According to new research, consumers want more organic food on supermarket shelves, more choice of organic produce in their local area, and want to show their support for organic farmers when buying food.

The UK’s appetite for organic is growing, with demand higher than ever. People are making an emotional connection with their food. More than two thirds of consumers (68%) say it makes them feel happy knowing the food they buy is produced in a way that works with nature and takes care of the environment.

In accordance with the popularity of organics, Sara Cox, a UK radio and TV presenter, and mother of three children, has launched a new organic campaign called "Your Happy". The campaign is to celebrate and share the joy of organic food to coincide with Organic September.

"It seems we have an emotional attachment to organic food – it isn’t just about the taste, it’s also about knowing the story behind our food and how it is produced, that makes people feel happy."

Why organic food makes people feel happy
  • More than two thirds of consumers (68%) say organic food makes them feel happy because “it benefits me, it benefits the animals and it benefits the environment”. Amongst females this increases to 78%.
  • 80% say food with great taste makes them feel happy.
  • 78% say food produced with high animal welfare standards makes them happy.
  • 77% say food produced in a way that takes care of the environment makes them happy.
  • Nearly eight out of 10 (79%) consumers feel happy knowing the food they buy supports farmers.

Consumers calling for more organic food in shops across the UK
  • Two thirds (64%) of consumers want retailers to give more space to support organic food and drink. Amongst 18 to 25 year olds this increases to 72%.
  • More than half (56%) don’t think there are enough retail outlets selling organic food in their local area.
  • People want more choice, 64% say they would like more organic options to choose from.
  • Six in 10 consumers (60%) don’t think retailers do enough to support organic farmers and producers in the UK.
Launching with a series of short films featuring Sara Cox and chef Rosie Birkett, with stories of UK organic producers, the campaign celebrates the unadulterated joy of organic food.

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