Mycorrhizal fungi are naturally occurring in many soil types around the world. However, their presence in soil is greatly reduced by soil disturbance, due to incorporated amendments that are exempt of these beneficial organisms, plowing and removal of top soil in construction sites. As a result, there is little mycorrhizal fungi found in soils from landscapes or newly prepared beds. In addition, mycorrhizal fungi do not naturally occur in growing media used for containerized plants. Therefore, mycorrhizal fungi must be added to both outdoor soil and soilless growing media for plants to benefit from them.

The use of mycorrhizal fungi can play an important role in helping with plant establishment by reducing transplant shock, improving plant resistance to stresses and enhancing nutrient acquisition from the growing medium / soil. This has shown a positive impact on plant health and reduced crop shrinkage. In many research trials, plants inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi have also been found to play a role in improving soil structure and maintaining organic matter levels in the soil, allowing for consistent water retention in the soil from year to year.

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