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Friday, February 23, 2018

"best is our standard"

NatureSweet beats the heat

In order to guarantee consistent and superior tasting tomatoes on a year-round basis, NatureSweet is continuously looking to the latest innovations and technologies to help ensure the level of quality and flavor that the company is known for.Expanding continued Since the company was first founded in 1990,.....

New record in lettuce nanopore sequencing

This week KeyGene researchers generated 76 gigabases of DNA sequence of a lettuce (Lactuca sativa) genome with a single Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) PromethION flow cell. This is a new record in the plant genome sequencing area for long reads. As the PromethION has the capacity to run 48 such flow.....

Hi Power main variety

NL: "Acreage lighted cucumbers to 80 hectares"

In the Netherlands, the acreage of cucumbers under lights has increased considerably and now amounts to about 80 ha. Hi Power is again the main variety in 2018. The Nunhems vegetable team on the HortiContact this week According to the Nunhems Cucumber Team, a lot of experience has been gained in recent.....

The importance of reliable and independent measurements

Measuring accurately is an art. Two measurements performed on the same material under the same conditions have to produce the same results. And if you want to compare materials, you need a measurement protocol in order to make any reliable claim. The LightLab at Wageningen University & Research.....

India: Rajasthan to take greenhouse vegetable cultivation to new level

In Rajasthan (India), modernisation faces a typical structural hurdle. The share of marginal and small land-holdings in total land ownership in the state is 40.12% and 21.90% respectively, according to the state’s Economic Survey 2017-18. Such highly skewed land distribution itself makes the use of even.....

US (VT): Making greenhouse operations, farms more energy efficient

As a member of GLASE, EnSave Inc. will provide technical services and use its extensive database of agriculture energy metrics to help growers improve their energy David KuackEnSave Inc. is an engineering and consulting firm focused primarily on energy efficiency and renewable energy for the.....

Environment friendly plant protection and plant growth

The topic of sustainability is of increasing importance in agriculture. The industry is under pressure to use pesticides in lower quantities in fields without inducing increased resistances. Pesticide spray solutions have to be applied in one field, with minimal impact to neighboring fields, which makes.....

White fly in tomato: all cards on organic pesticides

In 2017 the control of white fly was occasionally downright difficult. Both the greenhouse and tobacco white fly gave growers the necessary headaches. "A lack of correction agents certainly played a role in this," according to Koppert Biological Systems.Koppert advises taking precautionary measures now......

Interview with Melanie Murk from the EFMI Business School

Lidl expands its fresh produce assortment

Lidl started 2018 with a marketing campaign in which they once again make use of their title of the best vegetable department in the Netherlands, which they won for the sixth time in September 2017. The discounter boosts its fresh produce image with huggable fruit and vegetables, called Vitaminies. Nowadays,.....

The first seedlings were planted

The EDEN-ISS laboratory starts its greenhouse operations

Now it's getting serious: The EDEN ISS laboratory in Antarctica has been set up, the first seedlings are placed in the growth cabinets, and the majority of the team of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) is back to Germany after eight weeks of travels. For DLR scientist Paul Zabel, who will be the only member.....

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UK: No longer feeling the heat?

If you don’t know how healthy your RHI accreditation is, perhaps it’s time for an audit…During the lifetime of any Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) installation there is a chance of an OFGEM audit. This audit will be checking to ensure your system is still compliant and non-compliances can result in a penalty......

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US: Four scientists join Inocucor Scientific Advisory Board

Four scientists with combined expertise in fermentation science, microbial profiling in humans and the movement of bacteria in soil have joined the Scientific Advisory Board for Inocucor, an agri-tech company that produces biological crop inputs for row crops and high-value produce."This esteemed team of.....

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"New techniques murky for organic breeders"

As scientists devise more intricate ways to create new plant cultivars, organic breeders are wary of techniques that cross the line into methods that are “excluded” under regulations.Genetically engineering crops to incorporate foreign DNA is prohibited in organic production, as is gene deletion or.....

Indian seed producers receive university training

A one-day training programme on “Seed production of field and vegetable crops” was organised by office of the Director (Seeds), Punjab Agricultural University at University Seed Farm, Naraingarh, Fatehgarh Sahib on February 20. About 100 farmers/ seed producers who are engaged in or tend to engage in seed.....

Svalbard Global Seed Vault celebrates tenth anniversary

Norwegian Minister of Agriculture and Food Jon Georg Dale in cooperation with Crop Trust and NordGen will host a celebration of the tenth anniversary of Svalbard Global Seed Vault. From February 25 to 27, depositors and partners from all over the world will meet in Longyearbyen to attend the "Seed Vault.....

