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Friday, April 17, 2015

China: 5 hectare greenhouse project in Daxing taking shape

In Daxing, China, the 5 hectare greenhouse project of Dutchman Geert Leffers is taking shape. Leffers is building a greenhouse project consisting of 5 hectares in Daxing China. The project plans to grow to 60 hectares, and Geert is building it by himself with the help of locals. In most cases, greenhouse.....

Priva shows new Chinese user interface during Hortiflorexpo-IPM Shanghai

Priva will show their new, modern looking, easy to navigate and completely Chinese Connext user interface in their booth on the Hortiflorexpo in Shanghai. With this latest development, all user-related screens, settings and alarms are now available in Chinese. This Chinese user interface will make a big.....

Wednesday April 22, Hoogendoorn training Centre, Queretaro

Mexico: Cogeneration seminar at the Agropark

FilClair will be organizing a seminar on the possibilities of cogeneration in the Mexican greenhouse industry on Wednesday April 22 at the Hoogendoorn training centre in Queretaro. Growers and anybody else interested are invited to attend and learn more about the possibilities for CHP in the Mexican market......

Fusarium spreads 10 times more quickly on concrete than on an ErfGoed Floor

Joint research by ErfGoed and Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture into the impact of disinfectants on fusarium on four different types of floors, has revealed an interesting side effect. Though fusarium spreads easily on irrigation mats and on concrete floors, it develops very slowly on the ErfGoed Floor......

New PTO driven Bio Hopper XL for Bakker Seed Productions

Bakker Seed Productions is the first to work with the PTO driven version of Weterings Bio Hopper XL.Bakker is specialized in the production of hybrid tomato-, cucumber- and pepperseeds which are grown in compartments of ca. 3000 m2. The crop rotation takes place various times a year and is done by hand up.....

Spain: New board for Tecnova horticultural research center

Tecnova is the Spanish Research Center for Indoor/ Greenhouse Agriculture and Postharvest / Packaging. It was founded in 2001 with the aim of improving business through innovation, training, internationalization and promotion for the Spanish horticultural sector. Tecnova works with all the companies and.....

World Bank provides $90 million to Afriflora for rose growing in Ethiopia

IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, will lend up to €90 million to support Afriflora Group, a leading large-scale rose grower and distributor based in Ethiopia that employs more than 9,000 workers, more than 80 percent of them women.The funding will support Afriflora’s plan to expand production by 60.....

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Commercial on-site solar law for France

Recently passed legislation in France has mandated that the roofs of all new buildings in commercial areas must be so-called green roofs, which are at least partially covered in either solar modules or with living plants. As well as potentially delivering a boost to installed solar capacity across the.....

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Compost tea calculator includes recipes and guides for brewing your own fertilizers

Successful gardeners know they need to "feed" the soil for strong plant growth and a healthy garden, but all too often, novices resort to just applying readymade fertilizers from the garden store, which can add some basic plant macronutrients such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) to the.....

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New PTO driven Bio Hopper XL for Bakker Seed Productions

Bakker Seed Productions is the first to work with the PTO driven version of Weterings Bio Hopper XL.Bakker is specialized in the production of hybrid tomato-, cucumber- and pepperseeds which are grown in compartments of ca. 3000 m2. The crop rotation takes place various times a year and is done by hand up.....

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Prepare for next winter's chill with encore Azalea

With winter departing, most of us are celebrating the return of spring. Winter will return though; fortunately, Encore Azalea offers 22 cold hardy varieties to keep your landscape fresh during winter’s last blast.For more than 15 years, Encore Azaleas underwent testing in gardens, trials and plant nurseries,.....

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US (FL): Citrus liners and greenhouse efficiency

In 2005 when citrus greening was discovered in orange trees in south Florida, the insidious little carrier bug, the Asian citrus psyllid, was already making its way through the state infecting and killing thousands of acres (127,000+) of citrus trees. Growers, initially paralyzed with panic, adopted a wait.....

