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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

US (NV): Urban Seed to break ground on greenhouses 10 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip

Growing greenhouse produce in the sweltering Mojave desert within a two-mile drive from the Las Vegas Strip. It might sound like a mirage, but for the enthusiastic group behind Urban Seed, it will soon become a green reality.Urban Seed was founded with the mission to increase the access to locally grown.....

Harvesting season starts for Berrybrothers:

Netherlands: First redcurrants from heated greenhouse

Berrybrothers starts harvesting redcurrants from its heated greenhouses. These redcurrants are of the Junifer variety. “The flowers were very good, and that results in very nice bunches and an excellent quality,” says Nijs van Zuilen. “This week we’ll still have to look for ripe bunches. These mostly hang in.....

Pegasus Food Futures finalizes plans for Abu Dhabi facility

Pegasus Food Futures, which launched just last month, are now announcing the finalisation of their Abu Dhabi facility.The organisation is aimed at providing solutions to global food supply challenges through operations and innovations in livestock, feed stock and food production.Plans for their new facility.....

US: Louisiana greenhouse tomatoes under attack

Tomato russet mite and tomato yellow leaf curl are attacking greenhouse-grown tomatoes in Louisiana.Tomato russet mites have cigar-shaped bodies with two pairs of legs and cannot be seen without the aid of a microscope, said LSU AgCenter “Plant Doctor” Raj Singh.“These tiny mites have piercing-sucking.....

Syngenta Spain introduces new snack tomatoes

In Malaga, Syngenta has presented its complete Snack tomato product range, a strategic segment for the company in which it is making major investments towards the innovation and development of new varieties. During the day "The Realm of Flavours," producers, technicians and managers from large distributors.....

Photo report Hort Connections 2017, Australia

Last week the very first Hort Connections took place in Adelaide, Australia. On Monday a huge crowd attended the evening opening of the trade fair, 2500 had registered that day with more expected on Tuesday.The general feeling was that the combination of the National Horticulture Convention and PMA Fresh.....

Aphria CEO Vic Neufeld:

"There is still a bit of a Wild West mentality in the cannabis industry"

After two decades in the pharmaceutical industry, Vic Neufeld entered the cannabis space in 2014 as the CEO of the low-cost, large-scale cannabis producer Aphria. Civilized has published an interview with him.What makes your company different from others in the cannabis space?There are three components that.....

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Sustainable practices growing in North American produce industry

Inside the SunFed warehouse in Rio Rico, pallets of squash and zucchini packed in hi-tech plastic bags are stacked along the walls, controls emit ambient ozone and stabilize the temperature and solar panels collect energy to power the lights and fans. Each of these elements are part of the company’s efforts.....

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Kenya: IFC facilitates $10m fertilizer plant investment

IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, announced a $10 million loan to Fertiplant East Africa Ltd to enable the company to set up a fertilizer plant in Kenya. The plant will supply locally produced fertilizer at affordable prices, helping farmers improve crop yields and their incomes. Better productivity of.....

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Plant Phenotyping Technologies mini-symposium videos

If you missed the May 16 mini-symposium Next Generation Plant Phenotyping Technologies the talks are available online.Speakers included:Todd M. DeZwaan (LemnaTec Corporation): Phenotyping solutions for basic and applied research in plant biology and agricultureArgelia Lorence (Department of Chemistry and.....

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Chinese company showcases mechanical harvesting robot

Of the many Chinese stands seen at Macfrut, there was one that attracted particular attention. It was the stand ofSuzhou Botian Automatic Technology, represented by managerPengbo Wang.The company stand at MacfrutOn top of the fully-automated and remotely-controlled atomiser, we were particularly impressed by.....

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Blake Fischer, Boem Berry Farms:

"24% labor savings with new strawberry container"

It's been almost 1 year since the first 5 ha trial of strawberries with the new bucket from Meteor Systems at Boem Berry Farms. The container has 2 openings on the outside, in which the plant is placed horizontally, rather than placed sloping outward.The strawberry containerin which plants are placed.....

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Consumables line reduces packaging by up to 25%

Crawford Packaging launches GrowPack; an offering of produce packaging automation and consumables. “GrowPack offers a full line of produce products that help our customers save money, while adding value through advanced technology resulting in high shelf impact,” noted Vice President of Crawford Packaging’s.....

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NZ: New hearings on country of origin labelling

The Parliamentary Select Committee commences its hearings this week on the Green Party’s Private Members Bill, the Consumers’ Right to Know (Country of Origin of Food) Bill. This is a very quick turnaround, as submissions only closed last Thursday. You can read Horticulture New Zealand’s submission here."Our.....

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Dutch Plantin tests emission of water and fertilizers

After positive results in 2016 in a pepper crop, Dutch Plantin continues this year with 2 crops of cucumbers. In the peppers they installed their ‘washed type’ coir bags Double Layer. These were buffered and washed prior to the trial started in a closed system. Sodium was around 3-3,5 mmol/ltr during the.....

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India: MBA student drops out to venture into organic farming

In an age where people are chasing B-school placements and those big pay cheques, few choose to tread a different path and follow their passion.For Raghav Baldwa, a 24-year-old from Indore, growing food organically, farming, and leading the lifestyle that it entails meant much more than pursuing a degree in.....

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Ron Voorberg, Foothill Greenhouses on use of CGMMV protocol:

"If you don't jump on it quickly, CGMMV can easily get out of hand"

“I don’t know how exactly, but we got a little bit of mosaic virus in the greenhouse. Things like this can get out of hand if you don’t jump on it quickly. That’s why we want to stamp it out immediately”, says Ron Voorberg of Foothill Greenhouses, a 6 hectare cucumber greenhouse in Ontario, Canada. Ron.....

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October 10-13, Wageningen University

Promising new technologies in the postharvest domain

At this year's 4-day Postharvest Technology course, Wageningen University highlights new technologies within the postharvest domain that are likely to enter commercial practice within 5 years.Experts of WUR pitch on the use of the following new technologies:LED light treatments before and after harvest to.....

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Researchers suggest tomato extract fights stomach cancer

A new study shows that whole tomato extracts from two different Southern Italy cultivars inhibit gastric cancer cell growth and malignant features, paving the way for future studies aimed at implementing lifestyle habits not only for prevention, but potentially as a support to conventional therapies.“Their.....

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US: UF organizing advanced nutrient management online training

Join the 488 growers who have successfully graduated from Greenhouse Training Online courses offered by the University of Florida IFAS Extension (UF). This advanced course is designed for experienced growers or technical managers in the US and other countries. The course is offered in English and Spanish......

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Tesco faces yet more legal action | Croatia grocer threatens a crisis

Amazon sets sights on grocery in EU with checkout-free trademark

Portugal: Sonae concludes acquisitions of Brio and Go NaturalPortugal's Sonae MC has announced that it has completed the deal to acquire 100% of Brio’s capital and 51% stake in the company that owns Go Natural. The Portuguese retail and telecommunications conglomerate said that both deals are in line with.....

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Japan: Growing greenhouse produce on a polymer film

Film farming is the brainchild of Yuichi Mori, the chemical physicist who founded Mebiol in 1995.Mori spent the majority of his career developing polymer technologies for the medical industry. However, he had long been fascinated by plant biology and found inspiration in the adaptability of the vegetable.....

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US: West Virginia in early stages of MMJ planning

The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources is “in the preliminary stage” of developing a plan for implementation of West Virginia’s medical marijuana law, according to state officials, and has devoted a section of its website to frequently asked questions and more information.Only one agency.....


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