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Monday, August 20, 2018

Fritz Meier, Gebrüder Meier:

"Returns of mobile gutter system exceeds our expectations"

Fritz Meier from Gebrüder Meier Gemüsekulturen AG in Dällikon, Switzerland, runs a horticultural company together with his brother and sister. It’s about 100 hectares of open fields and 10 hectares of greenhouses. They grow cucumber, tomato and eggplant in the warm greenhouse, and in the cold greenhouse.....

Enriched biochar reduces severity of root mat by half in AHDB trial

Enriched biochar has been confirmed to dramatically reduce the effects of root mat in the commercial stage of an AHDB trial into the effects of biological treatments and biocides on the disease.Initial findings after the lab stages of the trial, which began in 2016 and were conducted by independent.....

Paul Willetts, Ecolander:

"Compostable twine holds up well in the stress of hot summers"

The hot weather that has dominated Europe for the last two months, didn't just have an impact on crops. When the temperature in the greenhouse rises to a high level, it can also affect the twine. Breaking twines and a messy greenhouse is the last thing you want as a grower.Now that most of the heat has.....

Mexico: Greenhouses, a way of life for the farmers of Morelos

The markets of Mexico are loud and colorful thanks to the people that visit them and the fruit and vegetables that arrive directly from the fields. Producers of fruit and vegetables dedicate their lives to making these products and, in the process, achieve having a fairly acceptable standard of living for.....

January 15-16, Singapore

Indoor Ag-Con Asia returns to Singapore for 4th edition

The Indoor Ag-Con Asia will be returning to Singapore in January for its 4th edition. Indoor Ag-Con will introduce new features to the event, including unconferencing sessions where you can hive-mind with fellow indoor agriculture enthusiasts and mini workshops with Singaporean firm Upgrown Farming to add to.....

New Zealand: Tomato grower increases winter production with LED

Mid last year Gourmet Mokai decided to install LEDs on a large trial basis to increase their winter production of Campari. Gourmet Mokai is the first company in NZ, to install LED supplementary lighting for a commercially grown crop of tomatoes. The selected site was a 4000m2 glasshouse situated at Mokai,.....

March 13-15, Ho Chi Minh City

Second HortEx: a gateway to Vietnam's billion-dollar market

HortEx Vietnam 2019 – The 2nd International Exhibition and Conference for Horticultural and Floricultural Production and Processing Technology in Vietnam will return from 13th to 15th March, 2019 after its debut in 2018. The event had a kickoff meeting on 18th July, 2018 at the Queen Sirikit National.....

Russia: Construction of 34 ha greenhouse will begin in Astrakhan this year

Construction of a greenhouse complex in Astrakhan will begin at the end of the year. The technological equipment will be imported from the Netherlands, reported the Head of Astrakhan's government, Mr. Oleg Polumordvinov.Earlier they reported that the greenhouse complex would be located in Astrakhan on a 34.....

American hydroponics supplier moves into European market

Sugarmade announces expansion into the European market for hydroponics supplies by way of its first order via Amazon UK. Under the terms of the agreement, Sugarmade will supply dozens of SKUs to be sold in United Kingdom.Over the past few financial quarters, Sugarmade has seen revenue growth patterns expand.....

Heavy rain damaged greenhouses and fields in Erzurum

Heavy rain and following flood have caused significant damage to greenhouses in Erzurum, a city located in the eastern part of Turkey. The greenhouses were mainly used for watermelon, melon, tomato, cucumber, eggplant, green pepper and onion production. The loss is estimated to be around 3 tons of.....

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Bayer showcases Root2Success for healthy soils and roots

At the 30th International Horticultural Congress (IHC2018), which takes place from August 12 to 16 in Istanbul, Turkey, Bayer introduces its latest innovations and novel approaches for sustainable horticulture production.The mission statement of IHC2018 is “Bridging the World through Horticulture.” The event.....

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Azerbaijan taking steps for production of vegetable seeds

A new large camp with a closed area of six hectares and an open area of 30 hectares is being laid at the Research Institute for Vegetable Growing in Azerbaijan, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Ilham Guliyev said at a conference in Baku Aug. 7."As you know, funds have been allocated based on the presidential.....

Turkey: New tomato becomes more tasty under stress

The Izmir Technology Institute Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics has developed a tomato variety that can actually become more tasty when faced with stress conditions, such as drought or salt. The productivity of this particular variety is observed to be 50 % more as well.This variety was developed.....

