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Friday, February 12, 2016

Invernaderos Hidropónicos del Perú:

Peru: Great potential for hydroponic lettuce

Peruvian greenhouse grower Invernaderos Hidropónicos del Perú is offering its customers healthy and natural food with a high nutritional value. "This is our mission," emphasises owner Miguel Uccelli. "The best way to produce consistent and healthy vegetables is with a hydroponics system. Rijk Zwaan also saw.....

50 growers from 18 countries join the 2nd HortiDaily High Tech Greenhouse Tour

Next Tuesday is the big day; the a touring car with more than 50 greenhouse growers from all over the world will join us for the 2nd edition of the HortiDaily High Tech Greenhouse Tour. Just like last year we will tour the most innovative side of Dutch horticulture by visiting interesting Dutch growers and.....

Semi-closed greenhouse makes organic agriculture even more sustainable

With over 6.5 hectares of Ultra Clima greenhouse in Sonora, Mexico and 8 hectares of Ultra Clima greenhouse in Arizona, Wholesum Harvest is one of the most advanced USDA certified organic greenhouse growers in North America. Since 1930, the Crisantes family is growing organic vegetables with passion and.....

In Memory of Michiel Suurmond

On Tuesday 9 February 2016, our much-loved colleague Michiel Suurmond passed away at 40 years of age as a result of an acute illness. For over 15 years, Michiel was the driving force behind a variety of innovative solutions and projects at HortiMaX. After completing his degree at Wageningen University,.....

Geothermal energy heats Prominent's greenhouses

The Dutch growers at Prominent' nurseries Noordermeer and Voort Brielle have recently started using geothermal heat for their greenhouses. Both growers are located in Vierpolders, a Dutch town in the Province of South Holland, and, together with other growers in the area, form the ‘Collectief Aardwarmte.....

Brinkman Australia increase sales team

Following the establishment of Brinkman Australia in July 2015 we are pleased to announce that David Francis has joined Brinkman Australia. David has owned and managed Duralite Horticultural Supplies for over 22 years and he has extensive knowledge of fertiliser and growing media.As of the 1st February.....

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Fruit Logistica 2016, Berlin

Fruit Logistica 2016, Berlin

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IPM Essen 2016 - Technology & Supplies

IPM Essen 2016 - Technology & Supplies

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Growtech Eurasia 2015, Antalya, Turkey.

Growtech Eurasia 2015, Antalya, Turkey.

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Expo AgroAlimentaria Guanajuato 2015, Irapuato, Mexico.

Expo AgroAlimentaria Guanajuato 2015, Irapuato, Mexico.

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Mucci Farms, Kingsville, Ontario

Mucci Farms, Kingsville, Ontario

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Geothermal energy heats Prominent's greenhouses

The Dutch growers at Prominent' nurseries Noordermeer and Voort Brielle have recently started using geothermal heat for their greenhouses. Both growers are located in Vierpolders, a Dutch town in the Province of South Holland, and, together with other growers in the area, form the ‘Collectief Aardwarmte.....

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Urine makes hydroponic tomatoes even tastier?!

According to scientists at the University of Ghent, tomatoes grown with algae have more flavor than conventionally grown tomatoes. The algae are made with the help of urine and are used to improve the recycling of fertilizers. In Flanders, as much as 86% of applied fertilizers are lost during the cultivation.....

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UK: New varieties fighting back against blight

Sometimes in gardening the pragmatic way is to admit defeat and find a new line of attack.An example of that approach is illustrated by a gardener who managed to escape for years those most pernicious of diseases — tobacco mosaic virus and blight — without taking any special precautions.But now disease.....

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"UV disinfection within reach for every horticultural business"

The introduction of Priva Vialux M-Line puts water disinfection with UV light within reach for every horticultural business. UV disinfection allows for major improvements in the field of disease control, efficient water use and the increasingly strict requirements for food hygiene.The Priva Vialux.....

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Silvestrelli (Rijk Zwaan)

Europe: Huge change for the fresh-cut sector

Rijk Zwaan worked on it for 10 years, developing an assessment test to identify a specific genetic trait to improve lettuce varieties, which was then included in various cultivars.We are talking about the process that led to the development of KNOX, a genetic trait that keeps lettuce leaves fresh for.....

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Fresh thinking in tomato & berry packing

Freshseal, the latest pack format for tomato, berryand fresh produce packing is now available in theUSA, Canada and Mexico. Developed jointly by anAnglo Canadian partnership this technology offersthe fresh produce market a quick and easy meansof transitioning into film sealed punnets and traysfrom clam shell.....

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“Puerto Rico has Tomatoes”

Puerto Rico launches 2016 local tomato harvest campaign

Soon after ringing in the New Year, CaribbeanProduce Exchange (CPE) announced the beginningof the annual Puerto Rico tomato harvest. For thethird consecutive year, the largest produce distributor on the Island presented its integrated marketing and educational campaign for 2016 “Puerto Rico Tiene Tomates”.....

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Canada: Lambert introduces All Purpose Peat Moss Substrate

Lambert Professional Peat-Based Substrates for all purpose needs are formulated using a blend of selected Canadian sphagnum peat moss in order to achieve a balance of fibrous peat with the presence of small peat chunks. This balance allows the media to drain well and have ideal air space.AFM-3 (Aggregate.....

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Spain: Valencia to double its organic production

The Vice President and Councillor for Equality and Inclusive Policies of Valencia, Mónica Oltra, stressed that the implementation of the Plan for Organic Production in Valencia "is another embodiment of the commitments made in the Pacto del Botánico, which consists of a transition to organic agriculture.....

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AU: Salmonella scare causes organic lettuce sales to soar

The recent salmonella outbreak in Australia, which has been blamed on prepacked lettuce leaves from Victoria, has led to a boost in organic lettuce sales.The South Australian Produce Market where growers sell their fruit and vegetables to SA’s privately owned supermarkets and fresh produce stores reports.....

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Is hydroponic food as healthy as traditional soil grown food?

The USDA estimates that 23 million people have inadequate access to healthy and affordable food and as a result food-related illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and obesity are currently on the rise in this country.Organically soil grown produce is gaining popularity because consumers.....

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Spain: Almeria prepares for the 2nd Tomato Day

Coming Saturday, 13th February, “Tomato Day” will be held in Almería’s town square, Plaza Vieja, after last year’s event attracted huge numbers of participants and spectators, Now in its second year, Tomato Day is becoming consolidated as an annual celebration of Almería’s primary agricultural product. The.....

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Ocado gets world's fastest technique

Leaked papers unveil Amazon’s secret plans

UK urged to force supermarkets to give unsold food to the needy -Pressure is mounting on the UK Government to introduce legislation to ban supermarkets from sending unsold food to landfill, after France introduced a law that bans supermarkets from throwing away waste food. Now, charities are calling.....

Metro Group sales dip | Whole Foods' Q1 comps sales drop again

Whole Foods forecast an explosive change in food consumption

Ahold US’s COO: retailers need to provide choice -Speaking on a panel at a FMI Midwinter Executive Conference Ahold US’s COO James McCann said that food retailers need to focus on what their shoppers are demanding from them as the pace of transparency accelerates. McCann noted that retailers need.....

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No more messing around; here are the Growracks

If it was up to Glenn Behrman of CEA Advisors, everybody interested in multi layer vertical farming would be able to start experimenting with only a small investment. For this reason, his company developed the Growracks; simple, but solid multi level cultivation racks that are extremely suitable for taking.....