GlobalGAP has chosen Silicon Valley based Greenfence, the first digital platform economy to empower a fully transparent farm-to-fork eco-system for the global food and beverage industry. Greenfence enables a major economic shift from the traditional supply-side value chains to demand-side economies of scale, based on the network effects where value is created in platform ecosystems of suppliers, buyers, customers, consumers, etc.

Greenfence will directly connect GlobalGAP’s global standards and certification services at all levels of supply and demand value chains.

Under this partnership, GlobalGAP will leverage greenfence’s platform eco-system to scale the first-ever fully integrated primary producer network with unrivalled potential to connect to and interoperate with unlimited agriculture and aquaculture stakeholders, operations and data sources. GlobalGAP plans to integrate valuable indicators collected from its network to deliver its customers critical (current and predictive) insights to reduce loss, failures and risk - and make the most profitable day-to-day decisions.

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