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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Austria: Flicker to supply Vienna with LED-grown mini cucumbers

As a result of urbanization and the increasing demand for housing space, the Austrian greenhouse industry that surrounds Vienna is getting a new boost. Existing farmers and operators of small scale greenhouses are receiving interesting offers to sell their properties. Some of them are therefore going out of.....

Dutch go crazy on weed...duckweed that is

After weeks of preparation, a trial started this summer for the cultivation of duckweed in Dutch plastic greenhouses. Duckweed grows in three basins of 100 m2. The purpose of the experiment is to learn more about growth rates and water purification with duckweed. The cultivated duckweed is sold as a niche.....

From CEA to IPA:

Rough introduces the HopsHouse: a single-solution hydroponic hops greenhouses

Rough Brothers has announced the launch of HopsHouse, a single-solution greenhouse designed to optimize yields through integrated systems and precision farming. It is the first single-solution hydroponic greenhouse for year-round hops growth and harvests, anywhere from 2-5 times a year. HopsHouse will.....
Horti-Consult International

Crop consultant Ruud van Amersfoort passes away

"Full of disbelief we learned of the sudden death of our outstanding colleague Ruud van Amersfoort.Ruud was an inspired advisor, always had a clear opinion and extensive cultivation knowledge. In particular in the field of leaf crops, organic cultivation and cucumber he could hold his own.With his death, we.....

Rubén Moreno, Agros:

“Without insect net, we don't make our production targets”

Agros Tomate is a pioneer in the production of high quality hydroponic tomatoes which are produced in a state of the art greenhouse in Querétaro, Mexico. The company is a leader in its sector and is recognized by the most demanding national and foreign clients for its quality and service. Agros prides.....

US (MI): Well attended Plant Products grower meeting in Kalamazoo

Over 50 growers from Michigan and Ohio attended grower meeting held in Kalamazoo Michigan. Attendees were mostly ornamental growers and were treated to talks by their peers which was educational and earned them up to 3 MI RUP’ as well.Tom Piepkow of Kilbourn Produce gave an excellent overview of growing.....

YourTV Niagara reports Canadian Greenhouse Conference

VIDEO YourTV Niagara has made a nice broadcast item on the recent Canadian Greenhouse Conference. It features interesting interviews with the organization, speakers and exhibitors.If you missed the conference, click here for our full recap and infamous post-show photo report!

North America’s first scientific paper on how to produce cannabis under controlled environment

PhD candidate Deron Caplan, Dr. Youbin Zheng and Mike Dixon at the University of Guelph have published their first of a series of papers on how to produce cannabis under controlled environment in HortScience.Cannabis producers, especially those with organic operations, lack reliable information on the.....

Dutch greenhouse grower to prison for human trafficking

A 51-year-old manager of a horticulture company from Erica has been sentenced to 2 months in prison for human trafficking. The manager hired a man from Morocco who worked illegally at the horticulture company. The case did receive a lot of media attention in recent months.No exploitationThe court acquits the.....

One million square foot cannabis production facility to be built in Australia

MYM Nutraceuticals has entered into a strategic partnership with PUF Ventures for the construction of a one million square foot greenhouse facility in northern New South Wales Australia called the Northern Rivers Project.The Northern Rivers Project is a partnership with the Richmond Valley Council—the local.....

CAN (ON): Toronto entrepreneur brings vertical farms to Windsor

Toronto area entrepreneur Zale Tabakman has brought his budding vertical farming business to Windsor through a collaboration with Canada South Science City and support from Unifor Skilled Trades.Tabakman’s agriculture and technology company — Local Grown Salads — is taking root inside the Forster Community.....

UNH to develop strawberry varieties specifically for U.S. organic production

Scientists with the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station at the University of New Hampshire have launched a research project that aims to develop the first varieties of strawberries specifically designed for organic agriculture in the United States.The organic strawberry varieties will be developed.....

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UK: Update on the RHI consultation

Last week the consultation regarding some of the eligible heat uses within the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) closed to respondents. The department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) will now consider the responses against their requirements. They will then make a decision on what will.....

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Is all peat moss the same?

One of the most important ingredients of soilless substrates, peat moss, began in peat bogs shortly after the last ice age about 12,000 – 14,000 years ago. As the glaciers receded, depressions were left in the earth that collected precipitation from rain and snow.Across Canada, there are different types of.....

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Germany: KfW & Crop Trust sign agreement to safeguard crop diversity

Global efforts to protect crop diversity have been boosted by a €50 million loan from the German Development Bank (KfW) to the Global Crop Diversity Trust’s endowment fund, which was created to forever fund the diversity of the most important crops needed for global food and nutritional security.With a.....

Vineland reflects on a decade of innovation

A decade ago, the CEO of Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) was holding in his hands a proposal for renewal and reinvention mapping out an exciting future for the former Vineland Research Station.Today, he can take stock of remarkable accomplishments by a team of scientists, along with valued.....

DuPont Pioneer, Broad Institute enable democratic CRISPR licensing

DuPont Pioneer and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard announced today that they have reached an agreement to jointly provide non-exclusive licenses to foundational CRISPR-Cas9 intellectual property under their respective control for use in commercial agricultural research and product development. These.....

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Future of CAP: Robots in the field?

