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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

US (MI): Sunset’s Coldwater greenhouse opens phase II
Greenhouse growers Sunset Produce have recently completed Phase II construction of their greenhouse Coldwater Farms, doubling the operation to 60 acres.Open since 2012, the facility grows Sunset tomatoes on the vine and grape tomatoes 365 days a year. This state of the art greenhouse uses advanced technology.....

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Valoya AP67 spectrum used in trial to simulate forest shade:
Exploring mechanisms of response to canopy shade
Docent Matthew Robson and his research group (Canopy Spectral Ecology and Ecophysiology, CanSEE) are continuing with their work presented in this blog last year (see post “At the crossroads”). Current experiments in a growth room, exploring the mechanisms of response to canopy shade during spring and summer,.....

Lean-to greenhouse structure to add production space, improve productivity
A greenhouse Lean-to is one of the most versatile additions to a gutter connect greenhouse range that any greenhouse manufacturer can offer you. Consider the different ways a Lean-to structure can add production space, improve productivity, and provide connectivity to your greenhouse range.Lean-tos are used.....

to protect against rocket attacks:
Israel supplies greenhouse growers with concrete bunkers
In order to protect the farmers in the area surrounding the Gaza Strip, Israel delivered additional protective concrete bunkers to greenhouse growers. The Israeli Ministry of Agriculture Mr. Yair Shamir said that the bunkers will allow growers to continue with their regular work to prevent financial loses.....

Yigit Greenhouse Company becomes Turkey’s biocontrol champion and puts Biobest logo on pack
Yigit Greenhouse Co. is owned by Mr. Hamit Yigit and situated in Yozgat in Central Anatolia, about 180 km from Ankara. The company started in 2011 with 10 ha of high-tech greenhouses and expanded to a current surface of almost 20 ha. The company grows different types of tomato and cucumber. Initially, the.....

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US (VA): Rural Retreat couple are tops in tomatoes
Named Vegetable Best in Show, the luscious, ruddy orbs held a secret. They were not born of the earth, they were cultivated in water: hydroponic tomatoes grown at J Three Farm in Rural Retreat.The three Js stand for three Joyces: James Joyce, his wife Traci Joyce and his dad, Jerry Joyce. Together, they own.....

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GPEC 2014, Tokyo, Japan.

GPEC 2014, Tokyo, Japan.

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Cultivate '14, Columbus OH, USA

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Photoreport Emsflower

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Gautier Seeds Tomato Trials 2014

Gautier Seeds Tomato Trials 2014

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Using the Agrifast TOM System

Using the Agrifast TOM System

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Interesting for greenhouses?
Solar energy that doesn't block the view
A team of researchers at Michigan State University has developed a new type of solar concentrator that when placed over a window creates solar energy while allowing people to actually see through the window.It is called a transparent luminescent solar concentrator and can be used on buildings, cell phones.....

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UK: FAQ s released for horticultural use of pesticides
The Healt and Safety Executive (HSE) have recently added more information on the changes to the "Grandfather Rights" exemption for the agricultural, horticultural and amenity use of professional pesticide products. If you are involved in the agricultural, horticultural or amenity use of pesticides, you will.....

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Blackmore Micro Greens Sower/TopCoater:
Laying down a uniform layer of seed and covering media
The Blackmore MicroGreens Sower/TopCoater is an economical unit that Micro Greens producers are finding is the perfect solution for their need to lay down a precise and uniform layer of seed from arugula to wheatgrass. The small hopper holds and precisely dispenses seed and the larger hopper does an.....

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Plants may use newly discovered molecular language to communicate
A Virginia Tech scientist has discovered a potentially new form of plant communication, one that allows them to share an extraordinary amount of genetic information with one another.The finding by Jim Westwood, a professor of plant pathology, physiology, and weed science in the College of Agriculture and.....

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China: NERCITA introduces research situation of crop breeding information technology
A major project of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, “Research and Application of Intelligent Equipment in Big Data Technology and Character Collection of Crop Breeding”, was held in NERCITA. Wang Maohua Academician of China Agricultural University (CAU), Dr. Xie Lijiao of Beijing.....

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U.S. Market Trends:
Packaged produce means less time, less waste, more variety
More than 70% of U.S. households consume bagged/packaged salads. Considering the hectic pace of the average American's daily routine, reliance on the convenience and variety offered by bagged salads and other types of ready-to-eat vegetables and fruit will be a key factor spurring the U.S. market for these.....

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"Supermarket promotions are acceptable, rock bottom prices are not"
"Stronger together: Support Dutch products." This was the call sent from the fruit and vegetable sector last week to Dutch retailers. And they listened. This weekend, almost all supermarkets focused on Dutch vegetables, although there was also some criticism. The focus on prices is not the right one and if.....

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UK: Soil sterilisation study tour to Italy
HDC levy paying growers of hardy nursery stock and cut flowers must register their interest for a September soil sterilisation study tour in Italy by Thursday 21 August.HDC, in conjunction with Dove Associates, has organised the three day event from Wednesday 10 September to Friday 12 September to the.....

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Spain has biggest organic area of Europe
Spain has the largest area dedicated to organic farming in the whole of Europe, according to Eurostat data.It is also placed fifth in the world – following Australia, Argentina, the United States and China – thanks to its mild climate and perfect farming conditions.The crisis hasn’t put a dent on organic.....

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New cooling masterbatch for greenhouse films cuts down interior temperature in hot regions
In field tests in South Israel, greenhouse films produced with Tosaf's new cooling masterbatch IR8783PE reduced the peak temperature inside a greenhouse tunnel by up to 5°C in comparison with a conventional film containing a light diffuser, the company stated.Designed to support optimal plant growth in hot.....

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Development of an inspection module for quality assurance of tomatoes on the vine
Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture launched, beginning of this year, a public-private partnership project which focuses on the automatic quality inspection of tomatoes on the vine on the packaging line.The current quality inspection of tomatoes on the vine is done by simple visual inspection of workers.....

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If your diet is a dismal colour, it could be making you sick
The Colour Games: the best food in each colour group
America is getting sicker. A study just out indicates that 2 in every 5 Americans are expected to get diabetes in their lifetime – to give you some perspective of how huge this number is, it’s almost half the United States population. Diabetes is winning, and the catalyst for acquiring it is obesity......

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South Korea/Japan Food and Food Ingredient Trade Mission
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, in collaboration with the Alberta Japan Office and Alberta Korea Office, is organizing a tabletop expo and networking program in three separate locations in Japan and South Korea from November 17 to 21, 2014.

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Partnership with national design college to challenge paradigms:
AmericanHort launches initiative to explore the future of garden retail
The future of garden retail is being explored with a new initiative announced this week by AmericanHort at Cultivate’14. Over the next 12 months, the association will engage its membership and consumers in a project to explore and then identify strategies to expand garden retail. Along with the Horticultural.....


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