Proptek has brought their industry leading propagation trays and containers to South Africa, where they hope to aid nurseries in growing excellent seedlings more efficiently and more cost effectively.

“We’ve been really well known in North America for decades now, which is why it is so exciting to be entering into a brand-new market, where we think we can make a real difference to growers’ fortunes,” says Sales Director Paul Greenley. “We have a great product and with world-wide labor costs going up, our products are key to getting a propagation nursery running smoothly and efficiently.”

The first product on offer from Proptek is a 242-cell vegetable propagation tray, perfect for a huge array of plants that includes crops like tomatoes and peppers. The injection molded plastic tray is designed to last for years, not just a season or two, and to produce easy to pull plants with excellent roots.

“We are starting with the vegetable market as that’s where we think we can influence the most, but we have some other exciting products on the horizon in other areas, which we just can’t wait to share,” Paul adds.
Proptek have teamed up with Shaun Biggs of Ellepot South Africa, a well-known and respected figure in South Africa’s horticultural and agricultural industries, to help promote the new product.

“I am extremely happy to be working with Paul and the team,” says Shaun. “They make great products that will be very beneficial to nurseries in South Africa.” 

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