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Monday, December 05, 2016

Photo Report Growtech Eurasia 2016

PHOTO REPORT A total of 80 thousand visitors attended the Growtech Eurasia in Turkey last week. The event, which was organized in the recently expanded and renovated Antalya Expo Center, attracted visitors from more than 20 different countries. The international interest and traffic to the Growtech once again confirmed.....

How was your growth today?

Among growers, this question is heard more and more since it is possible to measure growth. The Paskal Growth Analyze System provides this growth information now for 3 seasons, to the first users of the system.During the first season the growers learned a lot about direct influences on growth. Climate and.....

US(TX): Fertilizer trials at Hort Americas demo greenhouse

Hort Americas has retrofitted a 12,000-square-foot greenhouse in Dallas, Texas, for the purpose of studying edible crop production in a variety of hydroponic production systems. The greenhouse is also being used to demonstrate products offered in the company’s online David KuackTyler Baras, who is.....

US: NGMA 2016 scholarship awarded to Alexander Schaller

To ensure the future of the industry through education, the National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association (NGMA) is pleased to announce that Alexander Schaller, University of Arizona, was the recipient of its 2016 scholarship.Schaller is a senior with a double major in sustainable plant systems and.....

Facts and figures: protected vegetable sector in Mexico

To have an idea about the size and development of the protected vegetable sector in Mexico, the following information is useful:Protected horticulture is widely spread in Mexico and present in all 32 states.98% of the protected production in Mexico is destined to horticulture. The main crops grown under.....

Biobest acquires Real IPM Kenya

Biobest and Real IPM Kenya have entered into an agreement with a view for Biobest to acquire Real IPM Kenya Ltd. Real IPM is active in biological control in East Africa. Its broad market presence ranges from the export driven flower market to the smallholder cereals farmer. Biobest, headquartered in Belgium.....

Australia: New Fruitspotting Bug guide out now

A new handbook that outlines the latest, most effective ways for handling one of the horticulture industry’s most damaging pests is now available. Commissioned by Horticulture Innovation Australia using multiple industry levies and funds from the Australian Government, with co-investment and delivery by the.....

Bayer supports public access to safety-relevant crop protection study reports

Bayer supports the principles established by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) concerning the extent to which authorities must ensure public access to crop protection product studies under the provision that confidential data is protected. The ECJ has set rules throughout Europe for authorities, the.....

Plant plants cropping up in Hong Kong

Plant factories, in which vegetables and other crops are grown indoors, are cropping up in Hong Kong amid growing awareness about food safety among the middle class.With some 20 companies entering the market over the past three years, annual production of hydroponic farms is expected to reach 750 tons.In.....

CAN (AB): 800,000 square foot marijuana greenhouse opening in Leduc

An enormous medical marijuana greenhouse is being developed in Leduc.The building, called Aurora Sky, will be 800,000 square feet and will be able to produce 100,000 kilograms of marijuana annually.Barbara Engelbart-McKenzie, the executive director of the Leduc/Nisku Economic Development Association, told.....

Latest photo reports

Growtech Eurasia 2016, Antalya, Turkey.

Growtech Eurasia 2016, Antalya, Turkey.

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MJBizCon 2016, Las Vegas

MJBizCon 2016, Las Vegas

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Expo AgroAlimentaria Guanajuato 2016, Irapuato, Mexico.

Expo AgroAlimentaria Guanajuato 2016, Irapuato, Mexico.

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Greenhouse Industry at PMA 2016

Greenhouse Industry at PMA 2016

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St. David

St. David's Hydroponics, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

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February 8-9, Shropshire

Impact of Brexit on UK renewable energy policy debated

The effect of Brexit on the UK’s renewable and low carbon energy policy will be outlined by the Rt Hon. John Gummer, Lord Deben - chairman of the committee on climate change, at the Energy Now Expo next February 8 & 9 2017.A key note speaker at the event, Lord Deben was the former minister for.....

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US(TX): Fertilizer trials at Hort Americas demo greenhouse

Hort Americas has retrofitted a 12,000-square-foot greenhouse in Dallas, Texas, for the purpose of studying edible crop production in a variety of hydroponic production systems. The greenhouse is also being used to demonstrate products offered in the company’s online David KuackTyler Baras, who is.....

