, Presenter and Broadcaster will be opening the 2018 CIH Conference, speaking on the benefits of Horticulture on mental and physical health as well as touching on some of the subjects being discussed by speakers.

The Horticulture Industry will be deeply affected by the forthcoming UK & Northern Ireland exit from Europe in March 2019.

To address the most pressing questions, and implications, the Chartered Institute of Horticulture are bringing together distinguished speakers from the UK and the Netherlands to address topics ranging from:
  • Building a national culture post-Brexit
  • Capturing the Opportunities
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Salad and Vegetable Growers
  • Success of Berry Production in the UK
  • Crucial aspects of the UK Horticulture political landscape
  • Where are we now and what should YOU do?
  • Future technology
  • UK Imports of Hardy Nursery Stock Now and in the Future
All sectors will be represented from ornamentals (Jacob Kolff), fresh produce (Dr Ed Moorhouse), soft fruits (Alastair Brooks) and field vegetables (Jack Ward) to plant breeding (Graham Spencer), consultancy and advisory services (Jeroen Van Buren).

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