Monsanto has announced its fiscal year 2016 results, delivering above the company’s most recent ongoing earnings per share guidance for the year. The company expects to grow earnings per share (EPS) into fiscal year 2017 and beyond by building upon the achievements of fiscal year 2016, together with continued strong penetration of key soybean traits, global corn germplasm upgrades and spend discipline.

Hugh Grant, chairman and chief executive officer for Monsanto, comments: “Despite challenges to our business in fiscal year 2016, we delivered on the drivers that position Monsanto for the return to EPS growth in the year ahead. To see it through, our fiscal year 2017 priorities are focused on delivering on the operational plan and key business milestones for the year, while also executing on the necessary steps to close the deal with Bayer. Ultimately, we believe that combining with Bayer represents the most compelling value for our shareowners, with the most certainty through the all-cash consideration.”

“We are entering a new era in agriculture, where growers are demanding new solutions and technologies to be more profitable and more sustainable,” Grant said. “We believe that combining with Bayer secures our shared vision to provide a wide set of solutions to meet these demands and feed a growing world.”

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