Mexico’s farms represent life and the spirit of a people – an emblem of great pride and historical meaning throughout the evolution of the country. Bayer’s Vegetable Seed business witnesses what motivates this transformation to be better every day.

Bayer chose to tell this story through a video for customers and for Mexico’s farms to witness not only the development of the Mexican market, but many valuable contributions of the people who grow their brand and the opportunity created for countless businesses.

Utilizing their infrastructure, including the research center in operation in Culiacan since 2007, the Vegetable Seeds division of Bayer continues to work on the research and development of effective strategies for strengthening Mexico’s farms.

Heinz Ebel, Country Head Mexico: “Bayer’s Vegetable Seeds of México is really trying to become a top partner for Mexican growers. Walk the talk has become a challenging action to be executed after having so many challenges and when it is so difficult to understand what “Value” represents to our customers. We want to get closer and show our customers we think about them, we want to understand them better and work together to solve coming challenges in this changing environment that becomes every year more dynamic. Here is what a company taking into consideration its core values wants to offer to our friends ‘The customer’”.

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