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Fresh produce laser can engrave up to 6,000 cucumbers per hour

Under the motto ‘Nature has the best inspirations – and we should make use of these,’ the German brand Eco Mark presents so-called Natural Branding. This very modern branding procedure makes it possible for the fruit branch to mark fresh products without using chemicals, plastic packaging or labels. This.....

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Hydrofarm and Atmosphere announce strategic distribution partnership

Hydrofarm, independent wholesaler and manufacturer of hydroponics equipment and horticultural products, and Atmosphere, a manufacturer of innovative ventilation products for commercial and horticultural applications, announced a strategic distribution partnership to serve the growing indoor horticulture and.....

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Photo of French vegetable shelf causes indignation

The latest trend: halved tomatoes in plastic for 3.20 euros

Plastic films in the vegetable rack are not unusual these days. But a photo of a French vegetable rack has led to great indignation and disbelief among European consumers. The photo shows halved tomatoes in plastic for 3.20 euros, and a refrigerated shelf with packaged fruits and vegetables. Critics are.....

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"A third of European fruit and veg crop too ugly to sell"

More than one-third of farmed fruit and vegetables never reaches supermarket shelves because it is misshapen or the wrong size, research suggests.More than 50 million tonnes of fruit and vegetables grown across Europe are discarded each year, largely because they do not meet supermarkets and consumers’.....

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"Making good use of coconut husk waste from Coastal Kenya"

New Kenyan coco peat producer sources locally

About 99% of all coco peat that is used in Kenya is imported from India and Sri Lanka, but James Kapombe expects this number to change in the coming years. Coming from the coconut growing zone of Coastal Kenya and working with coco peat on a tomato farm, he saw the opportunity to produce and market Kenyan.....

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US (PA): $500,000 for Rodale Institute to fund organic research

On July 20th, Pennsylvania state legislators gathered at Rodale Institute to announce $500,000 in appropriations funding dedicated to the Institute's research on organic methods. “I’ve watched as the research has grown here [at Rodale Institute] and know that the work being done here can have a very, very.....

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US: Greater shares of larger produce growers use food safety practices

The Produce Rule (PR) of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires specific disease-preventive practices be used by U.S. growers of produce that is consumed raw. Finalized in 2015, the rule began to take effect this year.An ERS survey covering 2015 through 2016 found that a significant share of.....

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Scurvy makes comeback in the West

According to the British NHS, feeling very tired and weak all the time can be a sign of you being at risk of scurvy: a vitamin C deficiency. The disease, commonly associated with seafarers of old, has boomed once again in recent years and experts suggest it is down to our unhealthy diets.Other symptoms.....

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September 7, Hong Kong

Vertical farming on display at Asia Fruit Logistica

On September 5-7, Hong Kong will play host to Asia Fruit Logistica, one of the world’s largest fruit and vegetable trade conferences. With thousands of key stakeholders in the world’s agricultural supply chain meeting up in Hong Kong, what better place could there be for the AVF’s first-ever Vertical Farming.....

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USDA assists vertical farmers with funding, research

Imagine walking into your local grocery story on a frigid January day to pick up freshly harvested lettuce, fragrant basil, juicy sweet strawberries, and ripe red tomatoes – all of which were harvested at a local farm only hours before you’d arrived. You might be imagining buying that fresh produce from.....

"Indoor-farming tech is growing on investors"

There’s plenty of buzz around the coming legalization of cannabis, but behind all the smoke, another type of grow-op is catching the attention of investors and budding entrepreneurs.Indoor farming is taking root in Canada and around the world – in homes and businesses, cities and remote communities, in.....

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US (CA): Cannabis growers forced to pack up

San Luis Obispo County is issuing hefty fines and demanding cannabis cultivators remove plants in California Valley, where the regulated crop that was previously allowed was banned when new county rules took effect.Now faced with economic loss, some growers who bought land and houses in the valley when.....

US (OH): MMJ growers will have to break the law to start their first plants

Medical marijuana company Buckeye Relief LLC planted thousands of marijuana seeds two weeks ago, but where those seeds came from is a secret.Marijuana remains illegal in federal law, and Ohio law is silent on where and how state-licensed medical cannabis cultivators are to get their first crop of plants......


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