Dutch tomato grower Lans will soon have Poseidon Waste Water Installations installed for a total of 52 hectares. This installation removes sodium while retaining a portion of nutrients and it meets the Dutch legal requirement of at least 95% removal of the plant protection products from the discharge water. The Poseidon has been speciallt developed for horticultural companies that recycle and thereby are dealing with an increase in their sodium levels.

Complying with the Dutch purification legislation for residual water flows and cost savings are the main reasons for tomato producer Van der Lans to purchase the Poseidon waste water solution for his locations. There is already one (pilot) at the Herenwerf location in Maasland. "Thanks to the installation we see a reduction of the sodium content in the substrate slabs, which makes the plants grow better," said Van der Lans. "This entails cost savings, and in the long term, less fertilizers will be needed because more elements remain in the water."

At Lans, they check their drain analyzes every week, and on that basis they decide whether to turn on or turn off the installation for a week. This can be done by one push on the button.

Integrated reverse osmosis installations at Lans ensure that discharge water is concentrated, so that the volume of water to be discharged into the sewer is greatly reduced and clean water is recovered from the waste stream. This is also a big step towards zero-emission. The integrated reverse osmosis system is optional and not necessary in order to comply with laws and regulations.

The waste water solution from Moor Filtertechniek has been on the Evaluation Committee Purification Plants Greenhouse Horticulture (BZG) list since July this year. Since 16 October 2017, the BZG officially acknowledged the Poseidon in the additional requirement from GBM approval, because the Poseidon also meets the at least 99.5% purification yield for imidacloprid.

The Poseidon features an integrated pre-filtration and is completely assembled on one frame, making installation very easy. "We were ready in one day," according to Niels van den Ende, of Stolze Installatietechniek BV. "We see a lot of problems concerning sodium build-up, also in other crops. This is a perfect solution."

The benefits that Poseidon offers to growers:
  • sodium is removed
  • complying with legislation as of 1 January 2018
  • saving on nutrients
  • saving on water (with osmosis installation, optional)
  • Compact installation
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Low operating costs
The waste water solution is currently available in two capacities (1.25 m3/h and 2.5 m3/h). Variant capacities up to 5 m3 are available on request. The Poseidon is included under MIA / Vamil scheme 2017.

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