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Friday, July 03, 2015

Rene van Paassen, Nature Fresh Farms:

"It confirms if we are moving in the right direction"

At Nature Fresh Farms in Leamington, Ontario, a relatively new system is used to determine better crop and cultivation strategies. We visited the growers to learn more about their experience with this Growth Analysis System from Paskal Technologies. With more than 120 acres of greenhouse in Leamington, plus.....

TwinHook prevents splitting in topped tomato plants

Topped tomato plants carry the risk of stem splitting. Due to the weight of the growing side shoots the stem may split at the node. This leads to unnecessary growth reduction and commercially it can amount to hundreds of plants per hectare being damaged by stem splitting. A solution is the TwinHook by.....

Update 2nd year Growing Digitally at GreenQ:

Growing tomatoes without entering the greenhouse

The second year of the Dutch experiment Growing Digitally is halfway through. Wim van der Ende (cultivation adviser at DLV GreenQ) is controlling a crop in an area of about 150m2 entirely from a distance from an office. He has not yet been in the glasshouse and relies entirely on the details that he has from.....

25 members now responsible for 271 hectare of Dutch TOV acreage:

Prominent's TOV growers celebrate 20th anniversary

With 25 greenhouse companies and a total acreage of 271 hectares, Prominent can be seen as one of the larger players in the European greenhouse vegetable market. The TOV growers celebrated their 20th anniversary yesterday. A large group formed by Prominent's growers, employees, customers and suppliers.....

Loek Hermans:

"Dutch greenhouse growers need to step out of comfort zone"

"If you win today, you can lose tomorrow. Without a strong sector, with sufficient innovation, production area and trade routes, as an individual entrepreneur, you're still weak." This was addressed by chairman Loek Hermans, during the summer conference of Greenport Holland. According to Hermans, the.....

Philips introduces new GreenPower LED toplight range

Philips Horticulture LED lighting, a leading innovator of lighting technologies to improve crop farming, introduces the new GreenPower LED toplighting range extension and a brand new design for the North American market at Cultivate’ 15. GreenPower LED toplighting is now one-and-a-half times more efficient.....

US (IL): Medical marijuana businesses anxious as patient numbers remain low

The number of people approved to use medical marijuana in Illinois remains too low to sustain the industry, business owners said.Only about 100 more patients have been cleared in the past month to access medical pot, raising the statewide total to about 2,600, the Illinois Department of Public Health.....

CultivAPP begins its internationalization in Kenya

Inventia Agrárica, a company located in the Science and Technology Park of Almería (PITA) has launched its CultivAPP application on the international market. The application is available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple Store and Google Play. This is a farm management.....

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Erieview Acres, Kingsville, Ontario, Canada

Erieview Acres, Kingsville, Ontario, Canada

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Orangeline Farms, Leamington, Ontario, Canada

Orangeline Farms, Leamington, Ontario, Canada

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Vine Fresh Acres, Leamington, Ontario, Canada

Vine Fresh Acres, Leamington, Ontario, Canada

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Truly Green, Ontario, Canada

Truly Green, Ontario, Canada

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Roelands Plant Farms Inc. Ontario, Canada

Roelands Plant Farms Inc. Ontario, Canada

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USDA: Lower energy prices reduce crop production expenses

Oil and natural gas prices dropped in the latter half of 2014, with expectations that energy prices would remain lower than previously projected through 2016. Lower energy prices affect crop production expenses, which in turn influence planting decisions and commodity prices.The effect of energy prices on.....

Fertilizersmore »

HydroGarden launches new formulations of its plant nutrition range VitaLink

Hydroponics innovator, wholesaler and manufacturer, HydroGarden, is launching a reformulation of one of its leading brands, the VitaLink Plant Nutrition range, following two years of development work supported by the University of Wolverhampton and funding from the European Regional Development Fund.Having.....

Machinesmore »

Naio to automate row crop management

French company develops autonomous greenhouse robot

Naio Technologies, a French company started four years ago, is looking to fully automate the way growers plant, maintain and harvest row crops. After several years of research and development, they've released a robot that can weed a field all on its own.“You can put the robot at the first row, you answer a.....

