As European importers’ demand for Ukrainian tomatoes has been rapidly growing, exports of tomatoes to the EU countries have already grown almost 10 times since the beginning of this year, reports Fruit-Inform.

In particular, the export volumes totaled 2,300 tons in January-August 2016 against just 243 tons in the same period of the previous year.

Poland and Latvia were the main consumers of Ukrainian tomatoes among the EU countries this year, and it is high demand for tomatoes of Ukrainian origin in the Baltic States that has been backing the price growth in the Ukrainian market.

Ukraine’s total exports of tomatoes amounted to 17,100 tons in January-August 2016, 2.2 times as high as a year before and the highest result ever. As before, Belarus was the main importer of Ukrainian tomatoes with the share of 85% in total exports. Ukraine has managed to almost double its tomato exports to Belarus this year.