Dramm is pleased to offer new Metric/US thread adaptors to allow for easy use of their watering tools throughout Europe. Since thread standards are different between Europe and North America, European growers have had difficulty offering Dramm nozzles easily. Dramm has offered Metric version of our Rain Wands™ for years. These can also be used as an adaptor.

The new adaptors are available in both Male US x Female Metric and Female US x Male Metric to allow for connection either way. Growers may now use Dramm nozzles with existing wands, or use Dramm Handi-Reach™ handles with existing European nozzles with one of the two adaptors.

Dramm’s new adaptors are available from distributors throughout Europe.

Dramm has been making professional watering tools for nurseries, greenhouse growers and avid gardeners for over 65 years. Dramm strives to produce products that save time and energy while providing quality products.

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