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The Australian Made Campaign welcomes consultation on new food labels

The Australian Made Campaign has welcomed the Government’s decision to consult with stakeholders and undertake consumer research into its proposal to introduce a mandatory ‘Australian content’ symbol for all locally produced food products.“This is a very important initiative of the Government and it is.....

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A new generation rockwool products with Ecose Technology

As most sustainable rock mineral wool and growing medium, we would like to bring the Multigrow Premium with Ecose® technology to your attention. Instead of chemicals, such as formaldehyde, an organic binder is used "to glue" the fibers of the mineral wool together. Invented by Knauf Insulation the Ecose®.....

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USDA announces record number of organic producers in U.S.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced today that the organic industry continues to show remarkable growth domestically and globally, with 19,474 certified organic operations in the United States and a total of 27,814 certified organic operations around the world.According to data released by.....

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How to buy and maintain your fan

Buying and maintaining a fan makes most growers sweat. We’ve got tips to help you keep your cool and get the most out of your equipment. Mark Fales, the sales manager at American Coolair, has some tips for growers trying to breeze through the season.

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Trade in that iceberg lettuce for deeper greens

English poet William Cowper deserves a nutritional shout-out for being the first to state: “Variety's the very spice of life that gives it all its flavor.”He probably wasn’t talking about food but it is so applicable. One of the essential commandments of healthy eating is to enjoy a variety of foods to.....

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Will we see you in Shanghai next week?

Hortiflorexpo IPM moves to Shanghai New International Expo Centre

From April 22 to 24, 2015, Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai will become the most important meeting place of the green sector in China for the 17th time. Over 600 companies from 24 countries will present the newest products and services in the Plants, Technology, Floristry and Garden Features areas. That will.....

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Buying vegetables cheaper at UK's supermarkets

Amazon disrupting small and big grocers

16 million Americans buy their groceries at either Costco or Sam's Club. Now Amazon is using Prime to disrupt groceries as well, reports. The cost and complexity of delivering groceries is what ultimately led to the downfall of Webvan and other startups that have tried to disrupt.....

Tesco reports 4Q results

Wal-Mart turns up pressure on suppliers

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is increasing the pressure on suppliers to cut the cost of their products, in an effort to regain the mantle of low-price leader and turn around its sluggish U.S. sales, Wall Street Journal‎ reports. The retailing behemoth says it has been telling suppliers to forgo investments.....

UK: Exotic locust found in salad

A stunned student has uploaded creepy footage of a large locust he found crawling around in his bag of Sainsbury's rocket salad. Stephen Oldham, 21, spotted the exotic bug rustling around inside the bag after putting it in his fridge when he got home from shopping.The architecture student, from Bath.....

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US (TX): Indoor Harvest Corp. signs LOI with city of Pasadena Texas

Indoor Harvest, Corp. is pleased to announce that the City of Pasadena Texas has executed a letter of intent to have Indoor Harvest develop a vertical farming facility and education center.In the LOI, Indoor Harvest Corp. has proposed to fund the establishment and provisioning of an indoor agricultural.....

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EU to rule on GM flower imports

Florigene aims to export carnations genetically modified for petal colour and herbicide tolerance. A vote on allowing genetically modified cut flowers to be imported into the EU for the first time could allow Suntory-owned Florigene to export carnations genetically modified for petal colour and herbicide.....

Planting options for the shade garden

Do you live in a mature neighborhood with a lot of great shade trees? Or do you live in an apartment or home where most of your garden space faces north? Or does that big high-rise next door block a lot of the sun from reaching your balcony?Don't despair! There are many garden plants that can not only.....

Pope Francis has own Helleborus

Regional Institute for Floriculture (IRF) director Dott.ssa Margherita Beruto and IRF chairman Germano Gadina met Pope Francis at the Vatican on Wednesday March 25. They brought with them a new Helleborus which has been give the name ‘Francesco’.


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