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Monday, September 25, 2017

B.C. company introduces new cleaning methods:

Disinfection: Well begun is half done

VIDEO The next time you are cleaning your greenhouse in preparation for the new season, you might consider some new alternative disinfection methods developed by a company based in British Columbia.TechMist was founded by Dutch immigrant, Menno Koehoorn in the late 90's. After introducing several disinfection and.....

Dutch Horticulture Roadshow visits China’s East Jiangsu Province

The Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai, supported by the Netherlands Business Support Office in Nanjing, organized a roadshow on 6-7 September. The aim was to promote Dutch technology in the field of protected horticulture in Jiangsu province.Altogether 14 Dutch companies,.....

UK: GrowSave sets up study groups to trial NGG principles

Next Generation Growing (NGG) is reaping rewards for Dutch growers by yielding significant savings in energy, without the need for major capital investment. GrowSave is setting out to help the UK to adopt this very different way of growing.The application of Next Generation Growing (NGG) principles in the.....

Fluence illuminates Las Vegas' new cannabis vertical farm

In the cannabis industry, there are a variety of products on the market: flower, oils, waxes and the increasingly popular infused edible products. With the rise in demand for infused products, a group out of Denver, Colorado set out to address the inconsistencies with THC and CBD dosage in edible products.....

Designing an optimal greenhouse climate

Late last week representatives from Horconex and KE GrowAir visited several greenhouse growers who are opting for a semi closed greenhouse in the south of France. Due to the close collaboration on the grower’s location and the expertise every participant brings in, a well-thought-out and embraced design.....

Research results by WUR and Svensson introduced at Greensys2017

The Greensys2017 was held on August 20-24th in Beijing, China. The event was a big success as 500 researchers from 30 different countries including China, the Netherlands, the United States, Japan, and Israel amongst others joined together in discussion. The main symposium topics focused on greenhouse.....

Dutch growers still outstanding in their field

The Netherlands agricultural statistics office has produced a chart showing greenhouse vegetable production yields from 1950 to 2015. The results show the dramatic increase in yields (kg/ha) over the years, in response to technological advances in the industry. The Dutch greenhouse cucumber yields are.....

October 5:

Free webinar to get you started with LED lighting

With the 2018 growing season fast approaching, now is a good time to set up a small trial of LED lighting. If you’re not sure how or why to go about a trial, join us for this webinar to hear how other growers have initiated their first trial with LEDs and what they learned in the process. In this webinar,.....

October 11-13, Tokyo

Japan gears up for Agri World trade show

Agri World - 7th International Agricultural Material & Technology Expo Tokyo and Tool Japan -7th International Hardware & Tools Expo Tokyo will take place in Makuhari Messe, Japan from October 11th (Wed) - 13th (Fri), 2017. Show Management is expecting to have 1,050 exhibitors from 51 countries for.....

Indonesia: Potential for pesticides based out of palm olein

Experts of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) carried out the study on the formulation of insecticides using active ingredient of profenofos using diananolamide (DEA) Surfactant from Olein Palm Oil. The experts are Handuweni Surtining Dewi, Mulyorini Rahayuningsih, and Erliza Hambali from the Department of.....

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Cultivate '17, Columbus, Ohio

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Apex- Brinkman PCA Conference, Adelaide 2017

Apex- Brinkman PCA Conference, Adelaide 2017

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Horticultural Lighting Conference Europe 2017

Horticultural Lighting Conference Europe 2017

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5th Indoor Ag-Con, Las Vegas

5th Indoor Ag-Con, Las Vegas

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UK: GrowSave sets up study groups to trial NGG principles

Next Generation Growing (NGG) is reaping rewards for Dutch growers by yielding significant savings in energy, without the need for major capital investment. GrowSave is setting out to help the UK to adopt this very different way of growing.The application of Next Generation Growing (NGG) principles in the.....

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Canada: Sphagnum peat moss production and sustainability

In Canada, there is an abundance of peatlands and producers follow "wise use" guidelines for the harvesting and preservation of peat bogs. Peat bogs were formed centuries ago after the last ice age ended, and bogs continue to grow with the slow accumulation of vegetal debris in peatlands, which are.....

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"Innovative plant breeding hampered by regulatory uncertainty"

Plant breeding is always on the move. Currently climate change, environmental concerns and changing consumer preferences are shaping the efforts of plant breeders. To tackle these challenges plant breeders have a growing toolbox of ever more precise plant breeding methods.Plant breeders can only use.....

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Tong demonstrates EasyFill Box Filler at Potato Europe

UK potato handling equipment manufacturer, Tong Engineering, will once again be exhibiting at one of the world's largest potato events, Potato Europe, this Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th September. Exhibiting at this year’s event on stand V350, Tong will also be taking part in the event's new box handling.....

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Jaksa back on track to serve growth of Polish industry

Last weekend the Polish horticulture industry once again gathered in Goluchow for the 19th edition of the Dni Ogrodnika Gardener Days. Also the Jaksa group was once again present to represent an impressive selection of horticulture technology suppliers.Jaksa representscompanies like Empas, Agrolux, Certhon,.....

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Ukraine: Opening of new packaging plant for greenhouse production

The municipality of Vodyanoye, in the Kamyan-Dniprovsky district, was chosen for the construction of a Fresh Packaging Platform for fruit and vegetable products, which is necessary to facilitate the export of fresh produce of an homogeneous quality to the European market. Its opening is scheduled for 22.....