At first glance, farming might not seem the most technically advanced profession: the image of the farmer toiling on the land remains the most persistent, and for many people, farm technology begins and ends with a tractor. But the reality is far from this, and the agri-food sector is just like any other.....

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Monterosa tomatoes shipped from Almeria to the Netherlands

The shipment of Monterosa specialty tomatoes from Almeria to the Netherlands has already started. The product will start to be marketed this week by the company Staay Food Group, which signed an agreement with Gavà Grup for its exclusive marketing in the Netherlands.The ribbed Monterosa tomato, which has a.....

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PMA Fresh Summit:

DS Smith to showcase new enhancements to wax-free boxes for produce

Interstate Container/DS Smith have said that they will be showcasing their 3rd generation Greencoat enhancements at this year's Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Fresh Summit Conference & Expo.Greencoat for Produce, a wax replacement box was built with farmers looking to switch from wax in mind. The.....

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Italy: Innovation with niche products

Kale, Lacinato kale, cardoons, chard, purple carrots and rosole - these are just some of the rather uncommon products that make up theSiporange at this time of year.Some of the products photographed on 12th October 2017"Lacinato kale and kale are thriving. The former is more popular with Italian consumers,.....

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US: Enroot Products ships first Ameri-Coco bagged coir

EnRoot Products announces the release of Ameri-Coco ‘Ready-To-Grow’ bagged coir. Available in convenient 1.5 cu ft. bags, Ameri-Coco products come in three varieties to suit growers' needs: Root Kandy is the perfect medium for high-value crops with ultra-low EC requirements, Root Kandy is 100% coco coir.....

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US: Aquaponics Association calls on NOSB to retain organic eligibility

The Aquaponics Association submitted its official comment to the NOSB ahead of the Fall 2017 Meeting, at which it will vote on aquaponics' organic future. The Association will also deliver web comments later this month. Here is the state of the Association's Aquaponic and Hydroponic Organic.....

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Tecnova implements a greenhouse refrigeration system in Egypt

The Tecnova Technology Center has implemented a new refrigeration system for greenhouses in Cairo, Egypt, which will solve climate management problems in this country, and has completed the construction of a 1.7 hectare prototype that will endorse the conclusions of trials developed at Tecnova.This action.....

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Transparency from field to fork

Croatian platform makes FNV origin available for consumers

After years of working in the fresh fruit vegetable sector, Marko Kozjak saw the need to standardise product information and make it more accessible, especially for the end consumer."The concept design began in 2014, and I started the realisation of the project with private funding in 2016. During this time,.....

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Highlighting Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture as a Tool to Fight Malnutrition on World Food Day

“In the past we concentrated on producing vegetables to increase income. But now, we also think of consuming vegetables for our health. We grow diverse vegetables in our kitchen garden throughout the year; we sell only surplus vegetables in the market.”- Mrs. Chandrakala Thapa, Member, Kafalmela Mother.....

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November 6-10

UK: Agri-Tech Week 2017 focuses on a profitable and sustainable future

Farmers, technologists and researchers will converge for ‘Agri-Tech Week’ to hear the latest in practical and sustainable agri-tech. Held from 6-10 November, and including the flagship REAP conference, there will be a rich variety of events across eastern counties including Cambridgeshire, Essex,.....

Village Farms Demos and DIYs showcase exclusive varieties at PMA

Village Farms will be sharing more than stories at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans. The company will be launching a new variety, sharing a number of demo & do it yourself events, and providing some unique giveaway opportunities during this year’s show.Lorabella Blossom, the newest variety for.....

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Lidl to create 500 jobs in UK expansion

Ex-CEO Asda calls for ban on plastic packaging

Carrefour teams up with Barilla to fight food waste in ItalyCarrefour Italia has partnered with Italian pasta and sauces producer Barilla to reduce food waste in the country. The two companies have said that they are working together to educate their customers, encouraging them to use leftover vegetables.....

Vertical farmingmore »

Germany: Tomatoes from the hotel roof

On the sun terrace of the Estrel in Berlin, the largest hotel in Europe, SUNfarming has built its agro-solar greenhouse.The greenhouse, covered with a 4 m wide light dome, has a size of 42.5m² (5m x 8.5m). The roof tops, east and west of the light dome, are equipped with SUNfarming modules, the generated.....

US: Cloudponics’ IoT-supported hydroponic Grobox now shipping

Cloudponics' second generation GroBox, is now available to consumers nationwide. The fully autonomous and self-sustaining hydroponics grow system for growing medicinal plants and vegetables indoors can be easily controlled from a smartphone.The GroBox intelligently monitors and manages multiple variables.....

Former Tesla executive joins Plenty

Tesla’s former director of battery technology has joined Plenty to lead the vertical farming startup’s plan to build indoor growing rooms around the world.Kurt Kelty, who joined Tesla in 2006 and left earlier this year, was one of the longest-serving executives at the carmaker led by Elon Musk. He joins.....

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US (CA): $8.4 million MMJ greenhouse comes to Greenfield

Greengro Technologies' majority-owned subsidiary, Biodynamics, was awarded a purchase contract to build a 2-acre turn-key fully automated photovoltaic solar glass hydroponic cannabis greenhouse in Greenfield California, for Canna Culture Collective, San Jose, California.Under the terms of the agreement,.....


Dog mistakes man for fire hydrant