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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

TAPKIT: 500m2 self-assembly hydroponic greenhouse

After many years of specializing in large commercial-size hydroponic systems world-wide, TAP is launching the TAPKIT. The TAPKIT is a 500 m2 hydroponic unit, which can produce 6-12 tons of leafy vegetables and fresh herbs per year. "The idea is to enable small farmers to have their own hydroponic business,.....

US (FL): Hydroponic production launched at Orlando World Center Marriott

Eco Convergence Group unveiled the first HyCube modular hydroponic vegetable production system at the Orlando World Center Marriott. The HyCube’s data-driven, precisely controlled, patent-pending hydroponic system is constructed in an illuminated modern structure right next to the hotel’s main kitchen......

Photos: Iran Green Trade Fair

Iranian horticulture picking up the high-tech pace

PHOTO REPORT The third edition of the International Iran Green Trade Fair IGTF, held last week in the Tehran Exhibition Center in Iran, grew in 1 year with 200% to a total of 6,000 m2 of exhibit space. A total of 119 companies and about 7,500 visitors participated in what is considered to have become Iran’s.....

UK: Russell IPM receives Queen’s Award for Innovation 2018

In recent years farmers face the prospect of losing the value of their crops due to lack of ability to control pests using traditional methods. Increasing pesticide resistance as well as consumer demand for produce free of pesticide residues fuel the need for alternative ways to protect and nurture plants......

European tomato market a mixed bag

EU average tomato prices in March were 19% below the reference period average (5 preceding years). That indicator is very different among Member States: 27% above average in IT, 23% below average in ES, 6% under average in the NL and 5% below average in FR.There is, therefore, a dual situation at MS level:.....

Operating a commercial greenhouse with today's tech

Commercial growers looking for productivity and predictability have long turned to the greenhouse as the best means to establish a stable growing environment.Greenhouses “offer higher efficiency and lower operating costs, allow for the sun as a primary light source, and are designed for better precision.....

US (ND): Great River Energy greenhouse research looking promising

Great River Energy is studying whether it could profitably power a greenhouse on the grounds of its Coal Creek Station coal-fired power plant.Potential plant would use excess heat from the plant that produces electricity and also supplies waste steam to a nearby ethanol plant, The Bismarck Tribune.....

Trends and technologies in indoor farming

We’re just a little over a week away from the 6th Annual Indoor Ag Con, May 2nd and 3rd in Las Vegas. During this two-day event, the biggest trends and newest technologies within the global indoor agriculture industry will be highlighted.The conference will cover many different types of crops including.....

May 16, Vineland Station

CAN (ON): Inside the Science: The Tomato Story

Learn more about Vineland’s greenhouse tomato research program and how they are partnering with industry to enhance Canadian growers’ competitiveness in the marketplace. Featuring presentations from the Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers’ (OGVG) and partners.Tours/presentations will be one hour (1-2 and.....

US robots trying to pick strawberries

Strawberries are easy to grow in Florida, but it's getting harder to pick them due to a diminishing migrant work force. At Wish Farms in Duette, they're working on robots to replace a job humans have been doing for the last century.Find out more here.

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CO2 storage for horticulture underneath North Sea possible

CO2 storage underneath the North Sea turns out to be not only technically feasible, but also cost effective according to research conducted on behalf of Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, Gasunie, and Energiebeheer Nederland. Part of this CO2 can be used for the greenhouse horticulture sector.Research shows that.....

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"‘Extreme bacteria’ could be game-changer for organic vegetable production"

A Clemson University research scientist has obtained a patent for a way to make organic fertilizer that could revolutionize the organic produce industry and put it on a level playing field with conventional crops.The limited potency, precision and consistency of organic fertilizers has long hindered organic.....

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John Purcell, Monsanto

"Modern biology will maximize potential of vertical controlled-environment agriculture"

"Partnerships between seed companies and vertical controlled-environment producers, and the application of modern biology tools to create custom germplasm, will be key to enabling these new and exciting production systems, just as they are in today’s most commonly-used fruit and vegetable production.....

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US robots trying to pick strawberries

Strawberries are easy to grow in Florida, but it's getting harder to pick them due to a diminishing migrant work force. At Wish Farms in Duette, they're working on robots to replace a job humans have been doing for the last century.Find out more here.

