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Friday, July 24, 2015

Next newsletter on Monday 10th of August

The Hortidaily team wishes you a very nice vacation!

After a busy year in which we visited a lot of great exhibitions and met a lot of amazing people, it's time for the Hortidaily team to take a small break. In the coming two weeks, we won't publish any newsletters. On Monday the 10th of August we will be back with a new dose of energy to report to.....

Spray-painting heating pipes in the middle of the night

Starting at sunset and stopping when the sun comes up again. That's how the spray-painting company of Gilbert Geraerts will work this summer, when they spray-paint the heating pipes of two new greenhouses in Tunisia. Due to the weather it's hardly possible to work during the day. Temperatures will rise to 35.....

Opportunities for low-grade heat in horticulture

International horticulture is not only concerned with saving energy, but also with the use of alternative energy sources. The Dutch Feije de Zwart of Wageningen UR sees opportunities for low-grade heat.Which alternative energy sources are open to horticulture? Feije de Zwart knows all about it. He does.....

Video: German growers promote German products

German vegetable and fruit growers are currently promoting regional products by bringing their cultivation to the public eye. Daily, a new video is being placed on YouTube so that people can get an insight into various German businesses.The videos are part of theDeutschland, Mein Garten campaign. Germans are.....

Foil on cultivation gutter prevents the spead of root diseases

In the last year, many practical tests have been carried out by various growers in the Netherlands on foil on cultivation gutters. On approximately 4 hectares, foil was introduced in hanging cultivation gutters for tomato, pepper and aubergine cultivation. At the start of cultivation, the foil was placed on.....

Voorwinden Groep reaches milestone: 100 machines

Many people have holidays, but that does not apply to many of the team at Voorwinden Groep . “Clients cannot afford to take off and therefore we have to continue as well,” a spokesman from the company said. "Besides, it is not just the European market we serve. There are about ten ongoing projects worldwide.....

UK: Fully automated glasshouse opened by Langmead Group

The UK’s first fully automated glasshouse herb growing facility has opened in West Sussex. This £3m investment by the Langmead Group provides year-round large-scale herb farming for the UK supermarkets at a rate of 5 million pots a year.The unique automatic potting, sowing and growing system can run 24 hours.....

Greenhouses for tropical climate

In recent months at ULMA Agricola they have been developing several Arin type greenhouse facilities in several zones of the Caribbean, Africa and equatorial America. This structure is also known as a tropical structure because it is designed to meet the needs of these geographical regions with warm climates.....

Latvia garbage dump helps grow a tomato farm

Latvia is not among countries whose latitude makes it suitable for growing moderate-climate vegetables, such as tomatoes. But, through clever use of a garbage dump as a source of energy, a large greenhouse near the capital Riga is now growing more than 450 tons of tomatoes annually.Latvian consumers who.....

A geothermal heat project from business plans to drilling

From 2016, geothermal heat will be warming some 50 hectares of glasshouse in Vierpolders. In this Zuid-Holland horticultural area, a geothermal project is being developed on a scale that is unique in the Netherlands. The advisers from Flynth are helping ‘Aardwarmte Vierpolders’ and the.....

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Cultivate '15, Columbus OH, USA

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PCA Conference, Gold Coast Autralia,

PCA Conference, Gold Coast Autralia,

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Erieview Acres, Kingsville, Ontario, Canada

Erieview Acres, Kingsville, Ontario, Canada

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Orangeline Farms, Leamington, Ontario, Canada

Orangeline Farms, Leamington, Ontario, Canada

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Vine Fresh Acres, Leamington, Ontario, Canada

Vine Fresh Acres, Leamington, Ontario, Canada

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US (CA): Food waste powers project

Ryan Dowdy’s creative juices began flowing as a young child in Alabama. Instead of starting a lemonade stand, he mixed oil, water and food coloring and then sold jars filled with the concoction to his neighbors for 50 cents apiece.Now he is taking that entrepreneurial spirit and trying to convert food waste.....

Industrial symbiosis: Collaborating to harness waste energy and materials for mutual benefit

Networks of companies worldwide are improving efficiency, saving costs and cutting their environmental impacts by partnering to share excess energy and resourcesAs businesses grapple with the challenge of decoupling growth from a heavy dependence on natural resources, forming networks and sharing knowledge.....

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Earn up to $600 cash back on BioSafe Systems products

BioSafe Systems has recently launched its Summer Savings Rebate program, effective for the entire month of July. Earn cash back on top-pick products including AzaGuard Botanical Insecticide, SaniDate 12.0 Microbiocide and ZeroTol 2.0 bactericide/fungicide. This offer is valid to BioSafe Systems end users who.....

