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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Dutch expertise group AAB increases focus on new markets:

The high-end approach towards indoor cultivation

The market for indoor cultivation systems is evolving fast, especially now that the regulated cultivation of medical marijuana in North America has come around the corner. Dutch horticulture consultancy firm AAB is therefore translating its expertise in high-end indoor horticulture cultivationAAB is known.....

Boy de Nijs joins Ridder Group

The Ridder Group is expanding its team with the appointment of Boy de Nijs as Content Marketeer. As from December 1st, he will join the Ridder Group to strengthen their marketing team. In his new role, Boy will operate at the interface between technology and marketing to create valuable content for the.....

Germany: Growtainer delivered at Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University

Dedicated research to analyze opportunities for applications and innovations in indoor environments often comes with high initial investment costs. But thanks to the mobility of an indoor cultivation environment like a Growtainer®, that investment cost can be significantly decreased.A Spanish pharmaceutical.....

US (NY): Viability of indoor urban agriculture is focus of research grant

Growing crops in controlled environments – in greenhouses, plant factories and in vertical farms – provides alternatives to conventional farming by producing food year-round near metropolitan areas, reducing transportation costs and water use, and improving land-use efficiency. Such local systems also offer.....

UK: Retractable greenhouses planned at historic fruit business

A historic Kent farming business is seeking permission to erect almost 30 acres of retractable roof greenhouses for soft fruit production alongside a new storage building and reservoir.G Charlton and Sons is based at Rumwood Green Farm, Langley, and specialises in apple and strawberry production.Acting on.....

Focusing on water treatment, chemical application and irrigation

Dramm to exhibit at Expo Agro Alimentaria

Dramm will offer its chemical application and water treatment products at Expo AgroAlimentaria in Irapuato, Mexico this coming November.Focusing on helping Mexican growers with their plant health needs, Dramm will offer fogging and spraying equipment along with their years of experience in greenhouse pest.....

Plant escape from waterlogging

Researchers are warning about more frequently occurring extreme weather events in the future as a result of climate change. Current environmental catastrophes such as the numerous and particularly severe tropical hurricanes this year tend to confirm this trend. These extreme weather events are often.....

Canada: Aphria announces $80 million bought deal

Aphria has entered into an agreement with Clarus Securities, on behalf of a syndicate of underwriters, pursuant to which the Underwriters have agreed to purchase, on a “bought deal” basis, 11,034,500 Common Shares of the Company at a price of C$7.25 per Common Share for aggregate gross proceeds to the.....

Photos: A trip inside Caliva's farms

Indoor cannabis cultivation has moved out of the dimly-lit basements and garages operated by renegade activists, patients, and green thumbs. Nowadays, massive legal grows occupy sprawling warehouses and multi-million dollar agricultural facilities. As budgets and plant counts scale up, so do the technology.....

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UK: Update on the RHI consultation

Last week the consultation regarding some of the eligible heat uses within the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) closed to respondents. The department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) will now consider the responses against their requirements. They will then make a decision on what will.....

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"Peptides could revolutionise how food is grown"

Scientists say the discovery of a group of hormones in plants could revolutionise food production by improving yields.The Universities of Queensland and Sydney collaborated on the study, which has found about 130 CLE peptide hormones in legumes that were essential to growth and development.Senior Lecturer at.....

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UK: New raspberry varieties Malling Bella and Malling Charm launched

Consistent flavour, good fruit quality and long shelf life are set to make two new raspberry varieties, Malling Bella and Malling Charm, strong favourites with consumers and retailers in the future, says breeder NIAB EMR.They are the first two raspberry varieties from the East Malling Rubus Breeding.....

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Future of CAP: Robots in the field?

At first glance, farming might not seem the most technically advanced profession: the image of the farmer toiling on the land remains the most persistent, and for many people, farm technology begins and ends with a tractor. But the reality is far from this, and the agri-food sector is just like any other.....

