Cross-border trade through Wagha is continuing between Pakistan and India despite tension between the two countries, as more than 200 trucks crossed the border on Thursday 29 September.

Market sources said that on average around 60 to 70 trucks loaded with tomatoes are coming daily to Pakistan from India while Pakistan is sending almost 150 truckloads, carrying cement, salt, gypsum and dry dates, to India through Wagha trade route.

In fact, traders from both sides have been asking for upgradation of infrastructure to keep pace with expanding trade, especially through the Wagha-Attari land route.

The bilateral trade between India and Pakistan is going on the basis of demand and supply, local market sources said. “Presently, our demand of tomato is not so high, as the vegetable is being supplied from Kabul, Balochistan and Swat,” they added.

“Owing to normal demand, around 60 to 70 trucks of tomatoes are coming from India,” said Amin Bhatti, president of Punjab Fruits and Vegetables Importers & Exporters Association. He said when demand is high the number of trucks even cross the figure of 300 from India, carrying different vegetable items. “For instance, on Eid days, the figure of truckloads from India was standing at around of 306 due to high demand of tomatoes in Punjab particularly in Lahore,” Amin Bhatti added.

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