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Friday, February 24, 2017

US (KY): AppHarvest plans 2 million sq.ft. high-tech greenhouse

Agricultural startup AppHarvest plans to build a $50 million high-tech greenhouse in cooperation with Dalsem, creating 140 full-time jobs in Pikeville at a surface coal mine site repurposed for new industry, Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky announced. Expected is to break ground in Summer 2017.At the.....

HerkuPlast introduces one time use trays for strawberry trayplants

In order to support the growing strawberry trayplant industry, HerkuPlast introduces two new strawberry trayplant propagation trays for one time use; a 10 hole tray for 250 cc plugs and a 16 hole mini trayplant tray for 130 cc plugs. Sales manager Alfred Boot explained that the strawberry trayplant industry.....

Nuking the pepper weevil

A high-tech form of insect birth control connected to nuclear power could solve a devastating pest problem for Ontario farmers, says a University of Guelph researcher.The pepper weevil burrows inside peppers and cannot be treated with pesticidesProf. Cynthia Scott-Dupree, School of Environmental Sciences,.....

Sjaak Bakker appointed CEO of HortiMaX

On 1 March 2017, Sjaak Bakker (age 47) will be appointed CEO of HortiMaX and will step down as Commercial Director of Flier Systems in Barendrecht, the Netherlands.In his new position, Sjaak Bakker will lead HortiMaX's management team. He will take over the role from Joep van den Bosch, who will shift his.....

Think Pink for a brighter British strawberry future

Retractable rafter house innovation, combined with advances in LED technology, is enabling a June-bearing strawberry re-think; resulting in three crops a year.Combining technological advances in horticultural production with rethinking an established working practice, is facilitating the growing of.....

by Christopher J Currey

Not-so purple basil

Purple basil is a unique culinary herb with a unique appearance in addition to great flavor. However, during the winter and early spring the purple coloration can diminish during production. This e-GRO Edible Alert will focus on how to improve the appearance of purple Christopher J Currey -.....

Colorado State University and Philips Lighting convene Research Summit

US: Horticulture researchers explore tech innovations

Philips Lighting announced that Colorado State University (CSU) and the horticulture LED lighting group from Philips Lighting recently collaborated to host the first ever LED Horticulture Lighting Research Summit. The inaugural event, held on CSU’s campus, assembled a group of university researchers and.....

European Parliament wants more biological crop protection

Although fast and effective for plant growth, chemical pesticides entail potential risks for human health, animals and the environment. About 45% of food we consume contains pesticide residues with 1.6% exceeding legal limits, according to the European Food Safety Authority. MEPs want to promote the use of.....

May 23, Eindhoven

NL: Lighting for Horticulture Conference

The inaugural Horticultural Lighting Europe Conference is presented by PennWell Corporation and supported by the PennWell LED & Lighting Network, comprised of the industry’s leading publications and tradeshows including LEDs Magazine, Lux Review, Strategies in Light, The LED Show, LuxLive, Lightspace dot.....

Polish growers find solutions

The 25th edition of Fruit Logistica – one of the largest fresh produce trade and logistics show, which takes place annually in February in Berlin attracted about 3000 exhibitors and over 70,000 international visitors from around the world this year. The show was ever more successful for British manufacturer.....

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"Farmers warn of unfair electricity price rises"

Cane farmers are sounding a warning to all electricity users that staying cool in summer, running a business and watering food crops is about to get more expensive.“The Australian Energy Regulator is on the verge of making a final determination on a new network tariff structure proposed by Ergon which will.....

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The benefits of fertigation and irrigation control

Irrigation – the process of artificially applying water to plants – has been in practice since as early as 6000 BC. There have been many advances in irrigation since then, and today's technologies have made it easier than ever to control water flow as well as fertilizers, nutrients, and other chemicals.What.....

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George Washington Carver

Meet the man who inspired commercial hybridization

Since youth, George Washington Carver had been fascinated by plant breeding and hybridization. His Iowa State Bachelor’s thesis was entitled “Plants as Modified by Man.” He continued the work throughout his career, inspiring many mature and budding scientists.Among them was Henry A. Wallace, the young son of.....

Machinesmore »

Robots meet indoor farming

Though still in its infancy, more companies are using robotic systems to boost the efficiency of vertical farms and greenhouses.In a 47,300-square-foot facility near Kyoto, SPREAD, an agriculture technology company, is creating a massive, automated, indoor "vertical farm"—and the special ingredient is the.....

