After the onion prices brought consumers to tears, green chilli is now burning a hole in their pocket.

The prices of green chilli rose by around Tk100 per kilogram in a week. Prices of other vegetables, have also drastically increased. No vegetable cost below Tk50 a kg in the middle of the week.

Traders claim floods in several parts of the country following incessant rains caused a shortage of supplies and a rise in prices as a result, particularly for chilli. Imported green chillies were being sold at Tk250 to 280 a kg and local green chillies at Tk 280 to 300 in Dhaka on Tuesday. The maximum price of imported green chilli was Tk 150 last week. Local chillies were selling Tk 200 to 270 last week.

As of last Friday, many of traders were charging Tk 280 for a kg of the variety (local green chilli). They were selling 250 grams of green chilli at Tk 75.