The future is already here. This could be one of the conclusions of the speech given by the co-founder of Reimagine Food, Marius Robles, on the occasion of the Premiere organised by Rijk Zwaan last Thursday at PITA, in which the expert on food and technological trends brought a real flood of ideas to light which confirm the imminence of a food revolution.

Besides this intense and inspiring speech, there was also a presentation of the contents planned for Rijk Zwaan's next participation at Fruit Attraction by Alberto Cuadrado, Project Manager of the firm. Thus, the audience was offered a first-line perspective on the future of the food sector and, at the same time, the commitment of a company that has chosen to offer new concepts to producers, marketers and distributors in order to meet current consumer demands, as well as those to come in the future.

This was stated at the start of the Premiere by Ricardo Ortiz, commercial director of Rijk Zwaan Ibérica, who outlined the collaborative management methods implemented across the entire value chain which have guided most of the company's latest contributions in the greenhouse sector and the market in general.

This commitment of the Dutch seed company, which is strongly tied to Almeria, aims to cover the needs of a society that wants to take care of its health, have access to products that are tasty and easy to handle and whose consumption does not involve excessive waste.

The Premiere also included a tasting of small gastronomic gems prepared by chef Serge Aime Kouakou, of the restaurant Sak Delicattessen.

Fruit Attraction

Looking back at the proposals for the fair, the most noteworthy is an already well-established concept, namely the Knox character, incorporated into different lettuces in the fresh cut range, and which has made it possible to extend the shelf life of these sensitive products. Not surprisingly, Knox received an award at the last Fruit Logistica. The latest innovation is the Knox Core, a first class lettuce whose main feature is the delayed oxidation of the stem. Another innovation is the Snack Lettuce leaf vegetable, which is intended to boost culinary creativity.

The new formats and the focus on flavour will be covered by Snacking Tomatoes and the Mycubies Fun range, featuring cucumbers that can be eaten directly from the bag, with fresh flavours and attractive colours.

The flagship product will continue to be the Sweet Palermo, whose success at all levels will expand with new colours and flavours, as announced by Alberto Domingo in his presentation, who recalled that Almeria has shown its commitment to this product.

This pepper is one of the best examples of the need to develop concepts that are recognizable at the end of the chain, while benefiting all links. Also green beans have their place at Fruit Attraction, with Greentese, with its exceptional flavour and absence of strings.