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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Mexico to invest US$ 540 mln in new Agroparks
Mexico is investing 540 million dollars for the realization of new agroparks. That was said by the Dutch state secretary of Economical Affairs Sharon Dijksma in context to her visit to Mexico this week. According to Dijksma, The Netherlands can play a big role in the development of Mexico's agricultural.....

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New 16 meter structure:
Richel introduces the biggest greenhouse ever
In order to meet the demand for larger and wider greenhouse structures, Richel has developed a new multi span greenhouse design with a bay width of 16 meter; the widest greenhouse available on the market to date. We asked Benjamin Richel about the reasons behind this design."Especially in Mexico, growers are.....

Production revised: 'enough capacity to produce 3 hectares per day'
Novavert celebrates 25 years of HS Screens
Novavert's HS screen can be found in many greenhouses around the world. After 25 years of producing the HS-series, the renowned screens made of acrylic base material with aluminium strips, it was time for a major overhaul on the production line this year. "We are very proud that we just relaunched our.....

Belgian grower starts first trials with automated clipping system
This season several Belgian growers have started using Agrifast's Tom-System, distributed by Sanac group. They will check whether they can clip faster than plastic clipping and therefore reduce their labor cost, which is high in Belgium.“We are always trying to serve our clients with the best products and we.....

Vincent Verbaeys, DECOCK plants:
Ever considered drought resistant dipladenia?
Convenience is a trend, also in ornamentals. A good example is the dipladenia, which is a 'drought resistant' plant. "The plant is already very popular in Europe and is a upcoming trend in the US." This is explained by Vincent Verbaeys, sales manager at DECOCK.DECOCKDECOCK is a Belgian based family business,.....

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"Red, white and flamed colors with small or large flowers are popular"
France: Nine new cyclamen novelties from MOREL Diffusion
This season, MOREL Diffusion introduces nine new cyclamen varieties in four of their six series, that range from 6cm to 22cm pot sizes. The new varieties have new colors of flowers and foliage. "At the moment, the red, white and flamed colors are the most popular. Also the small and large flower sizes are.....

Netherlands: 70 kilos with only 10 m3 gas
In mid-November 2014, the VenLow Energy greenhouse on the Energy Innovation and Demo Centre in Bleiswijk, The Netherlands yielded more than 70 kilo's of tomatoes of the 'Komeet' variety. This was achieved with a heat demand of only 10 cubic meters of natural gas equivalents.Hence the search for minimal.....

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Russia's CHP challenge
Rising electricity prices and growing fears around supply security are driving Russian industrial power users to construct their own on-site power and combined heat and power (CHP) plants.

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New offerings dial deeper into plant nutrition management
Reaching the next yield level will take major management alterations, such as moving crop inputs from pre-plant to in-season. To most effectively implement new strategies, farmers will need the right combination of insights and products. A year after its introduction, WinField is expanding its NutriSolutions.....

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"Clean polyfilms result in better production"
Swedes design fully automated roof washer for poly houses
Growers with Venlo greenhouses wash their roofs at least once per year. Growers with plastic greenhouses do not wash that often because they do not have automation available for it. Yet, if you have a plastic greenhouse with a dirty roof, you might be interested in the new greenhouse poly roof cleaner from.....

Product Infomore »

Netherlands: New orange appetizer Mango for Deliflor
Today, an orange appetizer, named Mango, will be added to the Deliflor assortment. The large flowers, its beautifully warm orange colour and bright green centre make Mango a real moodsetter. This variety also has very strong flowers with an excellent vase life and good transport properties. Aptly named one.....

Breedingmore »

Aline Andreas, Hassinger Orchideen:
European consumers demanding new orchid varieties
The Phalaenopsis is a popular and well-known plant in Europe. Over the last years, new colors and shapes of the Phalaenopsis entered the market. “With the Phalaenopsis, people learned the general growing features of orchids. Now, they want to see new and special varieties, like the Bellavallia® and the.....

Packagingmore »

New labeling for Biopol Natural
Starting January 2015, the assortment of Dutch integrated crop protection company Biopol Natural will be recognizable by its new labels. The product quality is guaranteed. "With a number of individual products, the packaging itself is also adjusted in order to provide a better overall product" says Mark.....

Marketingmore »

Why color sells plants: The psychology behind color selections
With spring approaching it’s the perfect time to look at what could help you boost your sales for the upcoming season. But does color sell plants?A simple answer would be yes and no. But this not much help with deciding what colors you should focus on displaying. Research would suggest a number of reasons.....

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"Simple improvements instead of going high tech all the way"
The world population is increasing and therefore a bigger demand for yield output is needed. As well as this, growers are forced to deliver food with a higher equal quality, as the middle class is also rising. This is also the reason that the greenhouse industry is thriving; farmers all over the world either.....

Organicmore »

Spain's organic sector is booming
With almost 2 million hectares certified organic, Spain is now the European Union's biggest organic producer, and a major exporter: more than 80% of its organic produce is exported to markets in Germany, Denmark, the UK, Switzerland and beyond."In the beginning we did everything ourselves: we did the.....

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Humidification: Is your system ready for the season?
Before activating make sure the filters are clean, change if necessary: Check / change the pump oil: Flush the system (see manual): Check nozzles for performance. Each (standard) nozzle puts out 12 lb/hr. or 5.5 kg/hr. when performing correctly. Blockages reduce this output considerably.For more.....

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Canada: Food security project going global
A University of Guelph research project that has already improved the livelihoods of small-scale Asian farmers will further expand worldwide, thanks to more than $4.2 million in federal support announced this afternoon.The project involves innovative packaging developed in part by Guelph researchers using.....

Healthmore »

Warning to check country-of-origin labels following Hepatitis A scare
The Australian Made Campaign is encouraging consumers to spend more time checking the country-of-origin labels on food products in the wake of a national recall of imported frozen berries which authorities believe to be contaminated with hepatitis A.Patties Foods recalled its 1kg 'Nanna's Frozen Mixed.....

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May 20-22:
Video: Why you should attend CEAC in Panama
The International Congress on Controlled Environment Agriculture (ICCEA 2015) will take place on May 20-22, 2015 in Panama City. The congress is targeted to all people involved in urban agriculture, indoor food production, vertical farming, greenhouse production or hydroponic farming.Click here for more.....

Retailmore »

Produce View empowers tomato growers with information on British Tomato Conference
UK: The ins and outs of British tomato retail
Understanding the market and the retail sector is crucial in horticulture and the tomato industry is no exception. At the 2014 British Tomato Conference Mr Tim Mudge, commercial manager of Produce View, a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Growers Association, who gave a presentation about the position.....

Vertical farmingmore »

BrightBox: the most complete commercial research facility for growing without daylight
Yesterday the official opening took place of BrightBox; a state of the art research facility for closed controlled environment food production without daylight. The facility at the Innovatoren in Venlo, The Netherlands, is the first European project that will research multi layer cultivation without daylight.....

Flowers and Ornamental Trademore »

Jose van Egmond, Van Egmond Lisianthus;
The challenges of propagating lisianthus
A lisianthus is not an easy flower. This became clear after talking with Jose van Egmond of Van Egmond Lisianthus. This Dutch based propagator company of lisianthus grows 100 different young plants in a 3.5 sized greenhouse. The propagation process takes between nine and twenty weeks. The difference in speed.....