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Friday, December 15, 2017

Axia Vegetable Seeds

"Smart automation facilitates ambitious seed breeding process"

Founded in 2010 by Alois and Sander van Vliet, Axia Seeds, based in the Netherlands, has rapidly evolved into a mature seed-breeding company. According to the latest figures, 10% of Dutch tomatoes are now grown from seeds developed by Axia.Precision workBreeding vegetable seeds is precision work. It not only.....

greenhouse lettuce delivering local salads

"We try to keep most of our stores within 100 miles"

With the exception of buying at a nearby farmer’s market, the chances of being able to get locally grown salad greens in the United States is still somewhat of a rarity. BrightFarms, which grows baby greens and herbs, saw an opportunity to bring local salad programs to supermarkets where nothing of this kind.....

US (OH): Greenhouse cleaning and sanitizing

The 2017 growing season in Lodi is now a wrap, but that doesn’t mean the work is finished. The time between crops can prove to be paramount to the success of the following season. Every grower should take the opportunity afforded by an empty house to perform yearly maintenance tasks, update equipment as.....

Plant factories versus greenhouses

Making the right choices when investing with the Resource Use Efficiency

The optimum efficiency of the cultivation facility is one of the most important points for attention, when investing in horticulture. This ensures sustainable production and profitability of the investment. The central question is then: how many kilos of product does my cultivation system deliver per amount.....

Ghana: Improving all-year availability of safe and fresh vegetables

Ghana knows temporal shortage of fresh (fruit) vegetables, leading to high prices for the poor and hence under-consumption. Also the use of pesticides and poor post-harvest hygiene causes much concern for consumers. The ‘Fresh Green Ghana’ project has been started to improve the all-year availability of.....

US: ASABE award for Pure Flowering Lamp

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has named the TotalGrow Pure Flowering 200 Lamp winner of a 2018 AE50 award.AE50 awards honor the year’s most innovative designs in engineering products or systems for the food and agriculture industries. The Pure Flowering Lamp will be.....

Urban Crop Solutions wins FoodNexus Challenge Public Choice Award

Urban Crop Solutions was awarded the Public Choice Award on the European finals of the FoodNexus Challenge on Thursday evening December 13th. Fifteen companies from 8 different EU countries were competing during a three day event in Wageningen (NL) for the European FoodNexus Challenge Award. The expert.....

US (NY): Take a look inside the SpaceX indoor farm

Local Roots makes indoor farms, called TerraFarms, from shipping containers. The team operates the farms near its customers, which include large corporate offices (SpaceX is one of them) as well as giant distribution centers for restaurants and grocery stores.Local Roots will deploy more than 100 new.....

Future Farm expands management team

Future Farm has hired George Groccia as a Project Manager consultant to oversee the Company’s many projects in different stages of development.Mr. Groccia is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist with a track record of helping businesses grow to their fullest potential. Having earned his MA at Golden.....

US (FL): Wish Farms launches strawberry season with new sweepstakes

Wish Farms, grower-shipper and year-round supplier of strawberries announced an all-new consumer-driven campaign just in time for Florida strawberry season.“The recent cooler weather we’ve experienced is great for the berries and is helping us kick off Florida strawberry season,” said Gary Wishnatzki, owner.....
Plans to expand to other countries within next few years

Timorex Gold soon to be launched in Spain and Portugal

STK (Stockton) is on the cusp of entering the European market. The company, which develops and markets biological crop protection products, is about to launch Timorex Gold® in Spain and Portugal. “Timorex Gold is used successfully in 30 countries around the world, but it is exciting for us to take these.....

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Energymore »

7 MWe CHP in 8.5 ha illuminated and traditional growth

Rolls-Royce has signed a contract with Tuinbouwbedrijf Marc Pittoors (T.B.M.P) BVBA, for the supply of a 7 MWe combined heat and power plant (CHP). The plant will be powered by two gas-fired gensets based on the new medium-speed Bergen B36:45L6 engine and will provide heat and power to a new tomato.....

Fertilizersmore »

"UK fertiliser industry faces twin challenges of being in the EU and leaving it"

The UK fertiliser industry is striving to achieve the best regulatory environment while Britain remains within the European Union, whilst also looking forward to a post-Brexit era when the UK will set its own legislative framework, according to Howard Clark, Chairman of the Agricultural Industries.....