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100% British lettuce turns heads

Sainsbury’s has just introduced what they describe as their most attractive lettuce yet: a red butterhead.Grown in Lincolnshire, it’s a stunner, with green, red and deep purple leaves that come together in a rose-like head.And it’s perfect to make a head-turner of a salad. The variety, which is 100 per cent.....

Breedingmore »

Enza Zaden's Kurios is largest summer variety in Holland

Enza Zaden has reached a new milestone in regard to cucumbers. Kurios is in fact the largest summer variety in the Netherlands. Paul van Dijck, Crop Sales Manager Cucumber at Enza Zaden "In the past two years, Enza Zaden still found itself in second place, but now Kurios is the most planted variety for.....

Packagingmore »

New Zealand: Plastic packaging prompts petition

Catriona Atkinson has started a petition asking Countdown supermarkets to scrap the wrap, and it has been signed by nearly 7000 people so far.Some of the items observed at a Wellington Countdown by Radio New Zealand included seven radishes in a plastic box, seven mushrooms laid out on a tray sweating under a.....

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Lambert Peat Moss redesignes professional packaging

Lambert is happy to introduce its 2015 newly redesigned Professional Packaging Line. Created to ease identification and ordering, the Lambert Professional Peat-Based packagings are now classified into categories. Each category has an abbreviated title and a color code to indicate the product.....

Organicmore »

Diversity is key at Erieview Acres:

"Organic growers can benefit from Monsanto's knowledge"

At Erieview Acres in Kingsville, Ontario, the brothers Norm and Rob Hansen are running a very interesting organic greenhouse operation. It is not a standard organic operation that just follows the rules of organic cultivation. Their philosophy: diversity is key.The demand for organic vegetables in both.....

Coolingmore »

SmartTraxx™ GO LUX

'Eyes on the road' with New Monitoring Device

Locus Traxx Worldwide, a company that specialises in real-time temperature and location monitoring of perishables and high value shipments, has announced the newest addition to the SmartTraxx™ product line, the GO LUX. “The GO LUX adds a new capability to the SmartTraxx GO product line giving you Eyes on the.....

Food Safetymore »

OzHarvest and the United Nations

Addressing food and nutrition security in Australia

For the third year running, Australia’s leading food rescue organisation has teamed up with the United Nations to tackle food and nutrition security and food waste at the upcoming Think.Eat.Save events being held across the country on July 27.Think.Eat.Save events will see Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide,.....

Healthmore »

Survey: Israeli eating habits improving

Israelis skip breakfast; eat at a fast food stand at least once a week; and Israeli kids consume pizza and sugary breakfast cereals. These findings and more were found by a survey conducted by the research center Panels for Globes and the new season of the popular cooking reality show “Master Chef” airing.....

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Partnership is this year’s theme of the SUI annual conference

SUI, the Safe and Sustainable Use Initiative, is a program designed to provide farmers and operators with an easy to use toolbox to successfully increase crop protection user and environment safety by sharing best practices with farmers and providing them with some functional and practical solutions when.....

Retailmore »

Whole Foods NY overcharging customers | Nisa suffers first loss in its history

Aldi's new strategy: free solar-power car charging while shopping

Portugal: Intermarché and DIA to negotiate prices with 50 suppliers --The new joint purchasing centre set up by retail groups Intermarché and DIA in Portugal is aiming to sign contracts with 50 suppliers by September, reports. During a press call, the management of the two.....

Vertical farmingmore »

Vertical farming: The next big thing for food—and tech

AeroFarms specializes in vertical farming. It grows leafy greens in stacked rows that reach to the ceiling without natural sunlight or soil, in half the time it takes a traditional farm. This year, the 10-year-old company announced plans to develop the world's largest vertical farm, a 69,000-square-foot.....

Flowers and Ornamental Trademore »

Exports and development of new sales channels, key for ornamental agriculture

Flowers and ornamental plants make up a key subsector within Spanish horticulture, and both exports, important for its future growth, and the development of new sales channels, namely through large distributors, are key elements for its promotion.Last year, the industry suffered a sharp decline in private.....


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