Machinesmore »

Voorwinden Groep reaches milestone: 100 machines

Many people have holidays, but that does not apply to many of the team at Voorwinden Groep . “Clients cannot afford to take off and therefore we have to continue as well,” a spokesman from the company said. "Besides, it is not just the European market we serve. There are about ten ongoing projects worldwide.....

Product Infomore »

International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS)

Re-assignment of PLU codes on horizon

As the adoption of price look-up codes (PLU) has gained traction, the International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS) has committed to transitioning the previously unused ‘8’ prefix to accommodate an increase in varieties of fresh produce items as they enter the market. The transition comes at a time.....

Breedingmore »

"Production records to be broken with NUN 09094"

A production champion. That is how Bayer CropScience Vegetable Seeds describes the new variety NUN 09094. The variety was presented together with the vine version NUN 09097.With an eye on the coming Dutch season under lights, hybridizers are currently busy showing their new varieties to growers. At Bayer.....

Packagingmore »

Blueberries, cherries and cherry tomatoes

UK: Wellpack launches new snack pots

Wellpak, a leading supplier of fresh produce from around the world, has launched a new product line: snack-pots. In a diversification from the traditional fruit punnet, these small pots with peel off lids will begin by containing single servings of blueberries, cherries or cherry tomatoes.The snack-pots are.....

Marketingmore »

AU: New study shows ways to market veggies to boost sales

A chop and a wash could lead to greater profits for the vegetable industry, says AusVeg spokesman Kurt ­Hermann. New research suggested consumers were looking for more convenient vegies — such as precut and pre-washed products, he said.And they were prepared to pay for the convenience.Mr Hermann’s comments.....

Substratesmore »

Rick van Vliet (CombiVliet):

"Stocky plant offers advantages nearing shortest day"

Cultivation specialist, Rick van Vliet and Robert van den Ende of CombiVliet discussed their experiences with the RootmaXX block from Saint-Gobain Cultilene. "During trials, we quickly noticed what we wanted to see and know what we can do with this block. A stocky plant. That delivered the advantages we were.....

Organicmore »

Romania: Organic food sales less than 0.5%

The consumption of bio products in Romania reaches less than 0.5 percent of total food sales, according to a study by Republica BIO. By comparison, Austria or Germany reach around seven to eight percent in bio products sales, influenced by numerous studies that confirm major endocrine and neuronal.....

Coolingmore »

“Jet Precoolers and MacroBins are great combo for fast cooling”

Every year, more growers are changing to use of plastic “MacroBins”, and abandoning wooden field crates, for a number of reasons. Life-cycle costs, sanitation, and durability are among them.Another benefit of the change-over - perhaps the best of all - is the ability to precool much faster in the new.....

Food Safetymore »

California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LGMA)

Lowest food safety citations in organization history

The California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LGMA) saw the lowest amount of citations on record for the 2014/2015 year, according to its Annual Report.“It’s our strong belief that the combination of comprehensive training, frequent audits and the requirement that all citations be corrected is what’s.....

Healthmore »

US (LA): Farm-to-school featured at Foodapalooza

Ninety educators from across the state gathered at the Coughlin-Saunders Performing Arts Center in downtown Alexandria for the Foodapalooza: Farm to School Edition on July 14.Carl Motsenbocker, LSU AgCenter professor of horticulture and sustainable agriculture, said the farm-to-school program supports.....

Eventsmore »

August 2, Van Horne

US (IA): Farm equipment field day and demonstration

Whether you raise row crops or vegetables, scaling up your operation requires investment in equipment, tools and infrastructure. But which equipment is right for your farm, now and in the future?Join Eric and Ann Franzenburg, who have been operating a diversified farm since 1992, at a Practical Farmers of.....

Retailmore »

Smart & Final Q2 sales up | Ahold's rival Sligro enters Belgium

Dunnes 'in talks to open up to 40 UK stores'

Finland: Kesko’s sales slide in H1 Finnish retailer Kesko has released its first half results for 2015, revealing that total net sales decreased by 4.2% to €4.31bn, although overall profitability improved significantly, reports. The retailer’s grocery performance was better than its total.....

Vertical farmingmore »

Can toxic algae help your vertical farm?

Blue-green algae produces a sickening toxin that forced Toledo’s public drinking-water system to shut down. How on Earth can this help vertical farmers?A few months ago The Urban Vertical Project wrote about fixing fertilizer runoff in the Great Lakes region, and in the nation as a whole. Vertical farms.....

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Larger supply in June led to greater revenue

The cut flower supply rose by 6.5%, resulting in a revenue increase of 4.3% with a lower average price. The houseplant revenue lay 9.3% higher with an increase in supply of 7.4% and a 2% higher average price. Overall growth was also recorded for garden plants. The revenue rose almost 21% with a 6.7% increase.....


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