The second stage of the Agropark, the high-tech greenhouse cluster in the Mexican state of Queretaro, will provide another 528 hectares of land to develop greenhouses, warehouses, green areas and a residential zone for its workers.

Agropark announced that the launch of its Second Stage will take place on September 7th, 2016. Alberto Amkie, Agropark’s Managing Director, said that with this stage, the park will be offering 5,000 direct jobs and 2,300 indirect jobs.

Agropark’s First Stage already generates 2,400 jobs and houses 11 national and international agricultural companies, who have experienced the functionality of the services offered by Agropark.

Today, Agropark has 295 hectares, from which 180 are greenhouses. During the
First Stage, Agropark have seen a 200 million dollars investment in total.

Agropark Phase I

When the Second Stage is completed, Agropark will have 528 additional hectares,
from which 220 will be greenhouses and the remaining 362 hectares, will be dedicated to warehouses, green areas and a residential zone. "This Second Stage
will transform Agropark into an Agro Smart Solutions Center, focused on the
production of vegetables and flowers with exportation quality", said Amkie.

Agropark Phase II

Agropark created a comprehensive plan to satisfy the needs of both investors and employees. Thus arises the idea that the Second Stage should have a residential zone of 50 hectares inside of Agropark, in order to improve the life quality of the park´s employees, offering them the possibility nearby their place of work.

Amkie: "With no doubts, Agropark has become one of the most ambitious agro industrial projects in Mexico and in the world, thanks to a comprehensive vision, its efficiency and its environmentally responsible technology. This is how Agropark is revolutionizing the agro industrial concept in Mexico and positioning itself as the first Agro Smart Solutions Center on the American Continent."