An uneven distribution of greenhouse climate is a thorn in the flesh of many a grower. Reason for Martin van der Hout and Robert Rijnbeek to go ahead and develop models for their company, Green Formula, based on careful analysis. With these models growers can dry-run individually composed climates before actually releasing them on nurseries. “Having green fingers isn’t enough anymore,” says Martin van der Hout. “Companies are getting bigger, risks are ever increasing. You need reliable test cases to avoid mistakes.”

Martin van der Hout

Before Martin started doing climate analyses, he was active in the horticultural industry. “Eventually I ended up at Kesgro, on Agriport A7. They had climate issues, especially in winter. I met Robert Rijnbeek, who has a background in theoretical physics, and together we started developing models based on information and Intel.”

Now, it’s not just Kesgro who benefits from the resulting Isodelta® applications. “We have several tests running with different growers,” Martin says. “Robert and I took a big risk about a year ago and really went ahead with expanding the new ideas. We realised our ideas resonated with growers. Now, our company, Green Formula, wants the models to contribute to effective and sustainable production methods in the greenhouse sector. Our most recent applications are headed under the Isodelta® brand.”

Many of the investments focus on automation and the further development of applications. “We are always looking to improve. Possibilities are endless. In the future we might integrate our simulated climate strategy in climate control software, or somehow feed it to the computer. Customers are already asking us to do this. Isoldelta is made up of various smaller applications able to actually learn, as the variation of input is ever increasing. If you can somehow connect this to existing physiological models, than the potential is huge.”

At the moment, those interested can apply for a demo login, showing the basic application and its primary functions.

For further questions please contact Martin van der Hout 0623412570