Breedingmore »

Researcher develops two new large varieties of Haskap

The Haskap is a red fruit of Japanese origin. After a recent selection process in the United States two new varieties have been developed. The varieties TANA (US PP26 706 P2) and KAPU (US PP26 820 P2) are new varieties with 100% Japanese genetic background and are the fruit of the work carried out by Dr......

Machinesmore »

Moving trailers by hand

The V-move Trailer Mover XXL has been developed by Verhagen Leiden to move trailers up to 20 tons. This Trailer Mover XXL can be used as a replacement for terrain / terminal tractors and can be controlled without a certificate.For more information:Verhagen LeidenTel: +31 (0)71.....

Product Infomore »

UK: Snowbergines to hit Waitrose shelves

Snow is set to fall in the UK, and it could be the year the country wakes up to a white Christmas. To follow suit shoppers stocking up for the festive season will also find snow at Waitrose, in the form of ‘snowbergines’, the nickname given to the white aubergines, which are available on the supermarket's.....

Packagingmore »

Maximum protection and ventilation for the plants in transit and on display

How do you keep delivery costs to a minimum for Mail Order nurseries? It's a subject that may not come to mind first when you think of British thermoformed packaging manufacturer MacPac, but since the launch of their Plantpac range of thermoformed packs for the mail order plug plant market, this is an.....

Marketingmore »

PMA, Brighter Bites join to cut food waste & boost consumer health

Empowering healthy families, reducing food waste and boosting produce consumption are behind the Produce Marketing Association’s (PMA) partnership with Brighter Bites, a nonprofit that delivers fresh fruits and vegetables, nutrition education and a fun food experience directly to families in under-served.....

Substratesmore »

New flat coir grow bags in four specialty blends

FibreDust announce the release of four new grow bags with coir blend choices designed to satisfy any crop and any growing method. “We listened to growers we have worked with all over the world, growing many different crops with various greenhouse techniques. Their suggestions, have helped us engineer several.....

Organicmore »

US: OFRF releases new report on impacts of strawberry research

As the demand for organic berries continues to grow, OFRF-funded research on the berry industry has had long lasting and widespread impacts—especially in California. This new report includes a review of OFRF-funded berry research, along with recommendations for future investment. The goal is to continue to.....

Coolingmore »

Fresh investment poised to bring innovative device to exporters worldwide

MOST, the Swedish company behind the real-time data and temperature tracker developed for perishable shipments, looks poised for global expansion over the next 12 months, thanks to the entry of an investor group that includes former South Africa rugby international Bob Skinstad, as well as the participation.....

Food Safetymore »

Do secondary standards make our food safer?

In a panel discussion, five food chain experts tried to answer this question. Food safety, however, is only one aspect of the complexity of private standards.“As consumers, we all expect that the food we pick off the shelf will be safe,” said Stephen Humphreys of Bayer UK, who acted as moderator, at the.....

Healthmore »

US (FL): "Farm to School program boosts fruit, veggie intake"

It’s one thing to offer students fruits and vegetables for school lunch; it’s another for them to actually eat them. Children who attend schools with Farm to School programs eat more fruits and vegetables, new University of Florida research shows.In 2010, Congress passed the federal Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids.....

Eventsmore »

IPS Jubilee Symposium 2018 in the Netherlands

In 2018, the International Peatland Society (IPS) celebrates its 50th anniversary from 11th to 13th September. The Dutch National Committee of the IPS (Nederlands Veengenootschap) is organizing a symposium on the wise use of peatlands, as well as peat, past and future, along with specific topics that will.....

Retailmore »

Lidl has Christmas range, Danish Supermarked has minced veggie meat

New vegetable concepts in Lidl UK and Dansk Supermarked

UK: Lidl offers new tiny vegetable range for kidsLidl now has a new way to get children to eat their vegetables: it has launched a brand new vegetable range, with tiny versions of ordinary fruit and vegetables where everything is in the shape of something in the style of Christmas. This will make eating.....

Vertical farmingmore »

US (NY): Take a look inside the SpaceX indoor farm

Local Roots makes indoor farms, called TerraFarms, from shipping containers. The team operates the farms near its customers, which include large corporate offices (SpaceX is one of them) as well as giant distribution centers for restaurants and grocery stores.Local Roots will deploy more than 100 new.....

Medicinal productionmore »

GB Sciences:

"New cannabis strain increases medical benefits"

GB Sciences announces its development of a cannabis strain that has an extremely high THC concentration, and also has a specifically-defined terpene profile, meaning that this potent strain may have significant medical benefits.The team was gratified to receive hard test results that verified their goal. The.....


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