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Biologists unlock 51.7 million-year-old genetic secret to Darwin theory

Scientists have identified the cluster of genes responsible for reproductive traits in the Primula flower, first noted as important by Charles Darwin more than 150 years ago.Darwin hypothesised that some plant species with two distinct forms of flower, where male and female reproductive organs were of.....

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The robotic farmers that could solve the world's food crisis

The SPREAD vegetable farm, currently under construction on a science park about 25km outside Kyoto, Japan, will occupy 4,400m2 - all enclosed in a vast, warehouse-like building.Inside, under LED lights, shelves will rise to the ceiling, each one a soil bed full of lettuces. The workforce will move seedlings,.....

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Hoogstraten introduces Kubello Oven&Grill:

Belgium: “Tomatoes on the vine make for festive presentation”

Especially for the holidays, Coöperatie Hoogstraten introduces a new concept for in the oven: Kubello Oven&Grill. “The Kubello is a bell pepper-vine tomato, and looks tough. This tomato has an ideal sour-sweet ratio, making Kubello a product that lends itself to almost anything: in salads, as a snack,.....

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Canada: Organic packaging for Savoura Bio brand tomatoes

CKF is excited to announce the commercial introduction of its newest Earthcycle design—EC 118—created to support the re-branding of Serres Sagami’s, Savoura Bio organic, greenhouse tomatoes. The new flow-wrapped Savoura Bio packaging, complete with a new logo and color, is now available in stores across.....

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Toronto shoppers enjoy cucumber organ music

Hendrick's Gin has revealed a whimsical spectacle unlike anything the world has ever seen before. Throughout the day on November 30th and December 1st, holiday shoppers prone to wonder and curiosity are advised to keep an eye out for the Hendrick's CORGAN, or rather, the Cucumber Organ of Remarkably Glorious.....

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US: Hydroponics can remain organic....for now

U.S. growers of hydroponic and container grown crops may continue to label their produce as certified organics. Well, at least for a while. To be more precise; until the next meeting of the National Organic Standards Board in April 2017. The advisory board had a hard time discussing the current regulation in.....

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"USDA should say yes to hydroponic farmers"

Marianne Cufone is an adjunct environmental law professor at Loyola University New Orleans and the executive director of the Recirculating Farms Coalition, a collaborative group of farmers, educators, non-profit organizations and many others committed to eco-efficient and innovative farming. She was also on.....

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EU Fresh Info Forum

How Walmart put traceability on the agenda

Automation, standards and IT solutions are not the most popular topics for many people. Yet these are the sectors that will change the fresh produce sector in coming years. Those who move along with these changes, have a future, those who stay behind, do not. That was the thought that brought about 300.....

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Wageningen and TNO start consortium on Personalised Nutrition and Health

A society in which every individual can – and wants to – make a conscious choice to follow a nutritional program that precisely fits with what the individual needs. The Personalised Nutrition and Health consortium, an initiative of Wageningen University & Research and TNO, is researching the technology.....

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December 8, Lacombe Provincial Building

CAN (AB): Getting into Retail workshop

Getting into Retail is a one-day workshop designed for those who are interested in transitioning into retail sales beyond the traditional farm direct market channels.“This workshop allows participants to discover the scope of the retail market, market drivers and the pros and cons of accessing this market.....

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Co-op sets 80% recyclable packaging target | Lenta is rated best by suppliers

Woolworths sets up unit to specifically rival Amazon Fresh

India: Demonetisation powers online food delivery - While demonetisation and the sudden rupee note cancellation may have led to a decline in sales of e-commerce firms due to the slowdown in cash-on-delivery orders, it has seen a rise in sales for companies which are into the online food delivery.....

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December 14 & 15, New Braunfels

US (TX): Aquaponics 101 program to be held in New Braunfels

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service office for Comal County will hold an Aquaponics 101 program in New Braunfels in December.The program will be held in two parts at the AgriLife Extension office, located at 325 Resource Drive. The presenter will be Peter Woods, AgriLife Extension program fisheries.....


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