If you are visiting the Expo AgroAlimentaria in Mexico next week, please stop by the booth of Excalibur Plastics, the company that was born into the greenhouse industry in Leamington, Ontario Canada back in 2002 by Richard Colasanti. Richard’s intention was to provide a tailored film for the local market that would improve upon many issues growers, including his families’ 20 hectare tomato range, were having with their current options of greenhouse film. Richard, being the passionate determined grower that he is, pursued a relationship with Eiffel Plastic Manufacturing in Parma, Italy. To this date these two companies have built a relationship centered upon being innovative market leaders that cater to the local grower in each market they enter while providing superior timely service.

As of 2017, Excalibur has now branched off beyond its borders and is now a serious player in both the USA and Mexican markets. Over the years, as Excalibur had become known as a prominent market leader in its core greenhouse film business. From this, other industry relationships developed with aligned products to the greenhouse growers. Excalibur now also offers screens, insect netting and ground cover from Ludvig Svensson, (ground cover also from WINFAB), coco bags from Brown Coir, tanks and liners from Genap, greenhouse whitewash and paint from Royal Brinkman.

In 2015, Excalibur opened up an office in Queretaro, Mexico to better service the Mexican greenhouse industry. This has proven to be a valuable decision as EXMEX now inventories an ample amount of the products it sells to service those unforeseen needs by the Mexican growers. As Excalibur’s sales force continues to build relationships and share knowledge learned with the growers it is sure to aid in the advancement of the Mexican greenhouse industry.

From their team, they ask that you visit their booth #600 at Expo Agroalimentaria in Irapuato, Mexico. See the new technology in film, Flexiglass Plastic that will be introduced at the show. Look closely at the quality of the coco growing medium that Excalibur is offering.

In building a relationship with Excalibur, you can be assured that they have your best intentions for a successful crop and Excalibur will prove this both through the quality products they offer and the team in place to service the industry.

Excalibur will be part of a coordinated effort between FormFlex, Sun Parlour, Genap, Brown Coir, and Dramm in booth #600 at the Expo Agroalimentaria in Irapuato, Mexico.

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