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How to pour tomato sauce

Humans have enjoyed commercially produced tomato sauce since the mid-19th century, but many have been struggling to get it out of the bottle ever since.Now, science may have discovered a better way to get to the bottom of that bottle. Researcher Dr Anthony Stickland, who teaches chemical and biomolecular.....

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Poland: Growers need to consider end customer for packaging

A Polish company has been nominated for an innovation award for the first time ever at the Fruit Logistica this year. Although they didn't win one of the big awards, Adam Sikorski, Commercial director for the company, said that just being nominated was a sufficient reward for Poland.From left to right,.....

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Kanzi apples rocketed to International Space Station

Kanzi brand apples have blasted into space, rocketing from Washington State orchards to the crew of the International Space Station. A special hand-picked selection of Kanzi apples traveled on an unmanned SpaceX-10 cargo flight on Falcon 9 rocket, where astronauts aboard the station were able to enjoy them......

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Grodan once again awarded EU Ecolabel

Grodan's growing media has again been awarded the EU Ecolabel. The most recent revision of this Ecolabel for growing media products places much greater demand on manufactures than the previous version. According to Ineke Vlot, Program manager non-food, SMK (Dutch Competent Body EU Ecolabel): “It is quite an.....

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US (GA): Incorporating high tunnels in organic farming

Intensive year-round vegetable production under high tunnels is a cornerstone of Crystal Organic Farm. Farming in the Deep South, Nicolas Donck gravitated toward high-tunnel production because of its many benefits including less soil erosion from storm events, ability to achieve lasting soil quality.....

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NVAC Greenhouse (Natural Ventilation Augmented Cooling)

McGill researchers develop new passive cooling and ventilation solution

There is a growing market for adapted greenhouse structures in tropical and hot climate regions. An alternative evaporative cooling solution for greenhouses that is cost effective and accessible has been developed by researchers at McGill University. While greenhouses generally increase productivity, high.....

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Netherlands: NVWA does not have to compensate pepper grower

A pepper grower cannot claim compensation after he was obliged to remove the greenhouse because of the presence of the African codling moth. The case took place end of 2013. The Ministry of Economic Affairs rejected the request for compensation rightly.The grower appealed to the Industry Board of Appeal but.....

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Eating "10 a day" of fruit & veg could prevent 7.8m deaths a year

According to a new study by Imperial College London the ever popular "5 a day" saying for fruit and vegetables could be updated to "10 a day". The study, which analysed 95 studies involving two million people's eating habits showed that increased consumption reduced the chance of heart attack, stroke, cancer.....

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June 26-28, West Des Moines

US (IA): FarmHer introduces Cultivate event for women

Cultivate by FarmHer is a national event that will bring together women from all walks of life who share a love for agriculture and a desire to collaboratively bring light to how their lifestyles are impacting the world around them. The event will be hosted June 26-28, 2017 in West Des Moines, IA at the.....

Retailmore » to sell Walmart in-house brands | E.Leclerc to deliver in Slovenia

METRO to connect customers with suppliers

French organic chain NaturéO turnover up 42%French organic supermarket chain NaturéO saw its turnover rise by 42% to reach €92m in 2016, according to It opened 11 supermarkets over the calendar year, taking its total number of outlets to about 30. It plans to augment this with a further 20 or.....

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CAN (NU): Student startup brings fresh produce to remote communities

When students Alida Burke and Corey Ellis were on a visit to Nunavut two years ago to research ideas for social entrepreneurship in northern communities, one thing stood out more than all the rest: food insecurity, particularly the inaccessibility and exorbitant cost of fruits and vegetables.The food.....

Canada: Nova Scotia entrepreneurs successful with vertical farming

Entrepreneur Gregg Curwin says his light-bulb moment came during a trip to Japan six years ago. The choice of words is fitting, given that he was visiting an indoor vertical farming operation where lighting figures prominently.He later brought that technology to Nova Scotia to found TruLeaf – touted as one.....

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Australia: First medicinal cannabis harvested at secret site

The Andrews Government has harvested Australia’s first medical cannabis crop. ­Canberra has also given the green light for a commercial company to also start growing plants.The cannabis, planted at a ­secret site last April, will be ­reserved for children with ­severe epilepsy this year.The crop is now being.....

US: Trump administration takes aim at marijuana

States where recreational marijuana is legal will be subject to “greater enforcement” under the Trump administration, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Thursday.But watchers of Colorado’s billion-dollar weed industry are waiting to see whether Spicer’s statements during his daily briefing actually yield.....