The Visser/Toyota Vitoy has become very popular in the North American horticulture market, Bellpark Horticulture reports. Many growers like Woodburn Nurseries have all chosen the Visser Vitoy because of its quality, ease of service and many features and labor cost savings.

With its large pneumatic dual tires, the Vitoy is ideal for soft terrain. It provides even weight distribution across the full width, unlike a standard four-wheeler that would be more likely to leave ruts in growing beds.

Its stabilized 3 wheel design makes the Vitoy capable of maneuvering tight corners with an extremely tight turning radius. The Vitoy is easy to operate, navigate and provides an ergonomic ride.

The Vitoy can be equipped with optional electronic controlled spacing forks which allow for faster and more precise pot spacing.

The most significant feature of the Vitoy is overall cost savings to growers. Because the Vitoy is able to move and place a large amount of pots/baskets/trays at a time, it allows growers to reduce their overall labor costs.

The Vitoy is available for greenhouses and nurseries as a diesel, gas or electric. The Vitoy comes with a full Toyota warranty and all service maintenance can be completed through Toyota Industrial.

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