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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mexico: Larger Expo AgroAlimentaria prepares for second day

Yesterday was the first day of Mexico's premier event for greenhouse horticulture; The Expo AgroAlimentaria in Irapuato, Guanajuato.The show, taking place for the 30th time, but for the first time at the new location just outside of Irapuato, seemed to be a bit slower on the first day compared to what we are.....

Mexico: Filclair revamps commercial and operations department in the Americas

During the Expo AgroAlimentaria in Irapuato this week, Filclair proudly informed us of the establishment of new facilities at the AgroPark of Queretaro, Mexico. From July 15th this year, a recently created Filclair logistics platform has became the company neutral centre for the whole American continent......

8 bays in double poly arch style and 10 bays in Venlo glass

US: 3.75 acres of high end greenhouse for sale in Taylorville, IL

A renewable energy powered Greenhouse, built recently, and fully operational with a very low cost heat source is being offered for sale in Central Illinois. It is close to 4 markets including Chicago and St. Louis, and is perfect expansion for someone seeking a presence in the Midwest USA.Rock Solid.....

Illumitex launches wide-distribution greenhouse fixture

Responding to the requirements of its ever-expanding customer base, as well as the ever-evolving field of controlled environment agriculture, LED grow light designer-manufacturer Illumitex announced the launch of PowerHarvest W, a fixture that casts a wide-distribution light beam.Illumitex designs and builds.....

Dutch organic Zucchini growers limited to organic seed

The expert group for open field vegetable crops has advised the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs to add "green cylindrical zucchini" to the National Annex. The ministry has adopted this advice. This means that as of January 1, 2016 Dutch organic growers can only use organic seed from this sub-crop.For the.....

AU: Coles funds state-of-the-art greenhouse at Clyde

A Clyde herb farm will receive a $430,000 interest-free loan from the Coles Nurture Fund to build a state-of-the-art hydroponic greenhouse and invest in sustainable farming methods.Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs’ new greenhouse will enable the garnish producer and distributor to increase its productivity by up.....

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UC Davis, SunPower dedicate University of California’s largest campus solar power plant

University of California, Davis, Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi, and SunPower representatives today (Nov. 20) are dedicating the university’s newly constructed 16.3-megawatt (AC) solar power plant. The new plant, which UC Davis estimates will generate 14 percent of the electricity the campus needs, is the.....

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US (TX): Making the most of your fertilizer dollar program set for Dec. 1

With low commodity prices predicted through next year, many farmers are looking for ways to trim costs. However, when it comes to fertilizer, experts suggested, producers should selectively manage inputs to maximize economic returns.A workshop for those wanting to understand soil tests and fertilizer.....

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Bosch robot gets rid of weeds automatically and without herbicides

Back in 1950, a farmer would have been able to grow around 2,500 kilograms of wheat per hectare of cropland. Today, that figure has more than tripled. Advances in plant breeding and technical innovations will continue to be necessary in order to feed the growing global population. This is where Bosch’s.....

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US (CA): Company brings 'ugly' fruit to East Bay area

Ben Simon is perhaps the only Bay Area CEO whose workday includes fondling kiwis.Simon is CEO and co-founder of Imperfect Produce, a startup that delivers boxes of “ugly fruit” to East Bay homes and offices. Founded in August 2015 with a couple hundred subscribers, the company now delivers 870 boxes weekly......

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Study finds plants need active social lives to stay healthy

Canadian plant science researchers in collaboration with Montreal-based Inocucor Technologies Inc. have discovered new clues about the active social lives of plants, which use molecular signals to engage in constant life-enhancing conversations with thousands of microbes in their ecosystem.Their findings,.....

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Ay-kasa delivers patented collapsible crates

Turkey: "Consumers really excited about minibox"

Istanbul-based company Ay-kasa Folding Crates supplies plastic folding crates. The company is part of the Turkish Ayyildiz Group. Vice president Hakan Nikbay: "All our crates have special dimensions and fit perfectly on a pallet, even 'minibox' which is our smallest crate." Because of the specific.....

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Making it easier to buy Aussie this Christmas

Australian farmers and manufacturers and the retailers that stock their products are making it easier to buy Aussie this Christmas, by celebrating the festive season in green and gold. Shoppers seeking out genuine Aussie products and produce can simply look for the green-and-gold Australian Made, Australian.....

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Netherlands: Jiffy starts construction of new substrate facility in Zwijndrecht

Monday November 23rd 2015 construction has started on the new substrate facility of Jiffy Products International BV, in Zwijndrecht.Robert Kreukniet, alderman economy of the municipality of Zwijndrecht, is very much enthused about Jiffy Products building its new substrate facility in Zwijndrecht. ‘The news.....

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Qatar goes homegrown and organic

A year-long project in Qatar to develop organic produce at reasonable prices is finally bearing fruit, according to the country’s Ministry of Environment (MOE). Speaking to Al Sharq this week, the ministry’s head of agricultural affairs said that Qatar now has five organic farms in operation. The aim of the.....

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How HAF fans can reduce temperature variations in a commercial greenhouse

Horizontal Air Flow (HAF) fans and their sisters (HVF) High Velocity Fans are essential parts of a greenhouse heating and cooling system. HAF Fans and HVF Fans are also known as circulating fans. These fans help move the air through the greenhouse, so when positioned properly they can eliminate hot spots and.....

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Concentrating sale of vegetables to supermarkets no solution for Vietnamese food safety problem

By forcing the sale of fresh vegetables to move from street markets to the supermarket the Vietnamese government will not achieve the desired effect. This government policy is based on concerns about food safety and better control of the chain, but consumers have their own reasons for buying products from.....

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Leeds Beckett University study:

UK children want healthier meals

A new study by academics at Leeds Beckett University has found school meals are frequently ‘unhealthy’, ‘fatty’ or ‘soggy’, according to the primary school children who eat them and children think school meals should be healthier.The research, published in the November 2015 edition of the British Journal of.....

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Mexico: Larger Expo AgroAlimentaria prepares for second day

Yesterday was the first day of Mexico's premier event for greenhouse horticulture; The Expo AgroAlimentaria in Irapuato, Guanajuato.The show, taking place for the 30th time, but for the first time at the new location just outside of Irapuato, seemed to be a bit slower on the first day compared to what we are.....

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US: FDA won't require GMO labeling

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) refuses to consider requiring the labeling of biotech food. This affirms its longstanding policy that there is no legal basis for mandating such disclosure on products that are essentially the same as their conventional versions.The FDA decision came in denying petitions.....

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Japan: This company is growing the future of automated agriculture

If your goal is to create a stable food supply on Earth, or elsewhere for that matter, one path to steady, environmentally friendly and readily-available crops is via the indoor farm, or vegetable factory.Consider the implications for the planet and for space exploration: clean, low-to-no pollution.....


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