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Friday, October 31, 2014

Canadian Greenhouse Conference '14 Bus Tour:
Photo Report: Visit to Berkel Greenhouses Inc. in Simcoe
Since 1970, Berkel Greenhouse Inc. is growing hydroponic greenhouse produce. Owner Ted Berkel was so kind to welcome us at the family owned farm during the Canadian Greenhouse Conference Bus Tour. We made a photo report.Ted Berkel welcomed us at his greenhouse. Berkel Greenhouse Inc. cultivates bell.....

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Arrange your visit today!
See you in Mexico at Expo Agroalimentaria?!
It's only just 11 days to go till the biggest event for greenhouse horticulture will take place in Mexico; the Expo Agroalimentaria Guanajuato. Every year this event is held in the city of Irapuato, close to the well known greenhouse hub of Querétaro. If you have not already arranged your attendance of the.....

First Turkish grower is using the Agrifast Tom System
Lidersan, a company member of the Altunkaya Group, is the first Turkish company using the Agrifast Tom System.The Altunkaya group was established in 1980 to operate in the sectors of transportation and food. In 2006 Lidersan Saglik was established and nowadays it is an important trademark in Europe and.....

Wageningen UR :
LED lighting can significantly reduce greenhouse horticulture energy consumption
With the exception of energy consumption, where there is still much to be done, the Dutch are global leaders in greenhouse horticulture. The quality is high, and nowhere else is the use of water and pesticides so low. Even so, demand for innovation, sustainable production and healthy fruit and vegetables and.....

California droughts are but one factor in higher retail produce prices
The severity and duration of the ongoing drought in California has raised concerns over its role in rising food prices at the grocery store, especially for fresh fruits and vegetables. In 2012, California produced nearly 50 percent (by value) of the nation’s vegetables and non-citrus fruit. Droughts in.....

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Greenhouse centre Russia put into use
Wider range of vegetables in Russian greenhouse
The European Commission is disbursing 5.3 million Euro in compensation to Belgian farmers. The money is to be disbursed in the following weeks. China export more vegetables to Russia. Compared to last year, the volume increased by 45.3%, and the worth by 22.5% to 204,000 MT and 82 million dollars.....

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Canadian Greenhouse Conference ´14, Niagara Falls

Canadian Greenhouse Conference ´14, Niagara Falls

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British Tomato Conference 2014

British Tomato Conference 2014

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UK Tomato Working Party visits Holland 2014

UK Tomato Working Party visits Holland 2014

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GPEC 2014, Tokyo, Japan.

GPEC 2014, Tokyo, Japan.

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Cultivate '14, Columbus OH, USA

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UK: Electricity price trends summary: September 2014
This graph shows how electricity contract prices have varied over the last 12 months. It’s been a pretty stable month for energy prices. The political issues affecting gas supplies have calmed a little, weather has been mild and gas stocks are good. For full energy price trend information, see the Farm.....

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AgraTech Solutions announces the European availability of their newest fertilizer products: CntrlZ
CntrlZ is a process whereby both dry granular and liquid fertilizers are cross-linked to control leaching, volatilization, drift, ground-water intrusion and pH modification.The CntrlZ family of products includes many commodity fertilizers like urea, MAP, DAP and granulated pelleted fertilizers. It helps.....

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Posten on Anthony Mundula's blog from GGS
Selecting the right bench for your crop can make all the difference
GGS has been designing, improving, manufacturing, and building quality benches for growers for over 35 years.Flood Benches:Flood benches are great for helping to control irrigation and fertilization costs. By re-circulating water, fertilizer not used by the plants is available for the next cycle. It’s.....

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"Coatings have no effect on day length sensitivity"
Short day plants flower during short days; long day plants flower during long days. It is becoming increasingly clear that light colour plays an important role in driving this effect. Coatings however, have no impact on this. Many plants are naturally sensitive to day length. They flower only when the days.....

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Monsanto invests to transform plant breeding
With a growing global population and increased pressures on agriculture due to climate change, farmers around the world will increasingly require a broad range of agricultural solutions to improve the on-farm potential of crops on our world’s finite farmland. Monsanto Company reinforced its commitment to.....

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NZ: Proposed ripening device a world first
New Zealand scientists are studying the use of a remotely-activated device to start the process of ripening in packaged fruit and vegetables. Yvonne O'Hara reports.Plant and Food Research scientists have received funding to create a remotely-activated device that will encourage packaged fruit and vegetable.....

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Australian Made calling to get behind 'our Aussie logo'
The Australian Made Campaign is calling on consumers to get behind ‘our Aussie logo’ – the green-and-gold kangaroo that certifies products and produce as genuinely Australian Made or Australian Grown, in a national campaign launching today.The Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is the country’s only.....

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Quick Plug back in production
Quick Plug is once again in full swing after a devastating fire destroyed much of the Poeldijk operation earlier this year. The company has since moved to the nearby community of Monster. Quick Plug BV produces stabilized seeds and plug tools for professional horticulture. This November, it celebrates its.....

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Spain: Andalusia has over 800,000 hectares of organic crops
The General Director for Quality, Agro-Food Industry and Organic Production of the Government of Andalusia, Ana Romero, stressed that the organic farming sector continues to consolidate in Andalusia, with 806,726 hectares of land devoted to these crops, representing 54% of Spain's total, and 9,931 operators,.....

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Humidification: Is your system ready for the season?
Before activating make sure the filters are clean, change if necessary: Check / change the pump oil: Flush the system (see manual): Check nozzles for performance. Each (standard) nozzle puts out 12 lb/hr. or 5.5 kg/hr. when performing correctly. Blockages reduce this output considerably.For more.....

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NZ: Bagged lettuce possible cause of gastro
One hundred and twenty seven people have been infected with yersinia pseudotuberculosis since it first appeared last month and 38 of them have had to be treated in hospital.Foodstuffs said it was given access to a report naming two of its two products, Pam's fresh express mesclun salad lettuce and Pam's.....

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University of Queensland study shows:
Key to happiness is eating more veg, fruit
The University of Queensland study suggests eating eight or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day improves mental wellbeing as well as physical health.Health economics researcher Dr Redzo Mujcic from UQ's school of pharmacy said the study involved more than 12,000 Australian adults."What I wanted to.....

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Netherlands: 70% of exhibition space Tuinbouwrelatiedagen Venray hired
The upcoming edition of Tuinbouwrelatiedagen Venray can again boast high enthusiasm in the sector. More than 70% of the exhibition space has been reserved. The fair is held on 25-27 November, 2014.Click here to see last year's photo reportDuring the event, the fourth asparagus symposium takes place, called .....

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Produce View empowers tomato growers with information on British Tomato Conference
UK: The ins and outs of British tomato retail
Understanding the market and the retail sector is crucial in horticulture and the tomato industry is no exception. At the 2014 British Tomato Conference Mr Tim Mudge, commercial manager of Produce View, a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Growers Association, who gave a presentation about the position.....

Vertical farmingmore »

Vertical farming - viable agriculture or urban pipedream?
If you don't want industrial agriculture ravaging the world to feed cities nutrient-deprived, genetically modified, chemical-drenched pap, here's an alternative, writes Matt Bevington: let cities grow their own fresh produce on 'vertical farms' in disused industrial buildings, restoring sustainability and.....


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