Greenhouse manufacturer Ron van der Burg is so fascinated by glass that he is living in a greenhouse himself now. "A dream has come true," the director of Nobutec Greenhouse Projects from Wateringen told Ducth news paper Algemeen Dagblad.

Photo Thierry Schut

"The temperature is automayically controlled by a weather station," says Van der Burg. "When the sun shines, the screens close and the windows open. In case of rain, the windows close."

"These are all materials that we use in daily practice in greenhouse horticulture, only a bit more luxurious. We’ve applied double glazing, otherwise it will just be too cold in winter. The greenhouse provides us with a nice intermediate climate. I think it is so nice here is that in winter we will still prefer to sit under the glass in our coats instead of in the living area."

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