The Mexican branch of Royal Brinkman was officially opened in April this year. How are they doing now? Brinkman's Ben Sosef notices that more and more Mexican growers are convinced of the idea of a one-stop shop. "We can help the grower with all procedures in the greenhouse, which really fills a gap in the Mexican sector.”

A global horticultural supplier with a complete range. That is the purpose of horticultural supplier Royal Brinkman. To achieve that, the company opens local offices in key markets. Nearly ten so far, and Mexico is one of them. “For me it’s clear,” says Ben Sosef when we catch up with him at this year’s Expo AgroAlimentaria, “ the Mexican industry is developing rapidly, getting more professional at every step.”

Ben Sosef, Emily Middendorp, and Chris Middendorp of Royal Brinkman.

Currently, only a small proportion of the Mexican horticultural sector exists of high-tech greenhouses. Most companies operate on mid- and low-tech levels. "We supply products for all those involved in covered cultivation," says Sosef. "Chalk shading coatings, for example. For low- and mid-tech we deliver shadefix or whitefix. For the upper segment we offer screen coating like Q4 White. And for those who wish, we can also supply coatings like Degree and D-Fuse."

One-stop shop

With the wide variety of products, Royal Brinkman supports growers of different production levels in all activities during cultivation. "We can take care of the entire crop supply. Hooks, wire, clips, you name it," says Sosef. "Plastics, rope, knives. All that is needed. We are a one-stop shop for the entire sector."

But merely offering a wide range is not enough to actually work on a worldwide scale. The range must also be accessible and easy to find. Royal Brinkman therefore divided the assortment into seven major online topics. So a grower can immediately see what he needs. All products are photographed and provide a clear manual in the language of the user. In addition, attention is paid to personal contact. "The site won’t replace personal contact, but it provides our customers with easy access." For the company, the online structure offers tremendous value. "You're never unclear about requested items. Customers immediately see the picture, attached to the article number. Which makes the whole procedure very simple."

Local presence

Thanks to this method more and more growers are finding the Mexican branch of the company. "An increasing number of growers see the importance of a one-stop shop," explains Sosef. And although the Mexican establishment is only just getting started, the importance of local presence is clear. "By being present locally, we can supply producers on the spot, but we can also share knowledge and support cultivation."

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