Certis USA introduces a bionutrient product line based on AgSil potassium silicate technology. AgSil products provide plants with silicon, an often overlooked nutrient that helps plants deal with stress, temperature fluctuations, drought, salinity, metal toxicity and infection by plant pathogens. Manufactured by PQ Corporation, the bionutrient products AgSil 16H, AgSil 21 and AgSil 25 are available via Certis USA distributors now for the specialty agriculture, greenhouse, turf, ornamental and home and garden markets in North America and many international arenas.

Jim Black, Director, Business Development for Certis USA said, “The AgSil product line represents Certis USA’s first ‘bionutrient’ introduction. It will compliment our existing biopesticide line that includes more than 30 products based on biological or natural active ingredients.

“We are excited about representing AgSil and see many opportunities for it in the field,” Black said. “AgSil can be used as a foliar spray or in traditional fertilizer blends as a nutrient solution to create a uniquely differentiated product that provides a wider range of essential nutrients for all types of grains, vegetables and ornamentals. And, since AgSil has been well received in the greenhouse and indoor horticultural markets, this product line offers Certis USA a channel into that rapidly emerging market segment.”

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