New in the segment of disinfectants is Intra Hydrocare. The agent itself is not new and has been around for years, mostly used in animal husbandry and the public sector, but it is a new addition to the horticultural industry. After extensive testing, Intra Hydrocare is now available as a disinfectant for empty greenhouses, irrigation systems, walls, floors, materials and tools. Intra Hydrocare is a disinfectant based on chelated silver and hydrogen peroxide. This unique combination provides a strong disinfectant with unique properties.

A major advantage of Intra Hydrocare is the extensive Dutch CTGB registration as a disinfectant. This means the product may be used legally in the Dutch horticultural sector. Intra Hydrocare has approvals in four biocide classes; PT02, PT03, PT04 and PT05. Besides the usual tests during the registration process with the CTGB, Intra Hydrocare is also tested for specific plant pathogens such as Pythium and Fusarium. Intra Hydrocare has proved very efficient in its ability to eliminate these persistent pathogens. Another major advantage over competing agents is that Intra Hydrocare leaves no harmful residues behind.

The manufacturer of Intra Hydrocare, Intracare, also offers equipment with which the hygiene status of an area can be measured. This on-site measuring equipment provides, within a few minutes, an insight in the number of living organisms. This is ideal for determining the disinfection result. It is also possible to measure the number of living organisms in the irrigation water. 

Clean Tech measuring instrument

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Intracare is the authorization holder and manufacturer of Intra Hydrocare.

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