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Monterosa tomatoes shipped from Almeria to the Netherlands

The shipment of Monterosa specialty tomatoes from Almeria to the Netherlands has already started. The product will start to be marketed this week by the company Staay Food Group, which signed an agreement with Gavà Grup for its exclusive marketing in the Netherlands.The ribbed Monterosa tomato, which has a.....

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UK: New tomato packaging prevents transport mess

A brand new premium tomato pack, created by Colpac, has been launched onto the top tiers of Aldi’s supermarket shelves. The global supermarket chain required a paperboard packaging solution in keeping with the high quality of the UK sourced fruit. In addition, moving away from plastic, it was essential that.....

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Turkish tomatoes to be promoted in Seoul to lift exports

As part of the Economy Ministry's drive to promote Turkish goods and products abroad, the Aegean Exporters' Union is set to join the Food Week Korea in Seoul between Oct. 25 and Oct. 28.Under the government's "Branding of Turkish Products Abroad," "Putting Across the Image of Turkish Goods" and "Turquality.....

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US: Enroot Products ships first Ameri-Coco bagged coir

EnRoot Products announces the release of Ameri-Coco ‘Ready-To-Grow’ bagged coir. Available in convenient 1.5 cu ft. bags, Ameri-Coco products come in three varieties to suit growers' needs: Root Kandy is the perfect medium for high-value crops with ultra-low EC requirements, Root Kandy is 100% coco coir.....

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US: Aquaponics Association calls on NOSB to retain organic eligibility

The Aquaponics Association submitted its official comment to the NOSB ahead of the Fall 2017 Meeting, at which it will vote on aquaponics' organic future. The Association will also deliver web comments later this month. Here is the state of the Association's Aquaponic and Hydroponic Organic.....

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Tecnova implements a greenhouse refrigeration system in Egypt

The Tecnova Technology Center has implemented a new refrigeration system for greenhouses in Cairo, Egypt, which will solve climate management problems in this country, and has completed the construction of a 1.7 hectare prototype that will endorse the conclusions of trials developed at Tecnova.This action.....

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Australia: Enhanced molecular technology set to improve and better safeguard Vic agriculture

Agriculture Victoria has received an infrastructure boost to its metabolomics and proteomics facility at the AgriBio Centre for AgriBioscience in Bundoora, Melbourne.The enhancements represent a $1 million investment by the Victorian Government and include new robotics for automated sample preparation and a.....

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Highlighting Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture as a Tool to Fight Malnutrition on World Food Day

“In the past we concentrated on producing vegetables to increase income. But now, we also think of consuming vegetables for our health. We grow diverse vegetables in our kitchen garden throughout the year; we sell only surplus vegetables in the market.”- Mrs. Chandrakala Thapa, Member, Kafalmela Mother.....

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November 20-24, Shanghai

Access to Chinese horticulture industry by China Green Week

European Union exports to China in 2015 totaled 22,768 tons, with a value of 36.3 million euros. Apples and pears were the main products exported, totaling 5,399 tons, with a value of 6,211 million euros, followed by citrus fruits, with 4,278 tons and a value of 4,220 million euros. Within the EU, Italy,.....

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Lidl to create 500 jobs in UK expansion

Ex-CEO Asda calls for ban on plastic packaging

Carrefour teams up with Barilla to fight food waste in ItalyCarrefour Italia has partnered with Italian pasta and sauces producer Barilla to reduce food waste in the country. The two companies have said that they are working together to educate their customers, encouraging them to use leftover vegetables.....

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Germany: Growtainer delivered at Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University

Dedicated research to analyze opportunities for applications and innovations in indoor environments often comes with high initial investment costs. But thanks to the mobility of an indoor cultivation environment like a Growtainer®, that investment cost can be significantly decreased.A Spanish pharmaceutical.....

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US: 42% of marijuana business owners plan to expand into new markets

Over 40% of cannabis business owners are planning to take their companies into a new market within the next year, according to a Marijuana Business Daily survey.Of the business owners intending to expand, the vast majority have identified opportunities in both the medical and recreational markets.With sales.....


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