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Is the trolley-lorry the vehicle of the future?

This electric roadway for hybrid lorries is two kilometres long and can be found in Sweden, along the regular motorway. While the lorries use the roadway, they’re being charged via the high-voltage cables.The roadway was developed by Siemens and Scania, and is close to the Swedish city of Gävle. Sweden hopes.....

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Grower launches new pepper variety grown in Florida

J&J Family of Farms is pleased to announce a new, one of a kind pepper variety: Sunny Sweet Peppers.The company said the peppers are like no other sweet pepper in its category, having a much sweeter taste than mini sweet peppers due to their higher BRIX. The proprietary field-grown variety pepper also.....

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Petra Veldman, Stoffels Tomaten, on the story behind the ‘Automato’

Automato focuses on self-service trend

Tomato nursery Stoffels from Rijkevorsel, Belgium, stood out with the launch of the ‘Automato’ during Fruit Logistica Berlin back in 2016. For its latest innovation, the company even received the jury prize of the Innovation Award. But where did this idea come from?According to co-owner Petra.....

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US (PA): LED manufacturer to support food stamp concept

Independence LED Lighting is “shovel ready” for a pilot program in Philadelphia to support proposed changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), included in the President’s Budget FY 2019. On Monday, February 12, 2018, the White House unveiled the updated budget which has a path to.....

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and improved nutrient buffering

Humic acid coloured perlite for higher consumer acceptance

Despite perlite being a 100 % pure natural product, consumers tend to associate its white colour with being an artificially made or chemical product. This leads gardeners selling organic herbs to concerns about customer acceptance. Knauf introduceddark-coloured Perligran® Organic. The perlite is mixed with.....

Organicmore »

John McKeon appointed to CA Organic Products Advisory Committee

The California Organic Products Advisory Committee (COPAC) has welcomed 17 year organic industry veteran, John McKeon, Senior Manager of Organic Compliance and Sustainability for Tanimura & Antle, as a producer alternate to the committee.Cathy Calfo, Executive Director & CEO of the California.....

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US: APHIS launches webpage for frequently requested records

The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is launching a new “Frequently Requested Records” page on their Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) e-reading room, in accordance with the FOIA statute. The new page will contain copies of frequently.....

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Cherry tomatoes popular as pre-packaged snack option

Pre-packaged snack/lunch options have been around for some time but their contents are less than healthy and most often include processed meats and candy. Customizable options are made more appealing for a wider age group with the use of fresh fruits and vegetables as the “next generation of.....

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CAN (ON): OFA hosts event on economic development priorities

Four provincial organizations shared their voices at Queen’s Park today to strengthen the message to all political candidates that investments in rural communities offer benefits to all Ontarians. The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA), together with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Eastern Ontario.....

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Interview with Melanie Murk from the EFMI Business School

Lidl expands its fresh produce assortment

Lidl started 2018 with a marketing campaign in which they once again make use of their title of the best vegetable department in the Netherlands, which they won for the sixth time in September 2017. The discounter boosts its fresh produce image with huggable fruit and vegetables, called Vitaminies. Nowadays,.....

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US (AK): Startup community brainstorms to save nonprofit vertical farm

Managers of an Anchorage hydroponic farm at risk of shutting down in March made an unusual move to save their operation.Seeds of Change, near Arctic Boulevard and 26th Avenue, occupies a 10,000-square-foot warehouse designed for high-tech agriculture. During its first year of operation, it served 18 young.....

US (NY): Architects integrate vertical farm in apartment of the future

Humphreys & Partners presented a future vision of multifamily design at the 2018 International Builders' Show in Orlando on January 11th. Vice President of Design Walter Hughes revealed a high-rise concept that portrayed vivid renderings of two soaring towers on the Manhattan waterfront. This sustainable.....

Quick reference guide for hydroponic growers

Hydroponics, while somewhat similar, is actually much different than aquaponics. The biggest difference is that there are no fish. In aquaponics, fish provide many necessary plant resources by pooping and participate in numerous biological processes including nitrification. Largely, the only grower input is.....

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Australia: MMJ grower educates doctors

A step into the unknown and a complicated approval process means the Sunshine Coast's first medicinal marijuana supplier will be playing the long game.MediFarm director Adam Benjamin said they were focused on educating doctors, in a bid to encourage more GPs to take up the mantle as approved medicinal.....


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