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Alexandre Novi, Exploitation Novi:

“Italy, Spain and the South of France govern the salad market”

The salad season in the French Provence is coming to an end. According to Alexandre Novi from Exploitation Novi, a French salad grower who focuses on export within Europe, it is remarkable that the export volumes of head lettuce seem to decrease. "Other varieties are taking its place, such as the red salad.....

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Endless pictures of plastic packaging

On the Greenpeace site, a stream of pictures taken by concerned customers shows us that the plastic pollution crisis is really getting out of hand. Corporations and retailers are wrapping everything from avocados to t-shirts in throwaway plastic packaging that eventually finds its way into our oceans, all in.....

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USDA reestablishes Fruit and Vegetable Industry Advisory Committee

The U.S. Department of Agriculture will reestablish the charter for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry Advisory Committee (FVIAC) and seeks nominations to fill all 25 positions on the FVIAC. FVIAC was established by USDA in 2001 to examine issues facing the fruit and vegetable industry and to provide ideas on.....

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US: 100th independent trial of soil health product on bell peppers

Cool Planet announced the successful completion of its 100th quantifiable, independent trial of Cool Terra, the company’s flagship soil health product. The trial was conducted by the University of Florida on bell peppers, and it marks the 100th time the company has conducted a randomized yield improvement.....

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NatureFresh Farms

"Demand for organic has been growing steadily"

With a fresh growing season underway, John Ketler, the General Manager at NatureFresh Farms, along with the team, is looking forward to what he says is projected to be an extremely successful year for organic produce. With an increased focus on growing using certified organic methods and processes, consumers.....

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Tasmania lifts ban on fruit from Melbourne fumigation facility

Tasmania's Biosecurity Department has lifted a ban on fruit and vegetable imports from a Melbourne plant, that was linked to a fruit fly outbreak. The ban on fresh produce imports from the Melbourne fumigation facility - linked to a fruit fly outbreak - was implemented earlier this year. Fruit and vegetables.....

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Tomato Foundation Health Claim Project reaches 25% of funding target

The expansion of the Tomato Foundation Health Claim Project Consortium continues - rallying support from companies within the tomato industry global supply chain, with 73,500€ raised of the 270,400€ target. The project focuses on obtaining an EFSA health claim for tomato paste/tomato products and.....

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webinar, May 8

Fifty shades of green

The Ohio Program with the support of Syngenta and in cooperation with Jungle Talks puts the spotlight on horticultural game changers around the world via a series of 1 hour webinars starting on May 8, 2018.Koppert Cress, Dutch producer of Living Microgreens (otherwise known as cresses), is expanding rapidly.....

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China: Vending machines are transforming into smart storefronts

Imagine walking into a Shenzhen subway station to grab a bite. Expecting to be able to buy a can of soda or a bag of chips, your options suddenly prove to be far more exotic. Yes, all the basic snack items are available, but so are pastries, tofu, cooked noodles, prepared eggs, fresh vegetables and French.....

Vertical farmingmore »

US (AZ): Urban farming startup embraces aquaponics

Farmers need to be good at a little bit of everything—from growing and marketing to strategic planning. Chaz Shelton of Merchant’s Garden in Tucson, Arizona, approaches farming from a slightly different angle. He earned his MBA at Indiana University-Bloomington and is using that broad business knowledge to.....

US (MA): Vertical hydroponic farm takes root in Worcester

With a Burger King next door and surrounded by the asphalt of Webster Square, it doesn’t look like the most bucolic setting. But within the brick building at 1158 Main St., a 3,500-square-foot farm is producing 300 to 500 pounds of food a week for local restaurants as well as providing work opportunities for.....

CAN (QC): Aging church looks to salad for salvation

An innovative partnership with a “vertical farming” business is how one small Quebec congregation hopes to stave off the closure of its historic church — a threat facing communities across the province.For much of the past 166 years, the silver-spired church in St-Pacôme, Que., has been nourishing souls.But.....

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Canada’s MMJ template has set the stage for European countries

The world was watching as Canada established a unique federal approach to the cultivation and distribution of medical cannabis. That regulatory framework has allowed Canadian medical cannabis producers to develop world-class expertise in large-scale cultivation. It’s no wonder European jurisdictions are.....

Canada: Hiku Brands and WeedMD to merge

Hiku Brands and WeedMD have entered into a definitive agreement to merge both companies.The combination of Hiku and WeedMD creates a cannabis brand house with fully vertically integrated operations, an expanding network of retail stores, a growing medical business and four scalable cannabis production.....


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