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From Feb 2018

Italy: Origin of tomatoes on the label

Just as with milk, durum wheat and rice, Italy wants the origin of tomatoes to be shown on the label of products containing processed tomatoes.The Minister of Agriculture Maurizo Martina announced that he would submit a new bill together with the Minister of Economic Development, Carlo Calende.Since the.....

China's first Cucumber Carnival

Guantao County's Cucumber Carnival will open for guests for the first time on 23 September. This is the first Chinese cucumber-themed carnival to be held in the beautiful village. The carnival is focused on cucumber-related agricultural activities, combining advanced agricultural technology, culture and.....

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Growing Media Association:

"Challenging year for growing media producers"

Rising costs and a poor harvest have created challenging trading conditions in 2017. Many manufacturers reported having only harvested 60-70% of their budgeted peat volumes. Despite dry weather in spring it has been followed by increasingly wet summer weather during July and August making harvesting more.....

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France to cut support for booming organic farming

During the first semester of 2017, the number of farmers converting to organic increased by 9.2% according to the latest report by Agence Bio.This growth is fuelled by strong demand from French consumers. “Today, there is a strong demand for organic products, much stronger than in the past”, said Jean-Michel.....

Global overview of policies supporting organic agriculture

For the first time ever, a complete global overview of policies supporting organic agriculture has been compiled, and tools for advocates and policy-makers are now available in the ‘Global Policy Toolkit on Public Support to Organic Agriculture’. Published by IFOAM - Organics International, the toolkit can.....

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Royal treatment for the 'King of the frozen fruits': the strawberry

The consumption of frozen strawberries on the global market is one of the highest among IQF fruits and IQF berries. With such a big demand, and quite stable figures in terms of volumes sold, it might seem that there is no need for improvement. On the contrary, because of this, the competition gets tougher.....

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Accredited Dutch food and food-related laboratories for Japan

In order to streamline and accelerate food import procedures in Japan, MHLW has an obligatory approval program for foreign official laboratories who perform analysis of food and food-related products to be exported to Japan. The MHLW quarantine stations at the Japanese ports of entry only accept test reports.....

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Could chili peppers become the hottest new thing in weight loss?

For scorching taste buds, nothing beats the zing of a chili pepper.Now, a new Arizona State University research study has shown that chili peppers may also be a key ingredient to melting the pounds away and reducing one’s appetite.The ASU research team, led by scientists Yue Deng and Fang Chen at the.....

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US (CO): Policy makers, leaders and innovators discuss ag innovation

Over a day and a half, the attendees at the 2017 Colorado State University AgInnovation Summit 2.0 heard from a former United States secretary of agriculture, the current CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and the chief information officer of a major grocery retailer, as well a number of dynamic speakers from.....

Netherlands: Korean bankers visit Westland greenhouses

South Korea is seriously interested in Dutch horticulture and Korean officials have paid a visit several times to the Westland. A recent visit from Korean financial experts confirmed this good relationship once again.The Keb Hana Bank from South Korea, following various other companies, also liked to be.....

CAN (AB): Agriculture Education Teachers' Symposium

The first annual Agriculture Education Teachers’ Symposium takes place on Friday, November 24, 2017, at the Cochrane RancheHouse, and aims to bring educators, farmers and agriculture industry experts together.“Most families are three to five generations removed from the farm today that disconnect leads to a.....

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German Netto launching a new fruit and vegetable range

Carrefour China expands 'easy' convenience stores

Germany: Metro denies report it could delist after splitGerman retailer Metro, recently demerged from consumer electronics group Ceconomy, denied a report on Thursday that is chief executive has held talks about a possible delisting from the stock exchange. Metro, which runs wholesale stores in 35 countries.....

Vertical farmingmore »

12 most profitable plants for urban farming

Urban areas don’t lend a land for growing your own plants and vegetables, but it’s not impossible to do so with this list of the most profitable plants for aquaponics, small gardens and backyard nurseries.Growing up in the south, I am no stranger to farms and large expanses of land. My extended family has.....

Ikea is bringing a pop-up vertical farm to London

Ikea is bringing a pop-up vertical farm to Shoreditch, as part of the London Design Festival.Researchers from the SPACE10 lab at the Lokal pop-up want to show the general public that delicious, fresh food can be grown right in your home, using a hydroponics farming system.The pop-up features a futuristic.....

Meeting the environmental challenge of growing food crops

More predictable production levels and harvest dates are driving growers to adopt controlled environment agriculture.Even though most greenhouse vegetable growers are producing fewer types of crops than ornamental plant growers, trying to control the environment of these food crops can be a much bigger.....

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US (PA): Legal challenges threaten medical marijuana program

Mounting legal challenges are threatening to bog down the rollout of the state’s medical marijuana program, leading to significant delays in treatment for patients as previously experienced in states such as Maryland and Florida, advocates fear.At least 140 unsuccessful medical marijuana permit applicants —.....

Canopy Growth announces strategic Spanish partnership

Canopy Growth Corporation and its wholly-owned subsidiary Spektrum Cannabis GmbH announce a supply license agreement with Alcaliber, a leading player in the international pharmaceutical industry based in Spain. Alcaliber specializes in research and development, breeding and cultivation, and the extraction,.....

US (CO): State, stakeholders discuss new marijuana research licenses

Cannabis's federally illegal status makes it difficult to conduct licensed clinical research on the plant and products made from it, hampering medical and commercial advancements in cultivation, extraction and ingestion. Colorado legislators, tired of waiting for the feds, passed a bill in May 2017 that.....