Packaging is playing an increasingly important role in the fresh fruit and vegetable chain. The concern about the use of plastic is also growing. Many businesses are looking for eco-friendly packaging alternatives.

NNZ, a Dutch company, has exclusive marketing rights for CFK EarthCycle trays in the Benelux.

EarthCycle is a line of pulp trays that have been specifically developed for the fresh fruit and vegetable sector. These compostable products comply with the European certification standards, are recyclable, and are manufactured from renewable sources.

What makes this type of eco-friendly packaging unique is that EarthCycle packaging can be fitted with a top seal. Pulp trays can extend the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables. Clients admit that their products last for about three days longer in this kind of packaging compared to traditional plastic packaging.

Many businesses want to produce goods more sustainably. EarthCycle packaging can help with this.

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